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Generation 1 ~ Chapter 7~ No More Games

* The Song for this post is "The Boy is Mine" by Brandy & Monica .  I think it's pretty self explanatory this time lol.  Enjoy!*

Crimson went to bed after Hank left, but she did not sleep easy.  His scent lingered on the sheets, and she was enveloped in it.  She tossed  and turned endlessly.  When at last sleep took her, she dreamed of Hank.  Wonderful vivid dreams that seemed so real.  Crimson thought she could feel his strong arms around her, feel the fire his lips ignited as the moved down her body.  She awoke with a gasp, covered in her own sweat, the sheets tangled at her feet.

When she had calmed her racing heart, she did the only thing she knew she could do.  She called Hank.  Still flushed with excitement Crimson stupidly blurted out something about one day having Hank's child.
"I can't believe I said that!" Crimson thought, furious with herself. "He's going to brush me off now for sure"

She was shocked when Hank did not hang up the phone.  In fact he didn't even seem shocked.  He laughed heartily and said  they would make beautiful children.  Crimson felt  the last gate guarding her heart tumble down.
She left for work a contented woman.  She was now focused and knew what she had to do.  Come tomorrow evening Hank would be an issue no more.
I was a little concerned about how Crimson planned  to deal with him.
Crimson finished her shift at work, and finished off her day quietly.  When she awoke the next evening she figured she would play a little chess before heading to Hanks.  When I saw this pop up, I knew she could wait no longer.

Crimson hastily swept away the chess pieces, and ran for a cab.  As she was walking up to Hanks door, she passed the competition herself.  She tried to bite her tongue but was unable to control her anger.
"Hey Lady" she hissed, walking ever closer to her rival "Stay away from my Hank.  He's spoken for."
"I would hate for you to have an accident messing around with another woman's man..." She trailed off, letting the unspoken threat hang in the air.  She strode up to the door, leaving Fiona to ponder just what had happened.
Hank was oblivious to the drama occurring mere feet from his door.  He opened the door when Crimson knocked, surprised but happy to see her.
She turned on all her seductive charms when she walked into the house.  She licked her lips when she looked at Hank standing there.  She looked like a hungry animal getting ready to pounce on her prey. Hank felt a momentary shudder of hesitation, then fell into the intensity of her gaze.
They were so wrapped up in each other that neither of them noticed Fiona walk back into the house.  Well at least Hank didn't.  Judging by the smile on Crimsons face I suspect she was aware of Fiona's presence. "Well, at least now she knows the truth" she thought smugly as Fiona screamed at Hank.
After Fiona had stormed out of the house, Crimson decided to seize the opportunity.  It was time to end this game of cat and mouse.  It was time to set aside her fear and take what belonged to her.  She took a deep breath and asked Hank to be her boyfriend.
He willingly agreed and scooped her into his arms.  Nuzzling the nape of her neck he carried her to the bed. They spared no thought for protection, too lost in the heat of desire for rational thought.  The fire of their passion  consumed them both as they fell onto Hank's bed.
Hank had forgotten he was throwing a party that night, and was surprised when there was a knock at the door.  turns out it was  Crimson's old friend Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (who you may better remember as numbers boy)  Crimson was happy for the opportunity to prove  to Hank what a good wife she could be and play hostess.  She whipped up a quick salad and served her man, than went off to the kitchen to clean up.

