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Generation 1~Chapter 9~Daddy's Girl

* The song for this post is Thank Heaven for Little Girls preformed by Perry Como.  The ultimate song from father to daughter.   Enjoy!*

The days after the wedding passed in a blur of activity.  After a few wonderful nights at home with his wife, Hank felt the itch to go out.  Conveniently his phone rang with a party invite.  He hastily accepted, than went to see if Crimson wanted to come with him.  He hoped she would come with him.  He wanted to show off his beautiful new wife to his friends.  Crimson didn't want to go with him.  There was too much still to do with Heather, and she would be aging up soon.  Hank  tried to stay home, but Crimson shooed him out the door with a smile and a kiss, telling him to go and have a good time.

So he did.  He got to the house and headed straight for the bar.  He was pounding down drink after drink when the dark haired stranger walked up to the bar.  She looked Hank up and down and shot him her best flirtatious smile.
"Beat it lady, I'm married..." He slurred.  She sulked off and Hank beamed at himself. Ha! I told her!  Crimson will be so proud he thought blearily.  Across the room he spotted a friend of both his and Crimsons, who's name now escapes me.  He stumbled over to her.
"Hey didja see that?  That chick over there tried to pick me up.  And I told her no! Ha"  Hank leaned into  woman as he spoke and smelt her sweet perfume.  It smelt like Crimsons.  In his drunk state, his mind became confused.
"Your wife is a lucky woman to have a man like you" the woman said "Too bad I couldn't tempt you just a little" She winked at Hank and leaned in even closer, sliding her body up against his.  The aroma of her kept his senses off balance and while his mind screamed for him to get away, his body would not will him to go as she wrapped her arms around him.
"Yes sir, your wife sure is lucky.  I hope she knows how lucky she is"  strange woman whisperer into Hanks  ear, her breath caressing his ear like a lovers touch.  And then the realization hit him like a shot.  This woman in his arms was not his wife, his Crimson.  His wife sat at home caring for his child, their child.  And here he was acting a fool the second he got away from her.  He pushed the blond away and headed for the door.  He had to get home to his wife.  He had to get to his daughter.
When he arrived home he found Crimson out cold on the couch.  The poor dear had worn herself ragged, and past out watching TV.  He covered her with a blanket, and kissed her forehead.  Crimson mumbled in her sleep and stirred a little, but did not wake up.

He crept up the stairs to check on his darling daughter.  She was still awake, but just barely  Hank smoothed down her hair and sang to her for a  moment.  Soon her breathing was smooth and deep.  He turned out the lights and headed to bed alone. Crimson must never know what I almost did. Hank thought as he fell into a heavy sleep.
Crimson woke the next morning on the couch.  She saw the blanket spread across her and knew Hank had made it home safely.  Still she raced up the stairs to check.  She quietly pushed open the bedroom door and sighed with relief when she saw him laying there tangled with the sheets.  She crept closer to the bed and pulled the sheets over him.  As she leaned close to him, she could smell the alcohol still on his breath.  She was rather glad he hadn't woken her when he came home. His suit jacket and shirt lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.  Crimson picked them up, and gathered them together for dry cleaning.

