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Gen 1~Chapter 8~What the Maker has Brought Together, Let No Sim Tear Asunder

*The song for this post is All I want is you by U2 . this was the first song that sprang to mind for this post, and it just felt right to me.  I hope you agree.  Enjoy!*

Crimson awoke the next morning with a spring in her step and a slightly larger bump.  She also woke up in those adorable sheep jammies that I love.  She was much more content with them than Jessyca had been.  She gave Hank a call, hoping to catch him before he headed to work.  She must have just missed him, as his voice mail picked up.  Her heart skipped a tiny beat at the sound of his voice.  She wet her lips as the tone went off and began to speak.
"Hey Hank baby. It's your girl *giggle*.  Anyways baby and I just thought we would give you a call and let you know we miss you, and we hope you have an awesome day at the office. K, that's it.  Kisses babes *mwah*.

She hung up the phone with a contented sigh.  She had a quick and hearty breakfast, and then decided to do a quick workout.  If she wanted to regain her pre-baby figure quickly after birth (and she did, desperately.  She loved being with child, but she couldn't wait to get back in to her skinny jeans) she would have to keep up her workouts until she was too heavy with child to do so.

Working out always helped to clear her mind, and today was no exception.  As she gently worked through some light squats, Crimson realized what she had to do.  She did not want to raise this child on her own.  She didn't want to end up like her mother, who had brought 3 children into this world, a different father every time.  None of the men had stuck around once the baby had come.  It had been Jessyca and the kids against the world, and it had worn poor Jessyca down.  So much so she had no will to fight back from glitchiness, the disease that killed her in the end.
Crimson toweled off the sweat as she made her way to the shower.  As the warm water flooded over her body, she felt the little life growing inside her kick mightily.  She grasped her stomach, and started rubbing where her child had just kicked.  And at that moment she made a solemn vow, to herself, to her unborn child.  "I promise you, little one, that I will never give up on you.  I'll never give up on your daddy.  I will fight as long as there is life left within my body for what belongs to me, what belongs to us."  She was startled at the determination with which she spoke.  She had heard a steel resolve in her own tone that had never been there before.  She was just as shocked to discover that she had been crying softly.  She touched her damp eyes in wonder.  As the warm water continued the wash over her, Crimson knew what she had to do.  She had to know where Hank stood, and she had to be prepared for whatever the outcome.  She dried off and dressed, grabbed her keys on the way out the door, and headed to Hanks.

As always Hank greeted her warmly.
"There's the love of my life.  I've been waiting for you beautiful" He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her warmly.  He meant every word.  Motherhood suited Crimson.  Her eyes sparkled with a new fire, and it seemed to make her skin glow from within.  The gentle swell of her belly drew Hanks eye, and his heart swelled with joy at the thought of the life inside her.  A baby, HIS baby, soon to arrive to this world.  And this incredible woman was willing to give him this wonderful gift, never asking more than his love.  A love he still denied her.
Crimson untangled herself from Hanks embrace.  She bit her lip gentle, looking at him with clear anguish in her eyes.  Hank felt like his heart was ripping from his chest.  God, he would give anything to see that look leave her face.  Anything to never see it again.

"Hank, don't tease me like that.  It's not fair" Crimson said shakily.  She felt hot tears starting to sting her eyes again. Damn pregnancy hormones! She thought, as she dabbed her eyes with her cardigan sleeve.

"Tease you how, baby girl?" Hank asked, even though he didn't really need an answer.  He could hardly stand the way she was looking at him now, or rather her trying not to look at him.  She stood before him blinking back tears rapidly, occasionally taking an almost hostile swipe at them with her sleeve.  She was twisting one foot repeatedly into the ground, and staring at that spot on the floor.  She looked like a small lost child and he could bear it no more.  He resisted the urge to sweep her into his arms once more, and settled for taking her small hands in his.
"Tease me with that love of your life bs line, Hank.  It hurts when I know you don't..." Crimsons voice broke off as the tears that had been threatening for so long finally broke free. She ripped her hands free and buried her face in them as her body was racked with sobs.  Hank reached for her again, but stopped short.
"Baby girl, how can you be so sure I don't" Hank said simply.  Crimson just shook her head, sobbing to hard to form words.  Hank thought his heart was going to rip from his chest he stood there, watching her cry uncontrollably. "As a matter of fact baby, you've got it all wrong.  I'm so crazy about you it hurts me inside. Every night when I close my eyes I wish you were here.  I wished I could have the courage to tell you.  I wanted to tell you the other night but..."
" are you saying" Crimson spurted between tears.  She couldn't believe her ears, couldn't believe the words although she so badly wanted to, needed to if truth be told.
"I'm saying I'm head over heels in love with you, you foolish girl.  I'm saying I love you so much that it kills me to watch you cry like that.  I'm saying if you'll have me, I want to spend my life with you.  Please stop crying darling." Hank felt  tears spring to his eyes at that moment.  Tears of relief, and of joy.  Crimson was lost for words, and she threw herself at Hank instead of speaking, covering his face with kisses.  No more words were needed at this moment.  Hank carried Crimson wordlessly to the bathroom, and they both entered the steamy water.

