My Legacy, My Rules

I figured maybe it would be a good thing to place all my legacy rules on one page.  So here they are

*Note: All  rules are subject to change whenever the mood strikes me*

  • I play with a modified Long life Span.  Babies =1 day, Toddlers = 4 days, Children =  25 days, Teen = 35 days, YA = 90 days, Adult = 50 days, Elder =30 days. *edit exact days put in*
  • This is a Matriarchal legacy.
  • Last born daughter will be heiress (as per above ).  In the case of twins, a heiress will be chosen once they reach YA.
  • With the exception  of my Founder(s), Jessyca and Crimson, all traits are random rolled at birth/age up.  They are forced to deal with what fate gave them.
  • All actions are dictated either by wishes or freewill.  They either have made the decision to inform me of what they want, or taken it into their own hands :-)
  • I do use mods to increase interactions and allow my Sims to socialize better.  I feel these add to the drama.
  • No money/skill cheats used on legacy lot.  Everything they end up having, they have had to work for.
  • Once a Child that is NOT eligible to be heiress has reached the age of Young Adult, they will be moved out to a family home of my choosing.
Edit: As of Gen 2 Game Play:  

  • I no longer use certain LTR.  Specifically No Bills Ever, Steel Bladder, Never Hungry and anything else like that.  I find they make the game a little to easy.  Inheritance is only used if I need the money despretley to renovate/rebuild the family home. Inheritance is now on the no use list, as I am no longer building homes.
  • As of gen 2 I will no longer be building the house, therefore moving is perfectly acceptable
  • As of Gen 2 there will be a family trait, Family Oriented (to ensure survival of  Legacy).  If a heir/heiress does not have it they must use the LTR to change traits ASAP.  Only one trait may be swapped out, and only for the family oriented trait. *exception made when new expansion packs come out*

And just a few quick writing "rules"...kinda.

 I have played well ahead of what is posted at this point in time.  As I make this page I have posted up to Gen 1 Chapter 6, and have the photos loaded (waiting for text) for 2 more posts.  I have pictures up to Chapter 23 sitting on my computer.  That coupled with previously mentioned fact that all actions are dictated by the Sims themselves makes it a little difficult to involve you readers.

While I would love to take you suggestions for things for my Sims to do, please understand that it may not be possible for me to add it in immediately.  I may not be able to even do it within that generation.  But if it is at all possible I will add it in.  If I do end up catching up with all the photo's I have, I may even start to do polls regarding important decisions about my Sims life when there is a conflict.

Also please note that a lot of times I take my pictures in the heat of the moment.  Therefore walls may not always be up, and it may not always be the best picture it could be.  I know about Cameraman mode, and the hide headline  effects cheats, and moviemaker mode and all that jazz.  If I don't think to use it, sorry.  I'm more focused on enjoying my game than taking pictures, and that's not likely to change.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback though!  Let me know what I'm doing right, and where I'm going horribly wrong {constructively please! Comments like "U Suck" help no one ;-)}.  If I've started leaving out something you love, let me know!  You can reach me via the comments (which I alone moderate), or visit my about me page for more ways to reach me.

Peace, Love, and Flowers,



  1. What mods do you use?

  2. Very good question Anon, and one I should have thought to have posted in here...good thing this page is getting an over haul when I start posting gen 2 :)

    I lost some of my mods after pets came out, but the main ones are still the same. At the moment I use the following mods:

    Nraas Dreamer
    Nraas Debug Enabler
    Nrass Story Progression+both the extra and expanded modules
    Nraas Error Trap
    Nraas Overwatch
    Nraas Saver
    Nraas Portrit Panel
    Nraas Woohooer+scoring
    Nraas Dresser
    Nraas Decensor
    Nraas Master Controler+ Integration and Cheats add on's
    and lastly Buzz Moar Interactions mod (found at Mod the Sims).

    That's whats sitting in my mods folder as I type this, however I also had a few of Shimrod's Mods for quite awhile, namly more attentive bartenders, ask sign as friendly interactions, and one that pushed townies out and about that I can't think of the name of :)

  3. Thx u sooooooo much, i been playing sims for awhile and i thought i needed to gets some mods and custom content, sooooooo, i been enjoying reading ur legacy for awhile and wonder which mods were u using, so thx u :D

  4. You are most welcome :)

    I've been a simmer since The Sims 1 and used mods since The Sims 2. It took me awhile to start using them this time round, but I'm glad I did. If you are new to the world of using mods, my only advice would be to read and understand everything about them. I spent days reading every guide I could on the official forums and mod the Sims before I started downloading anything...even CC hair. I learned what to do to keep my game safe and running well, and the few times I let down my safe guards are when I've had problems. Stick with trusted modders and sites, and ALWAYS make sure your mods are up to date with your game/patch level especially when a new EP/SP comes out. I check Nraas about once a week for updates, and the others monthly...just to be safe :)

    I know I rattle on about it, but I feel a lot of people are scared of modding their game. I know I was. I saw so much doom and gloom on the forums, so many people saying it would ruin the game completely that I totally dismissed the idea. After awhile though I realized the game just doesn't play the way I would like it to. Not that there is anything wrong with the way the unmodded game is, but I'm an adult. Things like the blur bother me. Consenting adults having to overly romance somebody to be intimate with them bother me. So I took it into my own hands *lol*

    Long story short, knowledge is power. Know what to do, know what your mods do and you'll be fine :)

    And thank you for reading! I love my little Simmies, and I'm glad other people enjoy them too!

  5. HAHAHAH, thxs
    I been playing since the last year of sims 2 then been playing sims 3 ever since.....
    I been using the stuff from the Sims 3 site, eg clothes and hair, but been tired of paying for stuff that was just the same stuff with a hat or something.... so yeah
    So yeah, i think i'm going to go finds some mods now.....
    Story progression sounds fun :D
    Thx u so much, i look forward to the next part of ur legacy

  6. Hi, I don't even know if you'll read this considering the Rayne Legacy's hiatus but I was wondering..... started my own legacy (The Greene Legacy by Wolf-ish Gamer) and I wanted to now if there's any custom content you'd recommed downloading.


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