Monday, 5 September 2011

Generation 1~Chapter 2~Cops and Robbers

The next day was (coincidentally) a day off for Crimson
Awesome!  No work for me!  Time to play!
Yeah, cause it's not like you needed the money or anything...just get in the cab and head to the bar
Can do!
Yeah, figured that wouldn't be the problem.  Seeing as the fun bar was a  bit low, I figured what better way to boost it than a nice game of shuffleboard.  I mean I would have preferred a game of pool, but seeing as that's not really an option, shuffleboard it is!
Looking good Crimson, looking good!
Hmmm, what? Sorry...distracted
Oh boy.  Looks like something or someone has our girl all distracted.
Please tell me your not checking out who I think you are.
I'm not checking out who you think I am?
*sigh*  that's who I feared you were checking out .  Alright, if it's what you want it's what go for it I guess.  Spend your evening with Hank here.
I'll drink to that!  And to spending the morning with him too....
Hey now, go easy girl!  We are not using the woohoo mod for evil
But...but...but I AM evil!
Yes, but I'm not, and seeing as your only like 3 days into your lifespan I see no need to rush things.  Now make some conversation with the nice man, and keep quite about what you do!
"Me? Uh....I'm a photographer.  Yeah that's it! A Photographer!"
"And  than I told him I was a photographer!  It was great Mr.Mailman!  You should have been there!"
Yes Crimson, I'm sure the poor public servant is enthralled.  I know I am by you and your wishes.  Like the fact you rolled a wish to kiss 2 very different men at the same time.  Apparently that conversation with Hank must have been very intense, because now Crimson wants to kiss him.  The other guy is Xander, who happens to work with Crimson at the Criminal Warehouse 
What? I wanna play Cops and Robbers *wink*
Ew.  Moving right along.  It seems as though one of your coworkers has gone to the great Criminal gig in the sky...or something.  And Crimson couldn't look more pleased about it.
Once again, Evil girl over here!
Yeah, but even Xander is looking at you like you're a bit of a nut job.  If you ever want to kiss the boy, maybe you should get to asking him out, eh?
Oh yeah, that! Sure just pick a spot for the date, and do it fast.  I don't need anyplace fancy, and mamma needs some sugar!
Right mamma, work your magic.
Okay, first you chat the guy up...
Than make with the pick up lines like this...
Flutter your eyelashes a bit, and make him fell all smexy...
Establish physical contact...
Butter him up with some more sweet words...
Time to move in for the kill! Ha! Mission kiss the guy accomplished.  One down...
Yes, yes one to go.  Seiing as your still wide awake and you have a work book to read, let's head home and get to work on that.  Leave Xander here, and we'll get to Hank in the morning.
Can't I bring Xandy bear home with me?
Xandy...bear? No, just... just no.
That's a good girl, read your book and cool those hormones down!
Bored now.
How bout some Ice Cream?  The solution to most of my problem can be found at the bottom of an Ice Cream carton.
Is that ORANGE Ice Cream?
Indeed it is.  And it looks like Crimson's night shirt wants some too!
The next morning, true to my word I sent Crimson out with Hank.  Off to the bar where they first met.
Nice butt! Um, anyways, my game plan this time is a little simpler.  This guys too nice, he'll be easy to bend to my will!
*eye roll*  All right Crimson.  Show us how it's done.
First, a little liquid courage...for him.
Bottoms up!
Now it's time to get a little flirty...
Give him a real lingering hug, 
And pucker up!  Wowza!  Seems like we share something in common.  This man is a great kisser!  HOLY!
Yes, but he is still a Cop at the end of the day.  Get out of here before you end up in handcuffs, lady.
Oooh, I kinda like the sounds of that!
No need to yell, I heard ya. Yesh!
*sigh* let's just get to some cooking and cleaning, shall we?
I just don't know what to do with this girl sometimes.  She really is the strangest Sim.  After yesterdays date with Hank, she rolled 2 new wishes. Yep, she wants to woo hoo with both of them.  But first, she's going to have to work for it.  First some Garden tending,
And now time for a jog

but her heart didn't seem to be in in, so I relented and allowed her to skip the workout and call up Xander.  She asked him on a date.  I figured a little tour of city hall, and a little messing around would make her happy.
I wasn't expecting what happened next.  The second Xander showed up she accused him of cheating. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!
I somehow doubt Hank came up.  Oh dear.
Now  she's betrayed, and hurt.  Maybe if I send her to his house this can be patched up?

Nope.  He must of gone out the back door while she was walking up to the porch.  When I checked the map again, he had left.
That's okay.  I can think of a couple ways to vent my anger!
That's what I was kinda afraid of...
That's one way

And here's the other.
Yes, as the fates would have it she ran into Hank on her way into the bar to drown her sorrows.  Seeing as the bar is right next to the waterfalls, a hot tub had seemed like a good addition.
I may have been wrong

That worked up an appetite
I'm sure it did, Crimson.  Why don't we try introducing you to somebody new.  Maybe that will take your mind off of boy drama...

Time for a drink, than bed!
This has nothing to do with anything, but I see Jacosta Bachelor across the road fishing all the time!
Crimson tried calling Xander to see if he wanted to meet up.  But no, apparently he's to busy for her.  So I sent her to the park instead.
Riding in a cab. your doing it way wrong!
Time to meet another of Sunset Valleys Sim Famous family's.  Crimson, meet Geofrey Laandgrabb
Apparently last nights romp in the hot tub did nothing to improve Crimsons' spirits.
Think of the children! Won't somebody please think of the children!
But you told me not to think about kids!
^I've entitled this pic how NOT to win friends and influence people.
Ehm, well seeing as the park was a total fiasco, I popped out to map view to see what else was going on.  And who happened to be home?
I think Xander has some 'splaining to do!


  1. *lol* thanks! It's one of my favourite glitch photos!


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