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Generation 1~Chapter 6~ There Can Be Only One

*The Song for this post is No One by Alicia Keys .  I've really got nothing witty to say here this time. I jsut felt this song summed up perfectly how Crimson is feeling.  I have been working on this post since right after I posted the last one, fumbling to fine tune the writing just a little more.  I think I''m finally starting to get it right (for this gen anyways).  Hope you enjoy!

When Crimson's flight landed back in good ole Sunset Valley the first thing she wanted to do was talk to Hank again.  This was an on going theme for a few days.  She constantly wanted to talk to him.  She never rolled a wish to see him though.  She was scared.  Scared of the love she had for him, scared it would consume her if she let it, scared of rejection.  She knew he didn't want a commitment.  
Crimson knew if she opened herself to this man should would get hurt.  It was certain.
The thought of him broke her poor heart in two
The next few days passed in a blur of activity.  Crimson tried to forget about Hank.  She tried to convince herself the Xander was good enough for her, but she knew deep in her heart of hearts they would never work.
When she ws arrested during work the next day.  Her heart was filled with dread at the thought of Hank seeing her behind bars, but at the same time she felt the stirring anticipation seeing him again.  Just to be in the same room with him was all she wanted at this moment.
He was no where to be seen.  The lousy jail didn't even give her a sandwich.  She was starving when they released her and ran for the dinner to get a meal.  While she was there she pondered over some gossip she had heard in the clink.  Apparently Officer Goddard had left the force.  Word on the street was he had his eye on some girl who ran with the criminal element and he couldn't afford the complication in his work.  Seems this girl must be pretty important to him if he gave up his badge.  Then again it could just be his commitment-phobic trait.

Crimson needed a few days to process this information.  She was sure now what she wanted.  She was sure Hank was her soul mate, and the pain of not being with him was unbearable. Even if he didn't feel the same she had to at least give them a chance.

Crimson knew what she had to do.  She headed to Xander's to break off there relationship.  It had been a rocky road, full of animal magnetism.  But they had nothing in common, and seemed to bring out the worst in each other.

Xander took it quite well, and Crimson left feeling like a weight had been lifted from her.  Now it all seemed so simple.  Now it was just her and Hank.  She rushed to his house, eager to be in his arms now that her other romantic interest had been cleared up.
As always Hank greeted her warmly.  The sight of him was enough to take her breath away.
Yes, this had to be love.  Her pulse was racing and her heart pounding.  As Crimson got closer, she smelled the alluring scent of Hanks cologne and it almost drove her mad.  She rushed into Hanks arms and crushed her mouth against his.
Once she had (ever so slightly) regained her senses Crimson was about to tell Hank how she felt.  But he spoke up before she could open her mouth.
"It's good to see you again too, beautiful.  Want to spend the day wtih me?"  He said in his low, throaty growl.  Crimson felt her knees start to go weak again.
"Today and every day" She thought
Hank swept her into his arms and started deep into her eyes.  Crimson felt a heated flush creep across her face.  She prayed Hank wouldn't see how she truly felt about him.  She wasn't ready for him to know the depths of her devotion to him.
Crimson decided to spend the day doting on Hank.  She wasn't ready to tell him she loved him yet, but she wanted to shower him with affection.  She wanted to satisfy his every desire, so he could see that she was the woman for him.  The only woman.

As the day drew to a close Crimson leapt into Hank's arms.  She playful purred into his ear "Why don't we continue this party back at my place, Hank baby?  I'll make you some dinner.  And maybe, if your lucky I'll serve up a little dessert too"
Hank couldn't say yes fast enough.  He had caught on to her meaning, and was eager to comply.

Back at home, Crimson changed into her jammies.  She felt that comfortable around Hank, and he encouraged her to be herself.  She made her famous spaghetti and they ate in a comfortable silence.

"Wonder if we can find a way to work off that meal, Hank baby"  Crimson breathed into Hanks ear.  It was all she could do not to throw him down on the kitchen floor and have her way with him there.  She wanted to make him wait though.  She wanted to drive him wild, as wild as his mere presence drove her.  She lead him outside to watch the stars.

After a few hours, Hank took her hand to help her off the ground.  The renewed contact sent an electric jolt through both their bodies, and the could deny the desire no longer
"So about that dessert..." Hank whispered into her ear, trailing off to nibble gently on her earlobe.  Crimson had no strength for words.  She instead grabbed his hand and dragged him to her bed.

Their lovemaking was as it had been before.  Passionate, and hungry.  The perfect coupling of two bodies tangled underneath the sheets.  After they were both spent they lay on top of the blankets they chatted for hours.

Crimson could clearly deny it to herself no longer.  She was head over heels in love with Hank Goddard.  She needed this wonderful man in her life forever.  He made her want to be a better woman. .She didn't just want him for tonight.  She wanted him for all the remaining nights she had in this life.  She knew she should run far and fast, but she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  She snuggled into his arms wanting to tell him everything.  Needing to tell him everything.
But when she looked into his eyes, she couldn't.  She feared the rejection to much.  She couldn't risk losing what little they had.  So she did what  she knew would make him at least stay for tonight.

They made love until Hank passed out from exhaustion.  Crimson had dosed off next to him, and when she woke, she covered him up and silently crawled out of bed.
She headed out to tend her garden, and ponder her situation.
  When she went back into the house she found Hank waking up.  She rushed to his side to talk to him, but he's apparently not a morning person and shot her down.
But given a few minutes to get his bearings, and Hank welcomed her into his arms again.  He had to run off to work, but before he left he swept her into his arms and kissed her passionately.
And than he was gone.
Crimson feared it would be the last time he walked out her door.


  1. Oh nooo!! I really thought she and Hank were going to get more serious since they made love twice. I hope she didn't pull a Hannah. lol

  2. I know. I felt horrible when I saw the look on Crimson's face right after Hank walked out the door. Poor girl! She knows now who and what she wants, but seems to really fear rejection. She has constant wishes to be with Hank, and to preform romantic interactions. But as of yet no wish for any kind of commitment.

    But at least she's cleared up things with Xander. Hopefully that will make the path a little easier :-)

  3. I don't know what happened to my comment, it said it was awaiting approval, and it's not here now :(

    Guess I'll comment again then lol

    Rain, your story is going fabulously! I love reading your legacy! Crimson is just gorgeous btw :)

    I'm so happy that she finally cleared things up with Xander. She and Hank are great together, but they just need to figure that out. Especially on Hank's end lol Crimson is truly in love with Hank though, it's so obvious. So I know she'll figure out a way to win him over to her point of view. She's sneaky like that. It's probably because of her excellent criminal skillz :P

    ♥ Kate

  4. Heh... whoops!! Wrong post =3 I didn't remember I had commented on the newer entry... mah bad >_> lol

    Goodness I can be really really blonde sometimes!!! le sigh... lol

  5. *lol* I have blonde moments every day Kate...and I'm a natural brunette!

    Crimson really does adore Hank. He truly is her every thought and wish, and pretty much has been since she spotted him in the bar. She had been dying to take that trip since I started her. I actually think it may have been the second wish that popped up, right after the wish to get her job. She wasn't even at the market yet and she rolled the wish to call Hank, and the second she hung up she wanted to go home. It was like the sound of his voice was enough for her to decided France wasn't for her. Now if only we could fix Hanks commitment issue trait!


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