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Generation 1~Chapter 4~Round and Round

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The next morning Crimson awoke with a new hunger for life and ice cream, and in dire need of a shower. 
She had made up her mind.  She was done running, done being scared.  Crimson would take the lessons she learned at the Dojo and apply them to her everyday life.  Focus, discipline, and clarity of mind would be her guides.  It was time to return home.
"Ticket for one to Sunset Valley, first flight out please!
Crimson skipped going to her house and headed directly to the gym.  Her earlier altercation with an unknown man had left her with a desire to get stronger, and she hit the machines with a vengeance.

At the end of her workout, Crimson received another party invitation, which she hastily accepted.  Famished after her workout, she decided to hit the diner for a bite to eat before she headed to the bash.  While she was inside, I observed the townies outside

Nick and Vita Alto, sharing a picnic basket. And being joined by daughter Holy.
And there is a young Mortimer Goth, doing his homework.  No, that's not Bella beside him.
At last it was time for the party, a little formal wear bash being held by Claire Ursine (I think).
Crimson swore to herself that she would stay away from boys for the night, and sought out her friend Claire.
They chatted for hours, but poor Crimson was worn out from her traveling.  Leaving Claire to socialize with her guests, Crimson snuck off for a quick nap on the couch.
She awoke refreshed, and ready to have a little more fun.  Claire and Crimson partied late into the night.  They drank and talked about Crimson's love triangle.  And then they had an epic pillow fight.

Crimson eventually staggered home.  She was alone and she was drunk.  All the resolve she had found in China had already slipped away.  Crimson was lonely, and she needed a man in her life.  She just wasn't sure which man.  Hank Goodard seemed so reliable, and he had quit the police force to join the business sector.  Crimson no longer had to worry about him finding out about her nefarious deeds.  But than there was Xander.  There was no need to hide anything from Xander.  He knew what she did.  He watched her in action every night.  He fought the bad fight at her side.  Crimson fell into an uneasy sleep, thinking of both men again.

In the morning, she felt like she had made her choice, the only obvious choice.  Crimson felt in her heart of hearts that Hank was far too good for her.  She was a criminal, and would never be much more.  Taking a deep breathe she called Xander and invited him over.  Perhaps things had changed since the last time they were together.

They had not.  First they talked.
Than he insulted her home...
They had a little fun...


The sad and vicious cycle continued all evening.  Talk, fight, flirt.  Always some variation of it.  The subjects and activity's changed, but the mood was always the same.  Sex with a sprinkle of violence. Xander spent the night.  I'll let  you judge how it went.

She left for work thinking about the man who had spent the better part of two days yelling at her and tearing her down.  But while she was at work she started thinking about the other man.  The better man.
Crimson couldn't help it.  She was drawn to Hank's at the end of her shift.  As always he welcomed her with open arms.  She told him nothing of Xander, and the treatment she had been receiving.  It seemed she didn't need to.  Hank was already murmering the words she needed to hear to badly.  That she was beautiful.  That she was a wonderful person.  That she was worthy.  She could no longer contain herself.
She threw herself at Hank with a hunger she had not felt before.  She needed his arms around her.  She needed his kiss.
She needed him
Now all she had to do was figure out a way to tell him.


  1. Ahhh this is so good! Reminds me of the early chapters in my Wishacy :)

  2. *lol* Thank you. That's pretty much what I'm attempting to do here, onlky with a little helping hand every now and again, on the account of my sims tend to be stupid *lol*


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