Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Generation 1~Chapter 3 Love, Pain and Travel

When Xander opened the door, a million emotions floated through Crimson's head.  She was suddenly unsure as to why she even came here.
Crimson knew she had no reason to be mad at Xander.  There was no real relastionship here, at least not yet.  And last nights fling with Hank was not yet forgotten either.  Still Crimson felt hurt and betrayed.
She had to find out if there was something here worth pushing aside her hurt.  She had to know if there was something real between her and Xander.  Was it just lust driving her to distraction, or could this be what love truly was?  The only way to be sure was to give Xander a chance.
Mentioning nothing of Hank and the night before she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to Xanders.  While his kiss stirred the flames of her passions, his  arms felt cold to her.  There was no love there, only desire.
But desire can be a very strong emotion, and the pull was too great to turn away now.  There was no tenderness, or sweet words.  Just a quick romp in the shower.
Thinking that sex may have brought them closer, Crimson tried talking with Xander.
And for a brief moment they seemed to be on the same page.
Until Xander started screaming at her for no reason.  He apparently thought about using protection far too late.  Crimson tried to explain that it would be fine, but he would have none of it.
And yet despite his volitile nature, Crimson could not tear herself away from him.  Maybe if she knew what was on his mind she would run far and fast.
On  her way out the door, Crimson passed one of Xander's friends.  While she tried flirting with him, her heart wasn't really in it.  She was already confused, adding another man to her list of interests was probably not the best idea.
Crimson went home alone.  She tried not to think about the mess she had made of her life.  She had to be strong. as she had always been.  Strong for the world to see she couldn't be beaten.  Strong to convince herself of the same.
And that night Crimson was strong.  She ate her dinner and went to bed alone.  She dreamed of both men that night, and woke longing for both of them.  She rushed to the gym, hoping a little physical activity would distract her.  For the moment at least it worked.

Seems she found the spot to be!  And while Crimson was working her abs and such, I was working on her home.
It's not much, but it's four walls and a roof.  Some privacy at last!
As Crimson finished exercising she received a party invitation.
"Perfect, a chance to relax and shake what my mamma gave me!" She thought. "And hopefully NO drama!"
Seems a peaceful nigt of fun was too much to ask for.  The first sight that greeted Crimson when she arrived was a group of women on the sidewalk, arguing among themselves.  While Crimson took pleasure from their unhappiness, she did not stop and involve herself.
She found Xander inside, and tried to revive the conversation they had had earlier in the day.  But that moment had passed and now there was nothing but raw, animal attraction to a man so very wrong for her.
The remainder of the evening passed without any major events of note.  She tried to stay clear of Xander, and eventually went home alone again.

The next morning, Crimson woke with a new sense of drive and purpose.  All this daydreaming of boys was not going to help her meet her Lifetime want.  Realizing one of her closet neighbours was also her co-worker, she headed to the Alto manor to rub elbows, and see up close how the other half lived.
She was floored by the opulance that surrounded her.  "One day my descendants will live in a house as grand as this" Crimson thought to herself "I'll make sure of it!"
Crimson spent some time chatting with the Alto family, especially Holy.  The two women seemed to have a lot in common, and Crimson took the opportunity to learn what she could from her new wealthy friend.

Refreshed and renewed after her visit to the Alto's, Crimson headed down to city hall to drop off a bribe to an official.  Business taken care of, Crimson took a deep breathe of the sweet clean air.  Suddenly she heard a small noise behind her.  She turned quickly and saw a man she had never seen before.
Before she could do anything to defend herself he had tackled her.  Crimson prided herself on being tough, but she was no match for this deranged man and his fists.
After he had thoroughly beat Crimson up, the man disappeared as fast as he had appeared.  No reason was ever given for the beat down. Thankfully Crimson escaped with nothing injured but her pride.
The unprovoked attack shook Crimson to her core.  Try as she might, Crimson could not shake her fear of the man.  She ran to the dinner to seek the company of others.  Maybe a good meal would calm her nerves?

Neither food or time spent in a good book helped.  Crimson was still scared.  She decided to hit the gym for awhile before heading home.  She needed to level up her athletic skill for work, and it was better than being alone.
Exsausted from her workout Crimson headed hope and fell into a deep sleep.  The next day at work proved to be a little better.  The bosses had entrusted her with a special delivery that they needed her to take all the way to China.  Crimson did not hesitate.  She left directly from work.
"First (and only) order of business, deliver the package.  Than it's time to let my hair down and enjoy China and all it has to offer!"

That takes care of work.  Now time for some random pics of Crimson enjoying her vacation!

And making some new...friends?

After a busy day of sight seeing and meeting the locals, Crimson found her way to the scholars garden.  She had heard of the discipline needed for martial arts, and decided to give it a try.
Thought of Hank and Xander crowded her mind at first, and Crimson struggled to even move the training dummy. Frustrated, she swung with all her might.
The traing dummy swung all the way around far too quickly, and Crimson took a hard shot to the eye.  Tears blocked her vision for a moment.  She wanted to quit.  Than she remembered who she was.  Crimson was not a quitter.  She never gave up on anything in her life, and she wasn't going to start now.
As she kicked at the training dummy, Crimson felt an odd sensation creep over her.  It was a feeling Crimson had rarely if ever felt before
Crimson Rayne had found what she had come to China looking for, even without knowing she was looking.
Crimson Rayne had found peace of mind.  She thought about her inevitable return to Sunset Valley and she smiled.

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