Saturday, 17 September 2011

Generation 1 ~Chapter 5~L'Amoure

* Song for this post is  Bring me to Life by Evanescence . I actually really struggled to choose a song for this post, but I feel this sums it up well.  Crimson really did seem to come to life once she met Hank.  Although sometimes loving somebody is not an easy thing to confess, to them or yourself (I really hope that makes some sense to you, it's late in the day for me, and my brain is not quite sure that looks right*lol*) I love this song, and the band in general.  Enjoy! *

After gazing at the stars and talking for a few hours, Hank and Crimson went inside.  Crimson had found out that Hank has the commitment issues trait. But it didn't matter at that very moment. He told her everything her heart had been longing to hear.  That she was beautiful, and smart, and special.  That he loved the fire in her eyes, and her soul. Nobody in Crimson's life had ever told her these things.  She melted into Hank and pressed her lips against his with a passion she had never known.
And then she pulled back and looked deep into his eyes.  Crimson felt herself falling deeper and deeper under Hanks spell, and it scared her.  She knew he didn't want commitment.  At that moment Crimson felt her resolve crumble.  Sure as she had been, currently her heart called for one thing while her brain screamed to run.
Crimson abruptly said goodnight to Hank, and headed for the safety and security of home.
"Well doesn't this just suck big time.  This is what you get for falling for a cop!" Crimson thought to herself in the back of the cab. "I gotta get that boy out of my head. Just forget all about him, and move on to bigger and better things.  But first, I have to get something to eat.  Nothing good ever happens on an empty tummy"
While Crimson was busy cooking and eating, this little pop-up showed up on my screen (Thanks story progression mod! I love knowing what the townies are doing behind my back!*lol*) I'm not going to lie, my heart broke a little for Crimson.  At that moment 2 of her 4 wishes had to do with Hank, both rolled after she left his house.
Poor Crimson had no clue what Hank was up to, or who he had been doing it with.  She watched some TV to try and push away the memory of Hanks lips on hers, and when she could stay awake no longer, she crawled into bed, alone again.
The next day was a work day, and Crimson started her (late) morning with a quick work-out.  She was half way through her routine when her cell rang.  It was her workmate/neighbour Nick Alto inviting her to a party  at his house before work.  Thinking of meeting some new people, Crimson quickly agreed to come over.
But, first she tried to call Hank.  He was at work, and she got his voice mail.  Crimson felt her pulse quicken when she heard his voice.  She hung up without leaving a message, and headed to Nick's party.
Nick and Crimson get along quite well, which is not surprising.  He is very close to being the emperor of Evil, and that is what Crimson aspires to be. He is like her Yoda, only not short, green or a Jedi (I don't think).
At the time of this party, I had not paid attention to who Hank was dating, and unaware of exactly who Crimson was sitting next to.
If only Crimson had know this was the woman who Hank had started dating mere hours after he told her she was special.
If only she had known this might have gone differently.
... awkward.
Very awkward.

Thankfully Hanks son aparently does not like Fiona much, as he started yelling at her a moment later
Leaving Crimson to listen to her idol as he talked of world domination.  All too soon it was time to head to work.

Home after a long day Crimson finsihed the workout she had started her day with and than fell into bed.
She awoke famished.
And apparently in dire need to doing some house cleaning.  Oh dear
Crimson didn't really feel like going to work.  She felt like running away from it all.
And run she did.  To the cab, which took her to the airport to catch her flight to France.
Ah gay Parie...what better place to forget about your love troubles than the city of love?  First order of business for me was to get her to meet some locals.
First order of business for Crimson?  Call Hank.  Maybe she wanted to make him jealous.  She prattled on and on about the wine, and the culture, and the people she had meet, even though she had only been there f or a few hours and had yet to meet anyone or see anything.
Time for a little gussy up before she heads out to meet the townspeople.
And with that taken care of I sent her out to the town square to meet the locals.  I think the pictures tell the story pretty well by themselves.

Ah, seems like there is some attraction to the last one.  Too bad a moment later his young son walked by.  Crimson is a family oriented Sim. and would never split up a father and his child.
Crimson tried the frech cuisine next, but the frogs legs didn't sit well with her.  She was already weary, and wanted to return home.  She missed Hank horribly, and was miserable in France.  Even though she had been there less than a day Crimson rolled the wish to go home.  But first, a trip to the bookstore.

After some time spent reading Crimson pulled out her cell phone.  She wanted to go home.  She wanted Hank.


  1. Question: Do you recall where you got Crimson's black nail polish from? I love it!

  2. Yep, I think these are them, by Akiea Guinea, I love these...tried a bunch of different ones before, but I think these make a nice touch. And I'm pretty sure the are recolourable


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