Thursday, 1 September 2011

Getting back on track.

Well, a day later and things are still bleak but getting better.  I did a complete uninstall/re-install over the past day and am getting ready to re-add all my CC.  I will be continuing on with the Rayne a way.

I think it only fair to give a family I was so attached to a second shot.  Jessyca had 3 children at the point I was at in my game play.  Seeing as you only (briefly) met one of them, it will be her that continues on.  I will be remaking Crimson (with same major beautification, seeing as I now control her genetics *evil laugh*) and SHE will now be my foundress/Gen 1.  The 4 chapters of Jessyca's story will now be classed as Generation 0.5...cause it's my story, and I make the rules *lol*

So just bear with me as I work on getting my game back to her former glory.  I have 5 days off work coming up...I think I can get enough pics for a few updates by the end of that :-)  Stay tuned folks.  The Rayne family will be back, and badder than ever!


  1. I will be waiting! Good luck with it Rain, I'm sure it will be great :)

    <3 Kate

  2. Thanks hun :-) So far things seem to be going well. Crimson is a real character!


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