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Generation 1~Chapter 15 ~ All Will Be Reveled...

*The sone for this post is  My Immortal by Evanescence  I normally wouldn't use a song by the same artist twice in a row, but I make an exception this time.  This song never fails to make me want to cry, and I think it really suits the tone of things within this post.  Enjoy!*

The morning found both  the girls still needing to do their homework.  Tension was high between them as they sat with their backs to each other.
Peanut felt like a fool after rushing to kiss Heather the previous night.  She didn't know what she had been thinking, only felt a rush of love for this human who made her real.  She could hardly bear the rejection.
By the look of things on the bus, Peanut is not the only one with regrets.
Hank meanwhile was deep in the midst of his midlife crisis.  He felt old, and whats worse he thought he looked old.  Yes indeed it was time for a makeover to reclaim his youth.  To reclaim what he was before he got married
Hank gazed at himself in the harsh salon lights. He took a deep breath.  It was time to look younger, hipper even.
It was time to look like a complete and utter douche bag.
Heather trudged through her school day, head muddled with thoughts of Peanut.  She did not know why she had rejected her lifelong friend when she had reached for her last night..  Heather was attracted to Peanut, she knew that for sure, and as far back as she could remember Peanut had always been there for her. Ever secret she had ever had she had told her friend.

The more she thought of it, the more frustrated Heather became with herself.  She had pushed away the only perons who truly knew her.  There was no need to hid any aspect of her personality from Peanut.  After all sometimes it seemed Peanut knew her better than Heather herself.  She made up her mind to make ammeds when they got home from school.
"Hey Pea.  bout last"
"Don't bother.  I get it, not your type.  Damage done.  Moving On"
"No! Maker no!  That's not was I was getting at, like, at all!  Matter of fact, I kinda want to make it up to you"
Oh yeah?  Alright, I'll give you a chance.  But I don't trust you not to change your mind again!  Just don't lead me on this time, k?"

So the girls headed out for a date, leaving an oblivious Sebastian to finish off his homework.  Heather knew she would have to work had to prove her intentions were pure to Peanut.  It hurt her heart to know Peanut no longer trusted her completely, but she was willing to do what needed to be done.

First up, a movie.  As Heather led the way, she hoped some alone time in the dark would speed up the healing process.

By the looks of things, it won’t be that easy.

Heather put their time in the theatre to good use.  As they sat in the darkened room, she gently took Peanuts hand.  Peanut looked up at her, a mixture of suspicion and delight on her face.  Wordlessly Heather moved closer to her date and kissed her gently.  As the movie started both girls turned to face the screen, but neither released the others hand.

After the movie let out, the girls decided to head to the bistro for a quick bite to eat.  Curfew was fast approaching and they knew they would have to be fast, but they were in no hurry to loose the magic they had found that night.

They both sat silently during the drive home, lost in their own thoughts.  While Peanut was still in conflict about what was to come, Heather was surprisingly single minded.

While Peanut did not shy away from Heathers kiss, she was still worried that soon enough, she would change her mind again.  She turned to Crimson looking for some advice and support, and at first that was exactly what she received.

However when she tried to take some physical comfort from her, Crimson pushed her away.

Peanut headed up the stairs for bed depressed, confused and feeling completely alone in the world.  Crimson shook her head at the retreating figure and headed out to the back yard to let off some steam.  It was there that Hank found her.

"Crim?  What do you think about painting the bathroom blue?" he asked tentatively

"Why, what's wrong with the red?" She snapped.  Her patience was thinning every day.  It seemed like Hank was never home anymore, and when he was all he did was sulk.

As she wheeled around to face her husband, she drew back in surprise.  This was the first time she had seen his new look and she wasn't really impressed.
"Hank?  What the HELL have you done to yourself? You look like a fool!"
"Aww there ya go, being all overdramatic again.  Come here and give me a kiss baby"
"Not till you shave off that mountain man beard Hank Rayne!  Honest to Maker!  Do you have no clue how ridiculous you look?"

It was at her final words that Hank felt himself snap.  He looked at the ground for a minute to collect himself, and when he at last looked up again, Crimson could see the rage in his eyes.  He took a deep breath and began to speak, softly and callously “Your one cold hearted bitch, you know that Crimson?  I’m pretty sure that ‘heart’ of your is just a slab of ice”

His words stung Crimson as though he had slapped her.  She thought back to a long ago nightmare as Hank walked away.  It was happening.  Her husband was changing into somebody she hardly knew, and Crimson did not know how to get back the wonderful man she adored.  As Hank stalked back into the house, Crimson turned to the sprinklers to relieve her troubled thoughts.

When she checked later, Hank was sound asleep in their bed.  Crimson prayed he would wake up back to his old self.

 And in a room not too far away, Peanut finally found the consolation her broken heart she had been seeking all along.

When Hank at last awoke he was sadly not back to his old self.  Or at least not the old self Crimson had prayed for.  He said nothing to her as he left the house to go meet up with an old flame.
Yep, Pauline Wan again.  And this time Hank had no thought towards discretion.  He didn’t care if Crimson found out

He didn’t care who found out. 

Very shortly, Hank realized the passion he had for Pauline was too intense for a public park, so he lustily whispered into her ear that it was time to go back to her place.  That was all the temptress needed to hear.  She grabbed Hank by the hand and practically dragged him back to her lair.

This time Hank spared no thought for his marriage vows.
In the midst of all this chaos Kristopher deiced to turn Cuddles into a real boy.
I was however distracted by this drama. I'm not sure what caused it, but looks like the Rayne ladies are not getting along.
Not at all.

