Saturday, 7 January 2012

The End of The Rayne's

It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to put the Rayne Family on permanent hiatus, at least this incarnation of them.

From the start of this blog this family has caused me nothing but heartbreak.  From the loss and complete inability to retrieve Jessyca, to some issues that I fought around during Crimson's generation, and right up to the game breaking problems I have had since Harmony took the reins.  I have had to reinstall my game at least 4 times since pets, lost (in the end) ALL of my CC, and jumped through every hoop known to man to make the game play right.  I started Harmony's file countless times just to see it fail all over again.

While I have now managed to get my game running perfectly again, I have lost the joy of playing with the Rayne's.  At this point all they represent to me is failure on an epic scale.  There is no fun left in playing the Rayne's at this point, to the point it turned me off the game for awhile.  It is not fair to The Rayne's, to you as readers, or to me to continue when my heart is no longer in it.

I'l be playing my game off line for awhile.  No picture taking, no story telling.  I just want to see if I can actually make it through a ten generation legacy at this  point in time.  If I succeed, I may start up a new legacy and blog about it.  Hell, it may even be a descendant of this family (I still have Harmony saved to my library.  I may drop her in town and let her lead her own life.  See what kind of heirs she gives me on her own).  I will be leaving both the blog and the facebook page up and if I decided to start fresh I will announce it in both places.  No promises, no guarantees, but I do hope to one day be back with a story to last for (Sim) generations.

Till that time, thank you for the love and support you have all shown me.  Thank you for the friendship and kind words.  And thank you for reading.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Generation 1~Chapter 25~ Babies Having Babies

*The song for this post is Away From The Sun by Three Doors Down .  I felt this really fits where Clarity is coming from right now, as Sim life continues to rain down blows upon her.  Enjoy!*

Life seemed to be getting worse by the second for Clarity.  First her mother had passed over her in favour of her twin when choosing the heiress of the family legacy.  Then she had that all too short and sloppy encounter with August. She liked to think of her self as street wise and savvy.  She hadn't expected rose petals and fireworks her first time like so many girls her age, but still her experience had left her feeling cold and empty in some way.

As if  that wasn't enough, now her own twin had turned on her.  This particular morning as Clarity descended the stairs she was greeted by her scowling sister.
"You're one evil witch, you know that Clarity?  How am I even related to you" Harmony seethed with a rage even she hadn't know she had.
"What I do? I just freaking woke up Harm! Jeez!" Clarity's mind ran frantically, trying to figure out which of her many sins her sister had uncovered.
"What did you do?  You freaking blabbed your damn big mouth all over school about mom picking me over you.  I was called "baby-momma" all flipping day yesterday, and I just went online and saw it all over the SimBook too!" Harmony exploded, now shaking with her anger.
"But...But...Harm..." Clarity sputtered.  She wasn't sure what to say, what she could say.  It had never occurred to her that Harmony didn't want people to know and she couldn't comprehend why her sister, who was normally so calm, was screaming at her.
Before the situation between the twins could escalate any further, Crimson stepped in.
"Harmony, let it go.  What's done is done.  Clarity, in future think about others before you blab family business across town.  Just because you don't care who knows what you're up to doesn't mean your sister feels the same" She said wearily.  The girls had barley spoken the past few days.  While the silence had caused a horrible tension into the house, it was preferable to this.  "I'm getting too old for this crap"  she thought.
Sebastian tried to ignore the insanity in the background and enjoy one final under age drink.
Moments later...
Seb, all grown, foxy and moved out of the house.  He was far to miserable to keep around (stupid grumpy trait!)
While the rest of the family waved Sebastian off into the sunset (so to speak), Clarity felt a wave of nausea sweep over her.  She had been experiencing this ever since her afternoon with August.   She clamped her hand firmly over her mouth and raced for her parents bathroom.  She didn't want the family to hear what she knew was to come.

As she reached the bathroom door, Clarity suddenly froze in her tracks. In a daze she spun around, and much to her horror when she at last stopped spinning she was in a new outfit.  One she instantly knew to be maternity wear.  Briefly she pondered how she would tell her parents.  The bile rising in her throat pushed the thought away for the moment.
Clarity had no need to worry about the noise.  After seeing Sebastian to his cab Crimson and Hank decided to go fishing at the pond across the road and enjoy some quality time together.
Clarity hid out in what had been the boys room for the rest of the day, and while they would never admit it, the rest of the family heaved a sigh of relief to be free from her and her temper.  She woke early the next morning and slid on the loosest piece of clothing she had.  She knew that she wouldn't be able to conceal her secret for much longer but she didn't want to have to deal with that this morning.  Thankful for the early morning quiet of the house, Clarity grabbed her books and headed to school before the rest of the house awoke.