After they had dried each other off and got dressed again, Crimson took a long look at Hank.  He had told her he loved her, and yet somehow that was not enough.  She needed more.  She needed to know he was hers and hers alone. As pregnant as she was she dropped to one knee in front of him
"Hank, baby, you know I'm mad for you.  I'll always be mad for you.  I've searched my whole life for somebody who makes me feel the way you do.  I've looked for some ideal man, when in truth all I've ever wanted was you.  You would make me the happiest woman in Sunset Valley if you would be my husband.  Hank Goddard, would you do me the honour of marrying me?" Crimson held her breath in anticipation.  She  now knew Hank loved her, but was still unsure if he would accept being tied down to one woman.
Hank squealed with delight and said yes.  He wasn't thinking of forever yet.  He just knew Crimson was all he wanted right now.
But he apparently wanted no hand in the wedding details. That would all be up to Crimson.

The only decision made that night was to hold off until the baby was here.  Crimson wanted to wait for there little one to be a toddler, that way they child of their love could be there to witness his or her family joined together.  She headed home just before the sun came up again, and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal.  She headed off to bed, content in the knowledge that she wouldn't be sleeping alone much longer.
When she awoke, she called Hank and they decided to head out to PURE for an low key celebration of their love and recent engagement.  The real party would come after Crimson had the baby.  She had no clue how soon that would be.  As Crimson slipped into her swimsuit and started strutting her way to the upstairs lounge so felt an odd sensation.  She shook her head and started for the stairs.
A worried Hank followed close behind.  He had seen Crimson flich in pain and than shake her. We should have just stayed home. Hank thought The baby could come at anytime and Crim is...

Hank's train of thought was derailed as Crimson shrieked in pain at the foot of the stairwell.  Hank froze in terror and helplessness.  Crimson's next cry snapped him into action. "Hank! The baby is coming! Get a cab, quick! Please! I don't want to have our baby in a fraking nightclub!" She howled.  The pain was excruciating, and Crimson felt the first fear of her pregnancy.  She was not prepared for what came next, but it appears time was up.
She did take a second to change into her formal wear though.  Cause, ya know.  Got to look good when you're pushing out a baby I suppose.

Hank wheeled his soon to be wife into the hospital doors looking rather worried.  He knew childbirth was simple these days, but still couldn't help fear the worst.  What would he do if the baby did make it?  What would he do if Crimson didn't make it?  He couldn't allow himself to think like that, and instead focused on making Crimson's delivery easier.
"C'mon baby girl!  You can do it!  Push beautiful!"
"Aaaaauggghhhh! I can't Hank.  It hurts!  It fraking hurts!"
I know it does Crim baby.  I would take it all away if I could.  But your almost there baby.  C'mon Crim!  Don't give up on me now honey.  Just a little more!  Push sweetheart!"

Crimson grabbed Hank's hand and pushed with all her might.  She was moments late rewarded with a small cry.

"It's a girl!  Congratualations!" The doctor announced.  He gently placed the small, pink swaddled infant into Crimson's waiting arms.
"Oh, Hank! Look!  She's beautiful!  She's perfect!  Look at her ten tiny fingers, and those ten tiny toes!  Oh, she's just beautiful!" Crimson gushed as she examined her daughter.  Hank looked at his two perfect girls and for a moment thought his heart would burst of joy.
"Yes, she is beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as her mother.  My two beautiful girls" Hank whispered.  Crimson beamed up at her fiancee from her hospital bed.  Before being discharged  Crimson and Hank decided on a name for their new baby girl.
Meet Heather Rayne.

The happy little family piled into the cab, tired but content.  Now it was time to start planning for the wedding

I can't wait to marry that man. Crimson thought dreamily on  the way home.
When they got home, it was decided it made no sense for Hank to ever leave again.  His family was here, and Crimson would need the help with baby Heather

As Crimson put her little treasure into  her crib  for the first time, Crimson counted her blessings.  She felt like the luckiest woman in the world.  Her bachlorette would be tomorrow.  By the time she returned home from that, little Heather would be a toddler, and the very next afternoon the ceremony was set.  Crimson had booked a very special spot for their ceremony.

