Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sad News

Well I've got some bad news folks.  My game went kablewy today.  I loaded my save and Jessyca was all screwed up.  As in had Jessyca's name, but not her body or face.  I tried everything I could to rebuild it, but it seems it was a lost cause.  I can't even get her to re-install from the (much younger at this point) version of her, and no dice.

I may try to re-build with a new sim and share their story, but my hearts just not in it today :(


  1. Oh no!!!!! :(

    If you don't mind using mods, I would recommend downloading Twallan's Saver Mod (and the tuning file for it). I have mine set up to save (with my confirmation) every 15 minutes. It's really nice because if something happens, I can select a game from an older save in the loading menu (there are usually 4-5 different save options to choose from).

    Hope that helps for the future!

    <3 Kate

  2. Yeah, I was pretty heart broken at the time. If not for my severe Sims addiction, that may have been the thing that broke me. But who am I kidding? I can barely go a day without playing *lol*.

    I actually do use the Saver mod (and pretty much everything else of Twallan's). The Saver has saved my behind several times before, but this time sadly it was through all 8 of my saved files. I used the new switch household button at the start of the previous days game play to fix another glitch, and I think that may be where the problem started. Once I cleared my caches at end of play, it seemed to loose it's marbles.

    It's partially/all my fault. I have had to do a few uninstall/re-installs in the past 2 months, but I did not clean the registry after. Little bits of previous installs (and god knows what else)were still in my system and clogging everything up.

    Good news is since the re-install it's running better than it has since before Late Night. Now if that's because of the totally clean re-install or the fact that I am using a EA created world at the moment, I'm not sure. But it's running like a dream at the moment, so at least all the work and tears are worth it :-)


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