As the bell rang to signal the end of classes Clarity felt her heart sink.  She knew she had no choice but to tell her family that she was pregnant.  The swell of her belly had become more obvious through out the school day.  She stood outside the school gathering her thoughts, searching for the words that would make it all okay again.  Lost in her thoughts she missed the swarm of students passing by her.  When she at last returned to her senses she found her self alone.  She took a deep breath and headed home to tell her parents.

Crimson stared in disbelief at Clarity.  She wanted to reach out and shake the girl.  How could she be so foolish?  She had her whole life ahead of her and now she would have a young one to take care of.
After several minutes of heavy silence, Crimson reached for her young daughter.  Clarity had made a tremendous mistake, but she was her daughter and Crimson loved her the same no matter what but Clarity avoided her touch.  Clarity had been prepared for a fight, and her mothers calm demeanour to the matter threw her off.  She hadn't been prepared for love and acceptance.
Parents dealt with it was now time to tell the soon to be father.  Clarity invited August over and was quite happy when he eagerly agreed to come.  She was anxious to tell him the "joyous" news and felt confident that his reaction would be, if nothing else, as accepting as her parents had been
Oh, how wrong she was.  Clarity lashed out angrily at August as he stuttered out denials.
I don't think it needs to be said that he left shortly after this exchange.

Clarity groaned as she woke the next morning.  She felt like a whale.  She waddled down the stairs with the heavy realization that the baby would be coming soon.
She couldn't have realized how soon.  As classes were ending for the day, Clarity felt the first terrifying pains shooting through her.  She cried out in agony and quickly found her sister.  She was nearly panting as she hissed out the words "Call Mom!  The baby is coming!"

Harmony stared blankly at her sister, but only for a moment.  As Clarity's words sank in, Harmony placed a soothing hand on her shoulder and dug out her cell phone.  She guided her sister towards the front of the school and explained the situation to her mother.  Crimson hurriedly exclaimed she would meet her troubled daughter at the hospital.  As she relayed the message to her sister, she saw the fear flash across her face.
"Clar, don't worry.  It will be okay, I promise" she reassured her sister.  She pulled Clarity close and hugged her gently before helping her into the waiting cab.  As the driver sped for the hospital, Harmony said a quick prayer for her sister, then headed home to await news.
Clarity stood outside the hospital, desperately looking for her mother.  Her terror rose as every minute ticked past without Crimsons arrival, as did her pain.  The contractions became closer and closer and still Clarity didn't see her mother.  She was just about to turn and go into the hospital by herself when she saw Crimson running towards her.
"Sorry baby, traffic was a bitch" Crimson panted.  Clarity broke into wild tears of pain and relief that her mother had made it.  Crimson pulled her close quickly and soothed her hair. "Shhhh...hush baby.  Mommy knows it hurts sweetheart.  It's okay sweetie.  Mommy's here.  Your fine, it will all be okay" she murmured.  As disappointed as she was with Clarity, as stupid as she had been, Crimson could not deny the poor child the words she needed so badly to hear.  Clarity's sobs subsided, and they headed into the hospital to welcome the new family member.
Welcome Damien Rayne

The young mother seems so thrilled!

Saturday, 3 December 2011


No, I haven't forgotten this blog, I swear!  I'm actually working on the next post and have been for awhile.  I've been however experiencing a bad case of burnout and game problems.  Since the arrival of Pets I've yet to have a save last longer than 11 weeks...not ideal for legacy play AT ALL!

I've tried just about every trick in the book, and am continuing to struggle with it, although I've now resorted to re installing The Sims 2 and all its expansions just to be able to play and have some fun for awhile. >.<

So that's where we stand.  I'm still here, I'm still working on it, new posts WILL come, and I WILL get this damn game working again.  In the mean time I'm naming my TS2 family Rayne <3

A huge thanks to all you loyal readers who keep coming back for more, and to all the new readers!  You guys rock, and soon we'll be back to the action!

Peace, Love and Flowers