Sunday, 21 August 2011

Generation 0.5 ~Chapter 1 ~ Introducing Jessyca

Well I guess it's time to meet the little lady who is starting this whole legacy off.  Allow me to introduce you to Miss Jessyca Rayne

Oh, don't let her outward appearance deceive you.  Jess is a recent graduate of  the School of Peace and Love.  She's all artistic and stuff. Her only real negative trait is her hot-hotheadedness.  Yes, our Jessyca tends to be a bit of a hand full when she lets that temper get the best of her. She is a natural flirt, and a great kisser.  With or without a steady man in her life she wants to have a child, so she can show her nurturing side.  I say with or without a man because Jessica has the LTW to woohoo with 5 different Sims in 5 different places.  Hard to see her wanting to be tied down to one man with wants like that! 

Jess rolled the immediate wish to join the architecture career.  May the maker help us all!  I'm hardly able to build and decorate my own Sims houses, now I gotta do other peoples too? *Sigh*  Well if that's what Jessyca wants, that's what Jessyca will get.  After a quick run to city hall, it was time to meet some other Sims.  Seeing as my map tells me there are only 2 other Sims in town right now, both at the stylist.  Guess we'll head there.

Fireworks immediately went off between Jess and the tattooist.  Seems like we might have a bit of a personality clash.  Of course I failed to get pictures of this, but take my word there was much yelling!

Failing to make any friends at the salon, Jess still decided to make use of their facilities.  Oh I don;t mean a makeover or a tattoo.

Jessyca quickly found an Easel in the back and started painting.  Whatcha painting there, Jess?

.......Oh.  Moving right along than.....

Lucky Jessyca, I happened to check the map again and noticed a guy sat alone at the library.  Quick Jess, fresh meat!  Swoop in quick!

Atta girl!  Lets take a look at the prospect.

Hmmmm, he could have potential.  And best of all, he and Jess got along well.  They talked for quite awhile.

Eventually though it was time to head home for the night.

Oh don't look like that Jessyca.  Your home may not be much now, but it's better than a park bench!

That's better.  Now take in your new home for the first time.

Well, I did say it wasn't much!  Anyways time to get some shut eye.  Night Jessyca!

Time to rise and shine sweetheart!  You have your first working day ahead of you.  Go on, grab some breakfast, I'll wait.

Cereal on the toilet.....Well no one can accuse our girl of being to classy for them, that's for sure.  Right time for a shower, than it should be time to find a job.  Dress sharp...and tasteful!

While Jess was in the shower I noticed a small problem..  I had failed to buy her a sink.  Oh dear, this place is going to get real stinky real fast if we don't get the money for one soon!

Well Jessyca is finally out of the shower, so let's see what she decided to wear.

Oh dear.  Well I guess it will have to do.  I'm sure you'll make one heck of an impression on your clients dressed like that Jessyca.  Better watch they don't think your selling other services too girl!


  1. Jessyca is gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed this first chapter, I can tell her legacy is going to be fabulous :)

    I don't have time to read the other chapters yet, but I will comment on each one when I do!

    ♥ Kate

  2. Thank you so much Kate! I really am in love with Jess. She's such an expressive Sim!

    I'm really glad you enjoy her story so far. I LOVE your blog, and check almost daily for updates *lol* I don't expect them, but ! would hate to be even a little behind

  3. :D You have NO idea how much that just made my day Rain!!! I have been under so much stress lately due to taking 17 credits of classes plus being in the middle of a move. We're at that awkward stage where everything you do when you're at home is at the new home, but all your clothes and toiletries are at the old place.

    I'm hoping I will have a chance to get my computer up and running by the end of next week so I can get some gameplay in. Right now I'm on my boyfriends laptop sitting on the floor of the office in the new house with my computer next to me, not even plugged in yet. :(

  4. Awww, I'm glad I made your day :-) I can't even imagine how stressed out you are! Moving sucks hardcore. When my Husband, Mother In Law and I moved into our current apartment we swore next time to hire movers...and they only moved down the hall!

    I hope you get everything unpacked and back into your game soon!

  5. I'm loving this story so far! The cereal on the toilet was hilarious : )

  6. Thanks tommiegirl! I'm really glad you like it. I love your Real World thread/blog. I've been a lurker for awhile *lol*

  7. Thank you Rainwife, I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far. You don't have to stay a lurker, you're always welcome to stop by the thread and say hello : )

    I was a lurker on the Sims 3 forum until about a month ago. lol

  8. *lol* I know it's just hard to break from my lurker ways. Plus I honestly just tend to forget some times that I haven't commented.

    I'm actually quite hooked on your story. I only picked up on it last week, and caught myself up after work in 2 days *lol* Now that I follow your blog it makes it super easy to know when there is an update ;-)

  9. Oh wow, you caught up in 2 days?? Aww, I feel special. With 22 episodes to read, I expect people to just shake their head and go, "No, I don't have time to read this." lol

    Thank you for following my story!! I think I got lucky with this one. I didn't expect it to still be alive. lol

  10. *lol* Yep 2 days. I actually did pass up at one point because of how much there was, but one I saw you thread being mentioned in justkeepsimming's thread I knew it was worth the read :-)

    You've hit on more than luck on this one though. Between the great, relate-able characters, the back-stories you've given and just the all over way you put it all together is a huge factor! I'm amazed at all the awesome stories that have cropped up in the Generations forum. It's been a long time since I've found a Sims story that I would rather read than I have about a half dozen threads/blogs that I check every day! Turns out we had some very talented writers hiding on the forums!

  11. Thank you for the kind words, I really do try to put my heart and soul into each update. Sometimes it can be a little daunting because I don't want to disappoint but I continue anyways because I love being immersed in my sims world.

    I agree, we have some talented people on the forum. There's so much creativity from writers, builders and designers. It blows me away!!

    I'm glad you kept on reading : )

  12. Just starting to read this as I noticed you are following my blog - Looks like a great start to a fun legacy :)

  13. Thank you very much! I've read the first 5-6 posts in yours, and really enjoy it!


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