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Generation 1~ Chapter 16~Teenage Wasteland

* The Song for this post is Baba O'Riley by The Who ....*looks pointedly at post title* I'm pretty sure you can guess why I picked this song *lol*  The Rayne Household is down one parent, with another child and his made real IF about to become teens and baby on the way.  Indeed, this is a Teenage Wasteland.  Enjoy!*

When Crimson emerged at last from the bathroom, the house was empty, and silent.  She had heard the kids come thundering down the stairs, heard the muffled worried voices outside the door.  Kristopher had told the others what he saw, explained as best he could.  A child left to explain his fathers absence, while his mother sobbed in the nearby room.  Heather had softly knocked on the door "Mum? You alright?" she asked softly, wanting her mother to open the door, to tell her Kris was wrong. "I'm fine Heath, just not feeling great" she replied before bursting into a fresh wave of sobs. She had hardly been aware of the bus outside the house and the kids leaving.

On an ordinary day, Crimson would relish the silence of the house at this time.  With three rowdy kids (and Peanut) living in tight quarters, this was often the only time Crimson had to really think without disruption.  Today, the silence was an unwelcome reminder of what had happened and she feared it would drive her mad.  She fled the house for the sanctuary of the Art Gallery.
She found herself completely alone there as well, but found the quiet less oppressive here.  She wandered among the priceless treasures, drinking in the beauty that surrounded her and letting her mind wander.  She found herself absentmindedly rubbing her stomach, and thought of the life growing inside her.
Crimson was scared.  Taking care of  the brood she had at home already was a challenge and now she would be doing on her own, and adding a newborn to the mix.  It seemed overwhelming, but she knew deep down she could do it.  If it took every ounce of her famous steel resolve, she would make sure her children all grew up well and knowing their mother loved them dearly.

She stood there wondering where it had all gone wrong.  She thought back to that night that seemed so very long ago.  Back to the dimly light bar where she lad first laid eyes upon Hank.  The glance from across the shuffleboard table.  Their eyes had locked and Crimson had known that she would never be the same again. She saw herself sliding up to him, introducing herself to him.  His deep voice had made her knees go a little weak, and when their hands had met it was like an electric current shooting through her body.
He smiled sadly at the thought of that sensation.  It had never gone away, that feeling.  If anything it had intensified the more he touched her and the more she grew to love him.  She had felt it right up to the last time Hank had touched her, right before what would be their final fight .  She dissolved into renewed tears.
As she did that, this popped up on my screen.  I wanted to cry for her.  The sentiment WAS to much for me.
She returned home as the kids came home from school, and tried as best she could to explain something she herself did not understand.  Their father was gone, and she did not know when he was coming home.  They fired a million questions at her, questions she had no answers for.  When she could stand no more she retreated to the bedroom she had once shared with Hank and gave into her exhaustion.
The children coped as best the could.
Crimson tried desperately to hold herself together for her family, and for her ever growing baby bump.  She seemed to be putting on weight faster than normal this time, but dismissed the thought.  The next few days passed in a flurry of activities.  There were meals to eat and scout ceremonies to attend.  (That's Cuddles on the far right end of the table and front and wanting his bed)
It was during this flurry of activity that Heather's second prom popped up.  This time she would not be going alone though.  She asked Peanut to be her date and Peanut accepted all too happily.  When at last the big day arrived, the two girls excitedly ran out to the limo.
Wonder what Heather is thinking about?
(I have no clue why Peanut changed when she got to the limo)
(It  was at this point my game glitched  and I had to start from my last save, right before the prom.  Hence why Peanut has changed clothes, again)
The next day brought another big event.  It was time for Kristopher and Cuddles to become teens.  Crimson made breakfast for the kids before she headed to bed again.  This pregnancy and her grief were taking its toll on her.
Kris went out to play in the backyard and before to long it was time for him to age up.  Crimson woke in time to join the boys in the backyard.
And here he is, pre makeover.
As Crimson watched her second born become a teenager, she felt the first surging pains of labour.  She rushed herself to the hospital, and returned with a very big surprise.
Yep, twin girls.  Well at least the good news is this took care of the "Have 5 children" wish she had sitting there.
Yeah, time to age them up immediately.  Crimson has already been through enough.  Twin toddlers would be slightly more manageable than twin babies.