As she picked up Hanks shirt, she noticed the strange spot on the collar. She brought it closer to examine it and was assaulted by the reek of cheap perfume.  It smelt something like hers, only it was far too heavy.  Rather like an imitation perfume sprayed on in excess.  Senses on high alert, she peered at the collar.  It was a small lipstick stain that had caught her eye.  A shade of pink Crimson did not own.  She felt her heart sink to her feet as a nagging doubt started to enter her mind.  She shook her head as though to shake out the horrible thought. Get a hold of yourself, Girl! She silently scolded her self. Hank would never cheat on you.  He loves you.  He would never do something like that to hurt you.  Crimson Rayne, you should feel horrible for even thinking it for a moment!  She looked at the shirt still clenched in her hands.  As she let it drop back to the ground, she looked at Hank.  She shook her head again and headed to the nursery.  Heather was cooing contentedly to herself in her crib.  The second she saw her mother her face broke into a wide grin.
"Mama!" She called, reaching up her little arms "Up, Mama!"
"Yes, my sweet little girl, mama will pick you up." Today was Heather's life stage day, and Crimson still had to finish  teaching her to walk.  She busied herself with the task at hand, pushing all doubt about Hank out of her mind.  Just as Heather finally got it down, Crimson heard the toilet in the on-suite bathroom flush.  Hank was up.  Crimson drew a long shaky breath and put little Heather down in the hall.  Heather cheerfully pulled out her doll Peanut, and started chattering away to it.
Crimson paused at the bedroom door for a moment to collect her thoughts.  She didn't want to accuse Hank of anything.  But she needed the truth.  The only course of action was to ask Hank about the lipstick, about the perfume.  But how do you ask the man you love if he has betrayed you?  Slowly and gently, Crimson pushed the door open.  Hank was just stumbling out from the bathroom, still trying to wipe sleep from his eyes.
"Morning, sexy mama.  How's my pretty lady doing this mor..."
"How was your night last night, Hank?  Anything you want to tell me?" Crimson interpreted.  She could hold it in no longer.  Her words had come out sharper than she had intended, and for a second they hung in the silence between them, the ugly insinuation floating unsaid between them.  Hank recoiled as though she had slapped him.
"What are you talking about, baby?  I had a few drink, then I came home because I missed you like crazy.  Some ditsy chick tried to pick me up but I told her to take a hike and then I ran into..." Hank trailed of as he saw the look on Crimsons face.
"Is that who's lipstick is on your collar Hank?  Is that who's fraking perfume is stinking up MY house?"
"Your  house?  Ow baby.  Now I see how it is. And yes, that must be who's it is. I told you.  She threw herself at me.  I sent her packing.  I came home to see YOU.  Home to what I thought was OUR house.  But YOU were asleep.  Terribly sorry I failed to wake you up and tell you about some drunk cra..." 
Hank's words were again cut off, this time by Crimsons mouth crushing down on his.  He became aware that his face was wet.  Not with his tears, but with hers.
She drew away slowly, wiping her eyes.  She felt horrible for flinging accusations at Hank.  She had no right to say such things to him.  He had given her no reason to doubt him.  Been the very picture of a doting father and husband.
"Hank, baby.  I'm sorry.  So very sorry.  I had no right.  I had no..." Hank held up a finger to silence her.
"Not now Crim.  I'm in no mood for it.  It's time for Heather to age up.  Let's just drop it and be happy for her, okay?"  Hank hated himself for deceiving her, hated himself for allowing her to shoulder all this guilt.  Guilt she had no right to feel.  She was right.  But he still stung from the comment about the house, and he fooled himself into believing that made him justified.

Crimson went to the bathroom to reapply her makeup and try to calm her swollen red eyes.  She felt horrible for what she had said to Hank, and yet doubt still lingered in her mind.  Perhaps the problem wasn't Hank.  Perhaps it was Crimson herself that was to blame..  She quickly changed into her sweatpants and a tee shirt, pasted on her best fake smile, and went to join her family downstairs.  The candles were already lit on the cake, and Heather wanted mommy to help her blow them out

Yep, still a cutie.
Everybody grabbed a slice of cake and eat an uncomfortable snack in silence.  The tension between Hank and Crimson was palpable, and even Heather felt its affects.  After Crimson cleaned up the dishes, she claimed she wasn't feeling well and secluded herself in her bedroom.
Hank again felt the pull of guilt at his heartstrings.  It was his fault and his fault alone that Crimson was so sullen, and yet he hadn't a clue how to fix it.  To tell the truth would enrage Crimson now, even though it had been (mostly) innocent.  She wouldn't care at this point, only the fact that he had lied would matter.  Hank hoped that sleep would help ease the pain that was eating at her and she would wake up refreshed and renewed.  He focused his energy on Heather.

