Friday, 26 August 2011

Generation 0.5 ~ Chapter 3 ~ Paint, Party, Prank?

When we last left off with our girl Jess, she had just joined the painter profession, and was pulling a severely goofy face.  Let's see if the face pulling continues, shall we (SPOILER: It does!).

There's are girl, running off some place as always.  Today she's off to the park to paint for awhile, seeing as she has no money for an easel.  Let's watch a real artiste at work....

Well that looks...

Kinda nice in an amateur sorta way.  We'll just keep working on that painting skill sweetie, it'll be okay.  So where to now Jessyca?

The nearest bar I see?  Hmmm.  Well maybe there is a valid reason to be here?

Yep, natures calling.  Okay, good excuse.

 Hot wings, yum!

Well doesn't this guy look impressed?

Right, time to pay some bills and send off some gems you've found, than off to bed young lady!

Time to rise and shine sleeping beauty!  I'm kinda sick of watching you eat cereal everyday, let's try something different today, shall we?

Yum, bread and Jam!  At least Jessyca looks content with it.  She rolled a wish to go for a drink again (and her social was in the yellow), so I sent her to the local bar, seeing as it was after noon already.  If she's ever going to hit that LTW of woo-hooing 5 sims in 5 places, and produce a heir so I can keep this thing going you're going to have to actually meet some available men soon sister!

You can only go to one floor dear, this should NOT be a hard decision to make.

Right time for a drink, than maybe you can make friends with this bartender here.  I mean after all, it says no where they have to be male Sims!

Right after her drink I noticed Jessyca had a dejected moodlet, from being rejected or something like that.  Not sure if its from one of my mods or actually in the game but I thought it was a cute touch.  However it made Jessyca walk like this

Aww that's just sad.  I also grabbed some quick (read not great) video of it.  Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to upload here.  I'll post it on my Facebook and link or something soon.

Poor Girl.  I feel bad for her!  Hopefully some small talk will make her feel better.  It didn't with the female bartender, but perhaps with his male one?

Nope, well then maybe some liquid libation will help?

Nope. Maybe some gem finding and getting yesterdays mail then?

Nope.  I mean come on, look at this face!

Aww, time for bed sweetie!

The next day started much the same.  Wake up late in the day, shower, head out...still not enough for an easel.  Maybe a little less drinking, and a little more productivity is in order?

Or maybe not!

I'm seriously starting to think Sims develop drinking problems. Jessyca is CONSTANTLY rolling the wish to have a drink.  She also rolled a wish for some love in an elevator, but alas, no one struck her fancy.  Time to send her down said elevator and on her way.

Oh noes.  This can't end well.

Nope.  Not good at all.  I think it might be time to run past the puking lady and go home.  What lady, one might ask.

That one.  Class act lady.  Yep, it's  defiantly time to go home.   Good news.  Once Jessyca sold off the gems she sent to be cut, she had enough for the easel she's been wanting since I started this game.  Yay!!  Paint us a master piece Jess to show us how happy you are!

Uh-huh.  Not really sure what to say about that.  But at least once it was sold off there was money for a real home made meal for once.

Of course all she can make is salad, but still.  It's a start.  Dinner than bed Missy.  And tomorrow I'm going to start cracking the whip on you lady!

See, told ya!  Things have to be cleaned and repaired around here, and seeing as I can't reach thru my screen and do it for ya, it's time to buck up lady!

Time for

And more flipping cereal, seeing as you can't have salad for breakfast.  You also don't win friends with salad, but that's a story better told by The Simpsons....

And paint again.  Little better this time.

Well as you can see Jess was getting tired, so I sent her off to bed.  Chores take a lot out of a lady.  I know the feeling.

Seeing as she still had woo hoo wants to take care of (in a hot tub as well)  I had her read the paper to see what the hotspots are for the night.  Let's hope it's something good.

Turns out there is a couple of them.  I figured I would send her off to a few of them and see how it went.

And then her phone rang.  She seems real attracted to the guy in the thought bubble.  But he's married, and has rejected several attempts to flirt with him.

Even  thinking about him on the way to the club!  First up P.U.R.E, a club I downloaded off the exchange.
 Well here's a possible candidate...
*sigh* yes Jess, that's the way to win a guy over.  Tell him how to do his job.  Maybe you should hit the hot tub alone for now.

For the love of god, put your clthes back on woman!  Go get your dance on instead.

What...what..the that thing behind Jess?


The club proved to be another epic fail, so I sent her home to earn some cashola.

Painting skill is finally getting good.  And she had scrimped together enough money for the stove!  As sun rose over the world, Jess at last actually cooked a meal.


It seems the paper girl is getting pissy about not getting tipped or something, cause she pranked the shower.  Crap.  I think it's time to focus on building some more walls.

Of course poor Jessyca had no clue.  She woke thinking all was fine.  Who am I to tell her otherwise?

Well the painting she started the night before actually turned out quite nice!

Time to pay bills again?  Damn!

That painting was actually for a opportunity, and Jessyca seemed immediately attracted to the guy she delivered the painting to.  Too bad he's starving.

She's still asking what his sign is though...

and relationship status...

Looking good.  Now let the poor man eat.  Time for shower (tee-hee)

Well let's see what colour hair she got...
 Well that's not too bad, right?

Oh dear.


  1. Aw, poor Jessyca got pranked! XD I think it's definitely time to start investing in some walls and a door for her. And maybe even a bed! Poor thing has to sleep in a sleeping bag... those things are never comfortable (at least irl lol).

    Another great update! It's so fun to read! I'm loving it :)

    ♥ Kate

  2. Yeah, it's for sure time to get the poor girl a bed. She woke up complaining of a sore back a few days in a row. Plus she needs room for two sometimes ;-)

    glad to see your enjoying it! It's actually been really fun to write so far too!

  3. What town did jessyca live in?
    Looks like a nice town


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