The next afternoon was upon them quickly, and Crimson drove her brand new mini van to her own party.  She was nervous, and she would have rather skipped the party all together to be with little Heather when she aged.  But her friends had insisted so Crimson threw on her best party outfit and played along.
She greeted guests  and had a few drinks, and after awhile she started to truly enjoy the party.
She was dancing on the bar when her surprise guest showed up.  Yes, that's Hank at the dartboard as Crimson shakes it on the counter.
Crimson spotted him at last and squealed with delight.  He walked over to here grabbing something off a nearby table as he did.  He grinned mischievously as he walked up to his bride to be.
"Hey baby girl!  Like the way you were just shaking it.  But you look all sweaty, baby.  Maybe I should cool you off a little?"
Crimson instantly knew what he meant " Hank Goddard, don't you dare think about spraying me with that..."
"Ooops, sorry, what was that?  I couldn't hear you over this spraying nectar bottle"
"Don;t worry baby, I'll help you dry off back home" Hank whispered to her. "You can show me some of your more private moves"  She grabbed his neck and pulled his mouth to hers hungrily, grinding herself gently against him.  He moaned slightly and Crimson smiled wickedly at him over her shoulder.
Party danced time!  Crimson seems more interested in Hank.  She's watching him across the room. much like the first time they met at this very bar.
Back at home, Heather had aged up.  After a nice little makeover, here she is.  Say it with me now....AWWWW!
Crimson was apparently all partied out, as she passed out on the floor.  Hank smiled to himself, and scooped her still sleeping form into his arms.  He carried her to the van, drove her home, and put her to bed.  Than it was time to take care of his other girl.
Yes, Heather.  I mean you.

Wedding day was at last here, and Crimson woke up excited.  before Hank was up, she tried her gown on one last timeShe stared calmly at her refection in the mirror.  Her gown clung to every curve of her body perfectly, and she knew it.  As she straightened her soft lace gloves, a gentle smile crossed her face. She was going to take Hank's breath away.

She heard the first gentle stirring of Hank waking up and quickly took everything off.  Before he had stumbled down the stairs with Harmony in his arms, Crimson had stored her garment and makeup bags in the car.  As she stepped back through the door, Hank paused to kiss her gentle.  He ran his free hand through his sleep tousled hair and thought to himself God I can't wait to marry that woman

They ate breakfast together, the first time as a family.  Gentle baby chatter filled the small house, along side  the comfortable silence of the parents.  They were happy to let Heather do the talking this morning.  As Crimson cleared away the dishes, Hank went upstairs and gave himself a quick makeover. Hair and clothes fixed, he looked in the mirror.  It was time.  He was ready.

When he came downstairs again, Crimson and Heather where already waiting by a cab.  Crimson had her bags stowed in the trunk, and Hank gently placed his own bag beside hers, looking with eagerness and apprehension towards the bag hiding her dress from his view.  He closed the trunk, and joined his small family in the cab.  Crimson had already given the address, and as  the cab neared it's destination Hank pondered where they were going
Crimson changed quickly, and as she stole a glance at Hank doing the same.  For a moment she was worried that Hank did not understand how much this moment in this place meant to her.  That he had forgotten what this place meant to them.

She needed of worried.  The second the cab stopped Hank knew where they were.  Up at the waterfall.  On this very lot was the hot tub where they had first made love.  What Hank had thought would be another in a string of empty one night stands.  Behind them was the smokey bar where he had first spotted her.  This lonely creature, trying so hard to hid her heart.  She had been staring at him.  Staring at him as though she was drowning, and he was her only life line.  How wrong he had been.  It was him who had been drowning in a sea of loneliness all along.

"Well, how do I look?" Her soft pensive voice filled the night, and he turned towards his bride.  There before him stood the most stunning image he had ever seen.  A beautiful angel bathed in white started at him with wide, honest eyes.  He took his time, savoring the look of her before he spoke.
" You look like an angel, brought to earth special for me"
"Save it for the ceremony, Romeo.  Are you ready to become Mr.Rayne?"
"I've never been so ready for something in my life"

They walked over to the wedding arch hand in hand.  Heather played in the grass nearby, and both parents waved at her as they passed by.  She waved back, confused by what was going on.  Then she went back to the grass.  Seeing as there is no minister, I guess I'll have to do the honors. *Cough* Ehem...

Dearly Beloved, we are here tonight to witness the union of these Sims.  Marriage is not an easy institution to enter into, and these two did not reach this decision lightly. They enter in to the holy bond of this marriage with open hearts and minds.  To succeed in marriage, you must be kind and gentle with each others.  At times it will feel like it is you against the world, but as long as you have each other the burden shall never be to much to bear.

