Saturday, 3 September 2011

Generation 1~Chapter 1~ Starting Over

* A Note From Rainwife - I'm trying to work the huge failure of my game into the story that I mentioned here but I  of course did not save any of the pictures I had taken, so as a quick catch up, at the point I was at in game play Jessyca had 3 teen children, Crimson (who you briefly met here), son Tristan, and last born daughter (and heir apparent) Velvet.  I lost everyone and literally had to start from scratch.  I decided to remake Crimson in CAS to look and have the traits I wanted her to have.  As a little tip of my hat to Jessyca, Crimson's favorite colour is now red and all her speech will be in red.  Now, ON WITH THE SHOW! *

Ah, a new day, a new town and fresh start.  Now say hello to the nice readers Crimson.
Why should I?  They hardly even know who I am!  Hell, I don't even know who I really am!
Well Crimson. right now you are I giant pain in my ass.  Now why don't you try to smile and take a good look at your new neighbour hood, k drama queen?
*sigh* Fine.  Where the heck am I anyways?
Your in Sunset Valley Crimson.  Your back in the Sims 3 motherland, as it were.  Perhaps we'll have a little better luck in the Original world created for this least until October.
What's in October?
Don't bother your pretty little head about that.  Chances of you still being a factor are slim to nil....although I did boost the life span to 200 + days, so ya never know.  Play your cards right and behave and we'll see what we can do. Ahem, now if you will
Nice looking lot you got the Crimson, and look at that view!
And I hope you know I moved you into the very best area in town.  Check out the neighbours!  On this side we have the Landgrabb fanily.
And here we have the Alto family. I'm sure your ill-tempered, evil self and her will get alone just swimmingly Crimson.
Ha, ha.  Very funny.  You know what I noticed?  I have no house and no stuff!  Can we work on getting me some stuff?
There, stuff.  The bare basics of life will have to do you for now, but at least you got a nice bed to sleep in.  That kinda wiped out most the moeny you had left.  Any idea what you want to do with your life?
I got one idea....
Ah of course.  Master  Mistress of evil .  I should have known.  I guess it's time to head  to the criminal wearhouse.  After that you can check out the town.
Don't even be thinking about that Missy!  I know your family oriented and all, but you have plenty of time to have a baby.  Let's go have some fun and get your mind off babies.  Seems like the gym is the place to be right now.  Perfect!  You need the athletic skill for work, and you can meet some peeps while your there...and show off your cute athletic wear!
Oh look! A new... acquaintance. Do you really think you should be telling the first person you meet your master plan?  I mean honestly!
 Fine!  I'll play tag instead!  Happy now?
No, not really.  I think it's time to get you away from Blair Whateverherlastnameis.  She's a bad influence on you.
Okay, I'll swim.  Swimming is fun and it's exer...hey who's that cutie up there?
Where, Crimson?
OHHHH, him.  That's Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, or something stupid like that.  But yes, numbers boy is cute.  Why don't you make nice and get to know him?
Okay..."Hey number boy, I like red! Like a lot!"
*facepalm* let's try something else.
There ya go.  Sweet talk him a little.  He seems to like that.
And now he seems to be creeping you out.  Maybe it's time I took control for a bit, eh?
Why is that guy back there staring at me?
I don't think he's staring at you Crimson.  I think he's trying to watch the TV that your blocking.  Be careful on that thing, or else you'll...
slip and make a total ass out of yourself.  Le sigh.  Can you try to carry on  with a little dignity?

That's better.  By the tim your down it will be time to hit the showers...
Or the tub as the case may be.  Can we wrap this day up Crim, this is starting to take forever.
Hey, your in charge!  Just post a bunch of pictures and get on with it.
Sounds like a plan.  Let's at least wrap up your first day and get to the fun stuff after your first day of work.

There we go, cut a finger cooking. eat salad, sleep, pay bills and now have 0 dollars.  It must be time for work.  And after work comes the bar.  Let's hope you don't fall into your mothers habits!
Ohh, look a Goth and I believe that gentleman with his back to the camera is numbers boy!  Want to say hi, Crimson?
Nope.  Lead me to the booze and the food! And hello, who is that little bit of dreamy?
 That?  That's Hank Goodard Crimson.  And in case you haven't noticed, he's a cop.  Maybe given your line of work you should not be making all friendly with him?
 Now that guy at the bar with you?  That's more your kinda guy.  Xander here even works with you!
 well, heeellllooo good lookin!
Ah flirty Sims.  So easily distracted.
Do you really think it's a good idea to make fun of the guy mixing your drinks.  I think it's time to call it a day!
So this happened the next day at work.  Told ya it wasn't a good idea to get so close to Hank.  I do pity that poor officer though, having to get in the car with stinky there.
I slept late and didn't have time for a shower, okay?
No, kinda not okay,  Your poor cell mates too! I relented and pulled up her hygine bar.  There was better things to think about while in the clank, and plus some collecting to do once Crimson was released.

Okay, your tired.  Head home and to bed.  Tomorrow is a day off work, and there's lots you need to do!
Like send off all the metals and gems you collected...
Hit the gym again...and hello Xander.  I see you checking Crimson out.  Or at least I hope it's you he's checking out.  Tell ya what, you had a good work out, and gained a skill point.  Freshen up and we'll hit the diner and get you a good meal.
There ya go, and than I think it's time for bed again.  In the morning we'll hit the park and see who we can meet there
* Sarcasm ON/off* Oh goody, the park....*end sarcasm*
I'll ignore that lady.  And ohhh, look what I found near the park?  Shiny stuff!
You'll be picking those up.  Go play with the townies, have fun and BE NICE!
grumble, grumble, grumble

*headdesk* You were doing so well, and then you decided to let your dramatic trait get the best of you, huh?
Yeah, that and I really don't care about a glitched skill I can't use.
Fair enough than.  Let's try a change of scenery than and head to the beach.
Fail.  The only person there was this tourist from Sim-Shangrala, and he doesn't seem to really care about your money, or lack there of.I tell ya what.  Go to the bar and have a few drinks.  Lets get your brain off boys for a few minutes, shall we?
The second she walked into the bar Crimson started spoiling for a fight.  I was looking trying to choose the victim when I spotted this adorably cute couple.

Yeah, yeah, that's great and all.  Can I beat the snot out of somebody now?
Yes, of course Crimson.  Right this way

And your winner is... 

Of course it's me!  You think THAT could whoop me? Ha! NEVAR!  VICTORY IS MINE!
 Sorry about that lady.
Oh hey, numbers boy!  He'll want to hear about my heroic victory!
 "And then this strange voice said FINISH I did! *giggle*"  Hungry now!
Well at least you may have physically beat her, but judging by the fact that your opposition is dancing on the counter over there, I'll say you did no permanent damage.  Whatcha eating, Crimson?
Oh, Onion rings!  Any good?
Hot! Hot! HOT!! Too Hot to talk!
Right than.  I guess we'll leave you to eat in peace.
At last!


  1. I love everything except for the fact that some of the texts are hard to read with the white background :/

  2. Thanks Legacy Queen! I'm actually didn't know that text was like that...I may have screwed up when fixing templates. Thanks for the heads up :) *runs off to edit and fix* Glad you are enjoying the story!

  3. Alright, it's official, I have NO clue what I did to this post *lol* At some point I will have to redo the whole thing basically. In the mean time, sorry new readers! I messed up!


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