Meet Clarity Rayne, who got her moms evil trait and her mothers pink eyes
And Harmony Rayne.  Both twins had that yucky brown/green shade hair, so I fixed that and gave them the same colour as mom.
Crimson had named her twins after the principals she had learned along time ago in China.  Clarity of mind was something to strive for, as was harmony of the soul, and Crimson hoped her newest tiny wonders would remind her of this every day.  She looked at the old bedroom and decided it was time to rid the room of all reminders of Hank.  After some speedy redecoration, she sank into  her new  bed, satisfied.
Kristopher was first up in the morning.  Time to take a look at our handsome boy!
Crimson awoke to the twins wailing in the room next to her, and she rushed frantically to meet their needs, and teach them their skills.
Outside the house something was happening that I hadn't expected.  Kristopher and Cuddles were fighting.  These two had always been the best of friends, and yet now it had come to this.
Oh dear.  Crimson heard the commotion  coming from downstairs, and raced to confront both boys.
Time for a time out!
It wasn't just Kris and Cuddles though.  Everybody was worn thin by the newest additions, and the absence of Hank.
And in the midst of all this chaos was two little girls.  Two girls that needed help with skills badly and it all fell on Crimson's shoulders.  It's no wonder the first words she taught Clarity were not exactly optimistic.
"Divorce, like what your daddy did before he walked out on us.  Can you say divorce?"
Yeah, not excatly the best life lessons to teach your impressionable youngsters.
Once Clarity had taking down pat, Crimson headed downstairs to let the boys off the hook.
And more skill teaching....
Conflict sometimes leads to strange pairings.  Heahther sought friendship and confort for her troubled heart in Kristopher.

Sebastian had puzzle.
And outside, Peanut was forming a bond withsoby who could at last truly understand what it was like to be her.


  1. Ahh Cuddles is so cute! I've never seen a child IF turned real before, I don't have Generations so it's interesting to read about IF's in legacies.

    Love the words Crimson is teaching the toddlers! Too funny!

  2. Almost every IF I've turned real has been really cute. If they didn't drive me so batty sometimes with the pranks and such I would turn every one of them!

    I literally loled when I saw what Crimson was teaching the kids. Guess we know where her heads at!

  3. Twins?! Adorable! It seems like the Rayne household has it super rough right now between Hank being gone and the twins... but they'll make it through, I know it!

    Poor Crimson though. She needs some "me" time... There are 4 sets of teenagers, some of them should help with the twins :P

  4. Poor Crimson. She definitely has her hands full with twin girls! And it doesn't help that Hank has already moved on.

    The good thing is that the house is full of teenagers, so they should be able to help out.

    I'm curious to see how she's going to pull this off.

  5. @Jemstonlegacy and @Tommiegirl....I know, i felt brutal bad for poor Crimson, although at least that "Have 5 Children" wish got taken care of! The twins were a nightmare to try and raise, and the teens didn't really help the situation. They did assist with the twins (Exp Heather and Cuddles) but spent so much time fighting (you'll see what I mean next post) that they just added more stress to the situation.

    Thank god my toddlers are set to 4 days only! I don't know about Crimson, but I'm sure I would have gone crazy if it lasted much longer than that *lol*

  6. How sad that Hank has left Crimson and while she is still pregnant! Shame on him!
    I think Crimson will come out of this alright though, she seems like a strong willed women.
    Her kids are so cute, the twin girls are adorable and Sebastian is quite the looker, Crimson better keep her on him. lol
    I love that shot of him coming down the slide btw, good one!

    I enjoyed the start of the chapter, very descriptive and it flowed really nicely. I felt like I could really imagine what Crimson was going through.

    Lovely job!

    Thanks for following too! :)

  7. Hey Jen! Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I think my writing is still a little rough in spots, but I'm getting better all the time (at least I think...I could be WAY off base *lol*)

    All the kids are just adorable, Crimson and Hank really do make some beautiful babies! I have no doubt Crim will make it through this, and I know we haven't seen the last of Hank yet ;-p

    I didn't have much time to read yours, but I rally enjoyed it! Thanks for the follow as well :)


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