Monday, 22 August 2011

Generation 0.5 ~ Chapter 2 ~ Life iz hard!

When we last left our plucky heroine she was off to her first architecture job in a scandalous outfit.  She choose a job redoing some guys powder room.  Sweet, a bathroom, how hard can it be?

Jess and I waited for the guy to show up once she was done.  I forgot to grab any before shots.  Yay, I suck sometimes.  Boo, me!


Apparently he didn't like her work.  Hmmm, should have changed that ugly ass wall paper while I was in there I suppose.  Ah well, at least she got paid.  I think after all that hard work. it's time for some fun.  But what to do?  Well the guy she met last night is apparently working at the consignment store.  Let's go see him and maybe start working on that LTW

Instead of kicking the flirty up a notch, this guy decided to tell a ghost story at this exact moment.!

Well at least Jess seemed into it. VERY into it by the looks of things...

Just when I had started to loose hope in Jessyca getting any action she surprised me by chatting and flirting up a storm with the other guy that works at the consignment shop

Maybe all hope is not lost after all!  But all those silly faces made Jessyca hungry and thirsty.  This can only mean one the nearest BAR!

Well at least he's not flirty worthy material.  Get some food girl!

And now time for that drink!

Lets see what else we can get up to now that the basic needs are taken care of.

Yeah, chat up the bar tender than dance till exhausted.  Seems about right for a night out! Now to pay the bills and get some sleep.

Yeah, the other awesome thing about that design job...payed for a sink!  Now after breakfast she can clean up after herself!

And she actually did all by herself.  Now just a quick shower and off to work.  Note to self, get a new shower soon.  I can't take this ultra cold look on my Sims faces!

The next reno was for a laundry room.  I gave the guy what he wanted and even put in extra stuff, and came in under budget.  Still not happy.

That's it, time to quit,  There has to be an easier way to make a living. I sent Jess home to have a good think, and a nice cold juice.

Things all seemed so clear after a minute.  Making money off her art!  All she needed was to raise her skill level a little more, and she could register as self employed!  It's a perfect plan!

 Back to the Salon she went.  One medium painting should push her up to at least skill level 1.

 With that taken care of she shoved the painting into her inventory and ran off to city hall, this time to truly go into business for herself.  Just a quick butterfly to catch first... onto City hall.  She was surprised how quick it was to become self employed.  Sign off some paper work and off ya go!  What do you have to say about that Jessyca?

......Right then.


  1. Okay, I fibbed. I'm a procrastinator at heart, and since my choice was reading another chapter of your legacy blog, or taking notes on a chapter in my Physical Anthropology book, the choice was pretty clear lol

    I am SO glad I'm not the only person who hates the Architectural profession. I mean, I'm not terrible at building my sims homes (I need a lot more practice though lol) but that doesn't mean I want to go do it for other sims in the town (especially when they never like what you do anyways... lol).

    Also, Jessyca looks really... er, excited... about the guy in her thought bubble! Potential love interest maybe? XD

    ♥ Kate

  2. *lol* That's what I thought as well, but when I tracked him down she seemed to show no interest. Jess is strange sometimes though. She doesn't have the excitable trait, but you would never know it.

    Yeah, Architecture is not for me (nor is stylist. I've tried that one before) I JUST started building my Sims houses after Generations came out, and very honestly I don't really have an eye for design. It's a little easier for my families. I just kinda let their personality seep into the room.

    And your not the only procrastinator *lol* I'm glad my blog won though!

  3. I haven't really tried Stylist too much. But with all the CC I have it pains me to set up outfits for my sims, let alone other sims lol If the townie's outfits are seriously bothering me though I just go into Stylist using one of Twallan's mods and make them purdy lol

  4. *lol* yeah that's pretty much what I do. Thank go for Twallan! I dread my sims aging, that means time to make some hard decisions! So much pretty CC, so little time, eh? *lol*


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