"Hey, there's daddies big girl!  Mind if I come in young lady?" He said from the door to Heather's room.  She giggled and nodded, and Hank was struck by how beautiful she was.  Barely out of her nappies, and already she had the look of a heart breaker.  The looks of her mother.  Same bright, expressive eyes.  Pale pink in colour, same as the sunrise when it broke over the mountains.  God, how he loved those eyes on both his special girls.
"So what does my special girl want to do before bed?"
"I wanna have a pillow fight daddy"  She said, grinding her toe into the carpet.  Hank was taken back to a time when Crimson had done that, a time when she carried Heather inside her still. The night Hank had realized exactly what she meant to him.  His heart felt like it would break from the weight of his betrayal.
"Than a pillow fight you shall have princess"
The pillow fight tuckered Heather right out, and Hank carried her up the stairs and placed her in bed.  The tucked her in snug, turned out the light and turned towards his door with a heavy heart.
 He opened the door to Crimson, lying on her side curled into a small ball.  She was alseep, or at least pretending to be.  Hank crawled in beside her and turned his back to her.  He fell asleep just before dawn.

Heather woke at 5 am, excited for her first day of school.  She grabbed a leftover cake slice for breakfast, expecting her parents to come downstairs at any moment.  As she was washing her dishes up she heard a noise on the stairs.  It was just Peanut

Neither Crimson or Hank made an appearance before the bus came to take Heather to school.  She bravely headed out the door for her first day of school.
Poor child looks scared to death!
Hank woke with a start when he looked at his watch.  He had missed seeing Heather off to school.  He looked to his left and saw Crimson still lying there.  He leaned slightly over her and gently touched her shoulder.
"Crim?  We missed seeing Heather off to school.  You going to get up sweetie?"
"No Hank, I don't feel so well.  I'm just going to stay in bed"
"Crim, baby, you got to get up.  Look if this is about yesterday..." Hank took a second to take a deep swallow.  He wanted to tell her the truth so desperately, but knew it would only drive her further from him  " Baby, it's okay.  I forgive you sweetheart.  It's water under the bridge.  I love you darling, now come on.  get out of bed for me please?" 
"I love you too baby, and thank you for forgiving me.  But that's not it.  I really don't feel good baby" She opened her eyes to look up at Hank, but couldn't bring herself to look at him.  She still had that little voice inside her head, telling her that he had cheated, and it was driving her mad.  She needed the silence, and she prayed he would just leave.
" Okay baby, if your sure.  I'm going fishing across the road.  You just holler if you need anything" He got out of bed and walked  to the door, taking one last worried look over his shoulder at his wife.
Apparently while kids are doing homework, and mom and dad aren't looking, some IF's like to set traps in showers.  Peanut is a constant pain in everybody's ass.
Crimson dragged herself from bed at long last.  And she awoke in a foul mood.  First order of business?  Scare the crap out of her daughter.  Mother of the year, folks.  Right here.
After knocking a few days off her daughters life span, Crimson headed out.  She still felt guilt, and bitter doubt.  Doubts about Hank, doubts about herself.  She drove around town aimlessly for awhile, but the car seemed to know where she needed to go.  She became aware of her surroundings as she neared the cemetery. She would seek peace among the dead. 
Crimson was enjoying the quiet of her surroundings.  She stopped on occasion to talk with the spectral residents of the graveyard, and was getting ready to continue her solitary drive when she spotted one last lost soul.
The poor ghost of a young child, no older than Crimson's own daughter.  The discovery sent a shot down Crimsons spine.  She had to get home, she realized.  She was doing what her mother had done before her.     She had stopped fighting for what was hers, what was theirs.Worse yet she was lost in her own sorrow and was shutting her daughter out. She raced home, running every light on the way.

