Saturday, 10 September 2011

A surprisingly long note from Rainwife

You may have noticed that my last post seemed a little more story driven, and had a lot less dialogue.  I'm still working hard to find a style that fits my little story.  Basically what I'm attempting to do is find the balance between my (often sarcastic) sense of humor, and doing some actual story telling. At this point I have played pretty far ahead and have a TON of pics.  As in about 9 posts worth.  I'm really excited to get to all the awesome good (and bad) stuff coming up, and I can't wait to share it all with you!  Now it's just finding the right words for the early pics I took *lol*

I've also decided to add a new little feature with every post.  Little personal info about me, I am a HUGE music fan.  I was a choir geek when I was in school (and I say that with great pride, btw!) and while I don't sing anymore, I do still love listening to music, especially lyrics.  I always have some form of music going when I write posts, and even when I play my game.  It doesn't matter if it's my favorite local radio station (a hard rock/heavy metal station) or one of my own playlists that contain everything from Slipknot to Frank Sinatra...yes, I have a greatly varied taste in music.  Quite frequently a lyric I have heard in a song will echo in my head when I'm writing a post and may even end up dropping it in.  I thought it would be fun to kinda set the mood for a post.  I'll post the name of the song and the band and try to post a link to it.  Check it out if you want to, and enjoy the little trip into my head....or laugh at my (at times) horrible taste in music :-)

I also plan to add an "About Rainwife" page sometime soon, to give a little deeper glimps at the lady behind the curtain as it were.  Not that I'm overly interesting, but in case you've ever wondered who or what Rainwife is, I'll share a little me with you :-)

Oh, and one more little note.  You may notice some obscure(and some not so obscure) 80's/90's/general pop culture references scattered around in my posts and wonder if it's intentional.  Yes, it kinda is. If you catch them I hope you enjoy them, and If you don't have made me feel very old *lol*

That's it for now folks, now on with the show!

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