They parted well into the night, and everybody was having a great time.  Crimson whipped up some drinks and found a bottle of tequila.  After several too many Crimson thought it would be funny to see Hank kiss numbers boy.
Hank in his own drunk stupor walked over to Cycl0n3 and tried to plant one on him.  He was rejected, but all of a sudden Crimson exploded with jealousy.  She had apparently forgotten that it was she who had suggested the kiss in the first place, and was now furious with Hank for trying to cheat on her right in front of her eyes.  Thanks Generations reputation system...
After a moment Crimson's head cleared, and she realized what she had done.  She felt horrible about yelling at Hank, and tried to take him in her arms, but he wanted nothing to do with her right now.
She turned her fury at Cycl0n3.  It was his fault for even being here.  She had wanted to be alone with Hank, and this being had intruded.
Worse yet he had rejected her Hank. "You think you're better than my Hank?" she screamed "You're not fit to clean his jock strap"
Poor numbers boy tried to defend himself, but all it seemed to do was fuel Crimsons anger.  She raised up her hand and hit Cyc0n3 hard in the face, sending his head reeling.
"Hey Numbers boy!  What the five fingers say to the face?? SLAP *Mwaahah*" Crimson laughed evilly.
Not satisfied with slapping the taste out of his mouth, Crimson jumped on his back and took him down to the ground.  They kicked up a small cloud of dust as Crimson rained down punches on a defenseless Cycl0n3.
"Man, this place really does need a woman's touch!  Look at all this dust!" Crimsons mind wandered a little
Despite the distraction, she came out victorious.  The party was very much over, and Numbers boy went off to lick his wounds in the privacy of his own home.
Alone again, Crimson rushed to Hank's arm.  At first it seemed he had forgotten their argument and he welcomed her back into his arms.  She held him close and mumbled the words she had been longing to say to him for so long.
"I love you, Hank Goddard" she said.  And she no longer felt any doubt.  This was true love.  What she felt for Hank was beautiful, and pure.  This was the kind of love longed for through out the ages.  Crimson knew it in that very second.  She loved him with all her heart and soul, and would always love him.  Nothing could turn her away from him
Hank sensed the truth in her words, saw it deep in her eyes and it stirred something inside of him.  It terrified him.  He pulled away from her suddenly. "I thought we were just having some fun" he thought aloud, half in wonder at this sensation pulling at his heart.  Crimson's face crumbled, but she tried to be brave.  She wandered out to the kitchen , and Hank followed her.  She tried again to hold him.  She thought perhaps if she just held him in her arms and kept silent this time they could recapture the magic of earlier.
But the moment was lost.  Hank stayed out of arms length, claiming hunger and fatigue.  Crimson felt hot tears spring to her eyes, and made herself busy preparing a meal for the two of them.  She blinked back the tears as she strained the pasta, and called to him, letting him know dinner was served.  Hank didn't come.
He had succumbed to an uneasy slumber alone.
Crimson paced the room like a caged tiger while he slept.  She was worried she had blown it with her hasty confession of love.  It had felt like the thing to say at the moment, but given Hank's reaction she was less sure of herself now.  She started at her reflection in the mirror, trying in vain to calm her internal conflict.
She was so wrapped in her own thought she didn't hear Hank rise from bed.  He looked at her for a long second, and asked himself an honest question.  What did he want from this beautiful woman who fretted from across the room.  At that second all he wanted was to chase the worry from her eyes, to kiss the stress away.  He silently walked up to her, and touched her arm to turn her towards him.

She started at the feel of his hand, but he wouldn't let her get away.  Grasping her firmly and forcing her to look into his eyes he took a deep and prepared to speak. "Crimson Rayne, I can see myself falling in love with you.  Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow.  But when you look at me like that, I know I could love you if you give me the chance.  I'll never stop trying to make you happy" He said, meaning every word.

It wasn't what she wanted to hear, but it was enough.  She was crazy for this man, and the mere touch of him made her weak.  Once again they crawled into Hank's bed, and spared not a thought for safety.
Crimson left Hanks house as the sun broke over Sunset Valley. She went home with a smile on her face.  She felt weak at the knees, and had a hard time climbing the new staircase to the equally new second floor.  Her grin widened as she attributed the weakness to her lover.

She awoke feeling slightly queasy and ran for the bathroom downstairs.  As she threw up she thought back to last nights passionate romp, and she knew deep down what was happening.
She crawled back up to bed for a few hours, then watched a little TV before work.  It was hard to focus on the image on the set.  All she could think about was her returning need to vomit.
As she left work for the evening her suspicions were conformed.  She was carrying Hank's baby.  She couldn't wait to tell him about the little life growing inside of her.  He may have to grow to love her, but he would unconditionally love the life inside her.  They would always be connected, no matter what.
She waited till dawn, than went to Hanks before he left for work.  She told him the joyous news, and he seemed quite pleased.
But after a quick thumbs up, he crawled back to bed alone.  Crimson was starving, so she helped herself to a plate of leftover pasta (that she had made)
I'm glad the poor dear had no idea what Hank dreamed of.

Crimson left shortly after that, and headed home alone.
Alone to an uncertain future.


  1. Rain, Crimson is gorgeous! I'm sorry that I haven't commented in a while, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write one. But I have been avidly following your legacy, and let me tell you that it just keeps getting better and better!!

    You're writing is superb, and really pulls you into the story. And the way you describe everything, it really makes you feel what your simmies are feeling too!!

    Thanks so much for another fabulous update! I can't wait for the next one :)

    ♥ Kate

  2. Thank you So much Kate! I woke up to your comment and it made my day :-) I'm especially touched that you have been keeping up with the Raynes given how busy you are!

    I'm glad you like the writing. I stumbled trying to find my words, but I am finally happy with the way things are now coming together. Although I am toying with taking it to first person narration come gen 2...we'll have to see on that *lol* I'm really happy that the feeling is able to come through too. I try to put myself into their shoes, and call from my past experience/friends experience. It makes writing this a emotional and at times draining (but always worth it!)experience.

    I'm about to start the next Chapter, and I hope you'll love it! I already know it's one of my favorites of this Generation :-)


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