Hank had already gone to bed, as he was back to work in the morning.  Heather had decided to shower, and fell victim to Peanuts prank.  Damn you Peanut!
Crimson arrived home just as Heather was checking on her dad.  Crimson felt her heart explode with love for this gentle little soul
"Hey Heather, dad snores like some kinda pre-historic beast, huh? *giggle*"
"*giggle* Mommmieeee! *giggle*
With Heather tucked safe in her bed, Crimson went downstairs.  She still felt off.  She needed to have some fun.  She needed to let off some steam.  She needed to do it alone.  Spur of the moment, Crimson grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a note for Hank, knowing she wouldn't see him before he left for work in the morning.
"Hank Baby,
Feel like having a few drinks with the girls tomorrow.  I know you it's your first day back and you'll want to socialize, but can you please be home just after 6 to make Heather dinner?  I may leave b4 than.
Thanks baby, kisses!
Your girl, Crim"
Crimson read back over her note.  She told a few little white lies, but she was sure Hank wouldn't question her, or begrudge her a night of fun.  After all, he had been allowed a night out alone.  She hoped he would trust her more than she had trusted him.  She trudged to bed with what felt like the weight of the world still upon her shoulders.

When Crimson awoke, everybody had left the house, and Heather was due home shortly.  She entered the kitchen and noticed Hank had left a reply note.  As she read his words a slow smile crept over her face, the first in days.

"Crim baby, 

Have a blast tonight babygirl.  Hope you shake that fine booty of your like no tomorrow.  But don't forget who your coming home to, and in who's arms your going to be.  Love of my life, save the last dance for me

All my love,
Hank baby"
Crimson smiled as she understood Hank's strange paraphrasing.  In his own little way he had quoted one of her favorite songs, Save the Last Dance, by the Drifters. Just when she thought it wasn't possible, Hank again managed to surprise her.  Heather burst through the door with one of her little school friends, and Crimson went upstairs to get ready to go out.
As she dressed she rethought having Hank cook,. and whipped up some Macaroni and Cheese for the kids, and the big kid when he got home.  Then she headed to the club.
She walked in like she owned the place.  There was that confident girl back again.  She took her ring off, and decided to try being single again for the night.  While she knew she loved Hank beyond any reason, maybe she just wasn't ready to be married.  Not to him, not to anyone.  So she flirted...
And danced...
And chatted up a second guy...

But her heart called her home.  She had known it before she went to that club, before she took her ring off.  There would never be anyone a better fit than Hank.  Nobody else could set her body aflame with a look.  Nobody else had ever respected her cunning and wit so much. No other man could make her feel the way he did.  She slide her ring back into place, and rushed home to her husband.

Hank was just cleaning up the kitchen when she walked in the door.  He turned his head at the sound of the door and sighed with relief when he saw the coy smile on Crimsons face, the sparkle back in her eyes.  She also had a new found swagger in her walk, accentuated by her skin tight red dress and heels.  He opened his mouth to ask if she had fun, but Crimson was already on him, wrapping her warm arms around his body.  Her desire chased away any questions he may have had.
"Hank baby, let's go make Heather a sibling" She breathed into his ear.  She felt his body respond far faster than he could utter words, and led him to bed.
The next morning passed without anything major.  Breakfast, kid off to school, husband to work, wife cleans house etc...

Heather had some sort of opportunity, and rode her bike home after school.  On the ride home she thought about what she wanted to do when she got in.  Homework?  Nah.  Tv?  Nope.
Dress up? Totally!
Crimson greeted Hank at the door with a kiss

"Hey babe.  Have a good day at work?"
"Not really, but it's much better now that I'm with you.  But never mind me.  Any morning sickness yet?  Was operation 'Make a Baby' a success?"
"Nothing yet stud, but it's still early.  I was thinking once we get Heather's dinner ready, do you want to go out?  Just the two of us, like days of yore.  If I'm not pregnant, we can try again."
"Now your talking my language.  After all sexy mama, practice makes perfect!"  Hank walked over to his guitar, winking at a blushing Crimson over his shoulder.

