Friday, 26 August 2011

Some notes on my writing.

So I'm still not set in a writing style, however I am trying to figure out how I am most comfortable in my writing.  I am thinking about adding some dialogue from my Sims POV, seeing as most of what I am writing is what goes through my head while I play and I think my sims would talk back *lol*

Anyways I hope your having fun reading, as I am writing this and that you'll stick with me as I evolve as a writer. Please feel free to comment on any post.  I would love some feedback from my readers.  If you love it, or hate it I want to know!


  1. So far I am loving your writing style. It's easy-going and comfortable to read. Plus I love it when you make snide comments about Jessyca (I love to do it with my sims too hehe), it makes me giggle!

    I am definitely having fun reading your legacy, and will stick with you as you evolve. I'm going through the same process right now, so I completely understand.

    ♥ Kate

  2. Thanks for your support Kate!

    I've tried to do a more structured story style legacy blog before, but I actually kinda found it stressful. I quickly realized I was more worried about making sure I got "the" picture to go with my story than actually enjoying my game. I actually wasn't going to give it another go, but then I posted all my pics up on my Sims Facebook page with captions. It kinda turned into a blog of it's own *lol* So when I started again I decided to post it.

    What I am actually trying to say with that big, long rambling bit above is I'm really happy to hear that it's easy and fun for you to read. I'm having a blast writing it this time around!

    I love your blog, and find inspiration in it. The thought of giving my Sims a chance to talk back comes purely from your use of different colours to denote different speakers. It makes it quite easy to know who said what, and yet I had never even thought of it!

  3. I'm so glad that I was able to inspire you! I decided I wanted to give my sims their own voice because it adds some depth to their characters, plus I love reading books, and when you are reading a book the people involved are always chatting back and forth. So I wanted to make sure that I incorporated that into mine.

  4. I'm also a HUGE reader (I always have my nose stuck in a book, even while playing *lol*). Between your blog and some of the very awesome threads on the forums (Ck213 and Justkeepsimming immediately pop to mind, but there are so many others!) I am constantly inspired.

    Your very right. Just that little bit of dialogue between Sim/player really does give a better feel for the character. I find my self now really looking at my Sims and trying to figure out what makes them tick, and what they would think of the situations they get themselves into (with an assist from me of course!)


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