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Generation 0.5 ~ Chapter 4 ~Go to Egypt, become a mother?

*A note from Rainwife.  I'm trying something new the post and giving Jessyca her own voice.   Jessyca's diolouge will be in Red.  A huge thanks to Geekkate at The Jemstone Legacy  from who I totally stole the idea of using different colours for different speakers  :-) *

When we last left our heroine she was rocking a platinum head of hair, and not real happy about it.  Needless to say Jessyca headed straight back into the shower to repair her locks.  That taken care of she headed straight to the bar and apparently creeped the hell out of this poor bouncer.  Leave the poor boy alone Jess!
 Awww come on, I'm just having some fun with him.  He looks like he could use a little fun....and some exercise!

Jessyca!  Be nice!  Clearly the poor boy is terrified, he's actually blending into the wall.  I think maybe it's time to send you home and have you do some more painting,  You want those walls, don't you?
Well good news.  You already have enough for most of the wall.  Just a few more paintings and you'll have a door and everything!

 I loved this last painting so much that I decided not to let it be sold.  It's now called "A Man Worth Waiting For" and proudly hung on the wall.  And we've got some extra cash.  How about we take your booty search international Jess?
 ...Do I have a choice?
No, not really.  Bed, than Egypt in the morning!
It's too bad Jessyca sleeps so late.  She misses some incredible sunrises.  Like this one.

Once lazy arse finally rolled out of bed, she set about booking her trip to Egypt, and headed to the cab.  Thankfully there is no need to pack.  Thank the Sim gods for that!  Enough chatter....Egypt Ho!
I don't like it!  It's hot, and dusty.  And you forget to take pictures of important things, like me knocking boots with that Farouk Rashid guy back there.
That?  Yeah, I kinda forgot about that.  But I'm sure that won't come back to bite me in the ass later.  I mean after all, it was just a little risky woo-hoo *insert nervous laugh here*  Anyways, we're not here to point out my mistakes.  We're here to do some adventuring.  Let's hit some tombs.  It'll be fun.  Promise.
Why don't I  believe you?
I don't rightly know.  Now enough stalling.  To the tomb!

Okay, my ass caught fire.  Negative fun, negative funny.  Can I please go home now?
*sigh*  Alright Jess.  Let's go home.  Clearly adventure is not so much your thing.
And look!  Four walls, a door, and a separated bathroom.  Moving on up in the world girlfriend!

I told ya that picture would be important.
Uh, maybe it's just something you ate?  Yeah, that's it!  Something you ate!  It was all that falafel in Egypt!  Go to bed, you'll feel better in the morning.
But....I didn't have any food in Egypt.  Remember, you set my needs to static?
Yes...well...GO TO BED! Ha!  Last word!
>>>>The next morning while cleaning the house
Okay.  Maybe I should have taken a picture of that guy.  Or at least had you talk to him long enough to be friends.  My bad.  Just keep calm and paint on girly.  Your going to need that money!

And of course the little mother needs a good night sleep in her nice new bed.
 She looks so sweet in her sheep nighty!
Can this not come in black?  I have a look here.  Your killing it!
Sorry Jess nothing I can do.  I mean I could have changed your clothes a little earlier, but I'm to lazy to go through that whole ordeal.  It's only 3 days.  Suck it up buttercup!
Whatever.  To the bar!
Ah, a model parent already.  Well seeing as it doesn't do Sim babies any harm I'll allow it.
Ah, Jessyca's old bartender friend is still there.  Good to see ya, guy who's name I don't know!  Well seeing as your out on the town, why don''t you buy a pregnancy book and read up on motherhood, Jessyca?

How's the book Jess?
It says here you get weird craving, and that labour hurts!  They're lying, right?

Let's see.  Spaghetti and Ice cream.  I would call that a pregnancy craving (I really wish there was some way for Sims to mix the 2 items together.  THAT would be a pregnancy craving!  I speak from experience on this one!)
Oh Crap!  If that part was true, than that means....

Yes Jessyca.  Labour is quite painful.  And apparently boring sometimes.
But I think you'll find it's quite rewarding in the end.

Welcome to the world, little Crimson Rayne.  Seeing as you favorite colour is Aqua, we'll try using that for your speech (if anybody has trouble reading the text, please drop me a line in the comments, and I'll mess around with it.
Crimson Rayne.  I like that.  Very Gothic sounding.  Good choice!  Hello little Crimson!
goo goo gah gah
Awww, she's a real cutie alright.  Now it's time for mother and baby to get some rest.  After all, tomorrow is Crimson's lifestage day and she'll be a toddler.
Sim babies drive me mental.  So I cheat and drag up there bars.  This gave Jess one last day to enjoy her day uninterrupted.  To the easel woman!
Arrrgghhh!  Where is the off button?!?
Yes Jess.  Your child is crying.  Maybe you should enjoy her being so little while you still can?
There ya go.  Soon enough it was time for sparkles, and to see how adorable this little one really is.  Ready?
I'm ready.  I'm sure she'll be a looker just like her mother!
As am I, Jess.  As am I.

And what was beneath those sparkles?  How much cuteness you ask?
Huh.  Well she's...unique  I'll give her that.  Yes, I used the best pic I have of her.  There was about 5 others taken right before this that all seemed to be taken from her "bad side".  I'm not real sure if there is a good side...
HEY!  That's my kid your talking about!
Sorry Jess.  Guess she's got a face only a mother could love.


  1. I can't believe that Jessyca had a baby!!! I think that Crimson is actually pretty cute, at least from the shot you posted of her.

    Poor Jessyca getting her butt caught on fire though! Clearly tomb exploring is not her forte :P

    Another great update! ^_^

    <3 Kate

  2. Thanks Kate :-)

    Yes, I may have been a bit harsh on Crimson. I lost all my screen-shots during uninstall (I hate it when I forget to back stuff up!) but she had quite a wide spread nose, but once she aged up it actually kinda suited her. She was just about to turn into a YA when my game crapped out, and I was a bit sad to think about her moving out. No worries about that now.

    Yeah, Jess not an explorer at ALL! She complained from the second she arrived in Egypt...except for that few minutes when my lack of attention span and the Woohooer mod took over and did what they do best *lol* Right after the fire incident she wanted to go home!


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