While Crimson made dinner for Heather, she came downstairs to read a book.
Apparently Peanut thought it was hysterical.  Have I mentioned yet that I dislike Peanut?
Heather fed and entertaining herself, Crimson slid her arms around Hank's firm body again.
"Ready to go, lover?" she breathed as she brought her mouth to his.
"More than ready, light of my life. Lead the way"

They headed to the bistro, to grab a bite to eat under the stars before heading to the bar.  If there was any remaining doubt about their love for each other, let this next picture cast it aside.
As they sat for down to eat together Crimson took control of the conversation.  She caressed Hanks knee beneath the table, and asked in a light tone,
"So, Hankbaby, any regrets on the whole marrying me thing?  Sick of me yet?"
He set down his fork and looked into her beautiful eyes.  Although she had asked in a joking tone, Hank understood the need for reassurance that shone in those eyes.
"Crimson, my dear.  Everyday I wake and look at you lying next to me.  I ask the maker what I ever did to be so lucky as to win your love.  I thank the maker everyday for giving you to me.  Then I think to myself I couldn't possibly love this woman anymore.  And the very next day I prove myself wrong.  My only regret is I didn't rush you to the alter the second I met you."
Crimson did not speak, could not.  She simple squeezed Hanks hand.  They finished their meal in silence and headed back to where it all began.
Back to their special bar.
They got in a quick round of drink and decided to do some dancing.
That hotdog must not be sitting right

Crimson dashed into the bathroom after awhile, and came out in a lovely maternity formal gown with some good news for Hank.  Operation  make a baby had indeed been a complete success.
Given the fact that Crimson was now very obviously with child, drinking and dancing no longer seemed like a great idea.  Hank took his wife's hand and led her outside.  In the darkness they quiet walked over to their waterfall, listening to the symphony of nature rather than making conversation.  Still hand and hand they walked over to the arch where they had exchanged vows.
"I love you Crimson Rayne, with all my heart.  Today, tomorrow and always."
"And I love you, Hank Rayne.  With every fiber of my being"
After a few more quite minutes they headed home.  Just because there was a baby already on the way didn't mean they didn't want to practice.  You know, just in case.


  1. Oh no! Hank, how could you?? Damn his Commitment Issues trait.... :( And poor poor Crimson. She knew deep down what had happened, but thankfully her fears were worse that what had happened, because Hank realized before it went any further. And for that I'm happy.

    Heather is gorgeous! It's just such a shame that when girls dress up like Princesses they always look like little boys! It drives me up the wall... lol

    Another beautifully written post, and I can't wait to meet Heather's sibling!

  2. I know Kate, my heart hurt for poor Crimson as it was happening. Curse my no interference rule!

    Heather is a real cutie, and I just adore her too. Promise her sibling is equally adorable!

    Working on the next post now. May not get it up till tomorrow after work, but I think it will be worth the wait ;-) I hope you'll enjoy it!

  3. I know I'll enjoy it Rain!!! I always enjoy your posts :)

    Oh, and about why I haven't "technically" posted the blog entry yet for my next update... :P I have it scheduled to post at 8:30 this morning. Since it's going to announce to my facebook and twitter, I figured I wanted it to go when people would be awake to see it happen (last update I posted to Twitter, SimsVIP retweeted for me hehe).

    I'm hoping that tonight I can play a little bit (at least enough to have enough for another entry). We'll see how that goes though lol

  4. Tee Hee. Thanks Kate.

    I was genuinely really pleased to see the post on the site actually. It was like a nice little reward for checking the forums...kinda like the Sim story gods smiled on me *lol*

    I'm rather lucky I've played (FAR!) ahead. The big problem is keeping the creative juices up after studying for my GED all night while it was dead at work. My brain just kinda wants to switch off right now. I have NO clue how you do all the stuff you do *lol*. And then I look at the pictures for the post, and I want to go play with them instead of write...ah the dilemma's of a Simmer *lol*

  5. The good thing is that Hank didn't go through with the affair. Although that would have been an interesting twist to the story.

    I hope Crimson's pregnant! It would be cool if she had a little brother.

  6. Oh Crimson is indeed preggers, and baby #2 will make his/her appearance next post. Turns out family oriented Sims want to have babies CONSTANTLY!! Although I was rather surprised Hank also rolled the wish, almost immediately after Heather was born. It's like their tag teaming me with the wish on purpose, cause they know I wont deny them.

    I'm trying so hard not to spoil the story before I even write it, but I really can't wait for you too see what's coming up! Argh!!


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