I believe the couple have written there own vows.  Hank, if you would place the ring on Crimsons finger, and recite your vows

"Crimson, I never thought I would ever be standing in this situation.  From the moment I set eyes on you I have loved you, and you knew it when I wasn't even sure myself.  You are by far the most incredible woman I have ever laid eyes on, and you never cease to surprise me.  You have already honoured me so much by bringing our little girl into this world.  You were right baby, we make beautiful children *chuckle*.  Crimson Rayne, I take you as my legally wedded wife, to have and to hold.  In sickness, and in health.  By the grace of the Maker I'll be with you till my dying breath."

*sob* Ehem, Crimson, if you would.

"Hank, I knew from the second I saw you that we are meant to be.   There could be no other man for me from the second I spotted you.  I tried to fight it, tried to run from it.  The simple fact of the matter is your my soul mate.  I couldn't run from it, from us because it was meant to be.  WE are meant to be.  Today, tomorrow and for the rest of my days I will love you.  I will always do right by you, and I will never stop trying to make you proud.  Hank Goddard, I take you as my legally wedded husband.  To have and to hold.  In sickness, and in health.  By the grace of the Maker I'll be with you till my dying breath."

By the power invested in me, by being the Maker, I know pronounce you Mr and Mrs Rayne.  What the Maker has brought together, let no Sim tear asunder.  You may kiss your groom Crimson.

Ceremony over, they walked over to the very bar they had first met at to have a quick drink, and the first dance.
Yes, Hank.  You are really married.

*Rainwife's note:  Now might be a good time to listen to that song I posted*

You say you want
Diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want
Your story to remain untold

But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You say you'll give me
A highway with no one on it
Treasure just to look upon it
All the riches in the night

You say you'll give me
Eyes in a moon of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbour in the tempest
But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You say you want
Your love to work out right
To last with me through the night

You say you want
Diamonds on a ring of gold
Your story to remain untold
Your love not to grow cold

All the promises we break
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

"Oh Hank, the song.  It's perfect. And true.  All I want is you" Crimson sighed against Hanks mouth.  After the song was over the little family headed home.  It had been a long day for all of them, especially Heather. poor little tot was starving and tired.  Hank gave her a bottle on the floor and walked into the master bedroom to change.  Crimson lay on the bed waiting for him.

"Hello, Mr.Rayne.  Care to help me out of this dress, gentle sir?"
"Oh, I'll help you Mrs. Rayne, but I can't assure I'll be gentle.  Just out of curiosity, did you choose that dress to drive me into a frenzy all day/"
"Me? Never, Mr. Rayne.  I would never intentionally try to drive you mad with lust for an entire day...tee-hee-hee.  But I'm glad I did"
"Oh, so am I, my love.  So am I.  Now about that dress..."

After Crimson and Hank and enjoyed  their now very legal union, Crimson brought Heather upstairs.  She started her on the potty, and then slid her little angel into her crib.
Silence fell upon the house, and Crimson realized she was the only one left awake.  She yawned  as she prepared to turn out the light, after one last look at her beautiful ring.
Crimson seemed  thrilled with her marriage to Hank, but her dreams seem to tell another story.


  1. Oh wow, so much has happened since I last commented!! I'm so happy for Crimson and Hank, they belong together, and it's awesome that she was able to marry the man of her dreams. I can't believe she has a family now.

    Heather is just adorable!! I can't wait to see her grow up.

    You're a brilliant writer by the way. It really shows in your recent updates. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Rain!!! OMG! That was beautiful!! Simply BEAUTIFUL! Seriously. And the song was such a great touch, it really summed up their relationship.

    You are a beautiful writer, and I can't wait to see how Crimson, Hank, and Heather's story unfolds in the next chapters.

    ♥ Kate

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I'm really glad you both enjoyed it, and from two awesome writers such as both of you I'm very honored that you enjoy my writing :-) I really loved writing this post, and actually finished half the next one right after I posted this one...I was on a role! *lol*

    @Tommiegirl- I totally agree Crimson and Hank were meant to be. I couldn't have planned it better myself *lol* Heather really was the sweetest little toddler i think I've ever seen. She rarely fussed or cried, even when left in her crib for a long period of time.

    @Kate. I'm really glad the song fit for you too. I listened to it on repeat the whole time I was writing that post (4+ hours, and here I was thinking it would be an easy one!) and several times the lyrics inspired me. I find it so true with love. When you've found "the one" all the fancy extra's mean nothing. All you want is that person beside you, everything else just kinda fades away.

    And wow....that was pretty philosophical for 7:31 in the morning!

  4. Oh boy, I'm scared to see that this all falls apaart for her :(


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