Things calmed down at last and Heather and Crimson settled into an old favourite past time of theirs.  As they sat at the chess table though, Crimson couldn’t help but look at her watch and wonder where Hank was.  She felt horrible about the way she had talked to him last night, even though she still hurt from what he had said to her.  She had planned to talk to him tonight, to make things right like she always had before.

It was for the best she didn’t know what her husband was up to.

Hank returned home at last just as the sun rose over Sunset valley.  Crimson was out working in her garden, and he paused to watch her from the side of the house.  He found himself startlingly aware of what he had been doing all night, of what he stood to loose.  He was equally aware of the attraction he felt for Crimson, and at this moment that was all he cared about.
He crept out from the house once Crimson had drifted off to sleep.  Today was her life stage day, and Hank was rather hoping she too would go through a Midlife Crisis.  If she did than perhaps she too would want what Hank desired most of all, freedom from the sham that their marriage had become.  He headed out now to add some more fuel to the already smoldering rubble that was their union.
When Crimson woke she under went her aging, but it changed nothing for her.  She had no second thoughts about Hank.  Even with his recent behavior she still adored him and in fact wanted to have two more children with him.
With his hopes for an easy resolution dissolved, Hank returned home with a heavy heart.  He could go on with this act no longer.  This needed to end tonight.  Instead of offering his wife of all these years birthday wishes, he gave her the cold terrible truth.  He told her about all his infidelities.  He expected her to fly into a rage, throw him out than and there.  Instead Crimson started at him silently, seeing the truth in his eyes.  Still silent, she turned and walked out the door.
Hank stood there for a second, stunned by the reaction, or lack there of.  Stunned and than angry.  He stormed down the stairs after Crimson and caught up to her as she neared the kitchen.  She had just finished slipping into her swimsuit, headed again for the sanctuary of the sprinklers.  Hank grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and turned her to face him, a move he would soon come to regret.
"Who do you think you are, you son of a bi*ch, laying your filthy hands on me!" she hissed, surprised by the venom in her own voice.
"Crim, baby, c'mon.  We can talk about this.  I just needed you to know that..."
"So I could know what?  That the man I married, the man I GAVE MY YOUTH TO had stabbed me in the heart while I sat home pining for him?  Got the message loud and clear.  And don't fraking 'crim baby' me!
"Would you listen to yourself?"
"I'm Crimson, I'm so fraking good and perfect.  Oh except for when I'm robbing people blind or nagging my husband to death, but let's not mention that."
"I'm sorry Hank, but being a criminal is a little different than being a cheating man WHORE!"
"Ya know what? That's it!  THIS MARRIAGE IS OVER!  I'VE HAD IT" he bellowed in Crimson's face.
She stared at him for a second, her heart shattering in two at the words that still hung in the air between them. "Hank. Bay.  You don't mean that" she said despairingly.
"I mean it more than I meant that Crap I said on our wedding day.  We are done!  Marriage Over!"
Crimson and Hank stared at each other, both enraged, both hurting badly.  Even though this is what Hank had wanted, he had never wanted it to come to this.  He still loved Crimson dearly, and watching her face crumble as she sought tears was ripping his heart out.
Crimson felt as though her world was ending.  She had given everything to Hank, never even so much as thought of  another man since they had been together.  And this is how he replayed her loyalty?  Lost in a haze of rage, she soundlessly raised her hand and slapped Hank as hard as she could.
Neither party noticed thier young son coming down the stairs for breakfast as the fight intensified.

Crimson left Hank in a pile on the floor.  Her rage had dissipated, and now all she felt was heartbreaking sadness.  She stared at the man she still loved so dearly, lying on the floor and felt as though she would die.  She spoke quietly, choking back tears "I think it's best you left, Hank".

As she watched him start to stand, she felt a rush of bile in the back of her mouth and fled for the bathroom. It wouldn't have surprised crimson if she was sick from all that had happened, from the stress of it all.  But as she spun into her comfortable maternity sweater, she knew that was not the case.  Crimson was pregnant again.  Pregnant by the man who was walking out the door as she sobbed on the bathroom floor.
The man who she wasn't sure would care.
A man who walked out without so much as a glance backwards.


  1. Ah! So much drama! Can't wait to see how Crimson deals with the pregnancy alone, and what's in store for Heather and Peanut.

  2. *lol* Yeah my Sims sure seem to love the drama! And when they get into it they REALLY get into it!

  3. Oh NO!!! Hank!!! You... you... you bastage! Can I kick his pixelated butt too? PLEASE?!

    I know Crimson will be alright. She has her Heather, Kristopher, and Sebastian to take care of so she won't lose it too much. Plus, she's a very strong and independent woman. But I'm not gonna lie, my heart broke for her pixel one :( (I also got really angry when reading it... I haz a bad temper >_> lol)

    Great update Rain. You certainly weren't kidding when you said basically that the... crap... was hitting the fan lol I can't wait to read the next chapter!

    ♥ and harp strings,

  4. Wow, I can't believe they broke up. I didn't see that one coming. And Crimson is pregnant again! Wow. I hope she'll be able to handle it without Hank.

    Heather and Peanut are adorable together : )

  5. I know Kate! He rolled the divorce wish as soon as he hit mid life crisis, and it took everything I had not to drag down his hunger bar right then and there and end his miserable little pixel life. I really hoped that Crimson would go through one and get the same wish, but nope!

    Crimson is a trooper, and she will pull threw. She loves her kids too much to give up, lus deep down she still loves Hank. Even as the door slammed behind him she rolled the wish to talk to him. It broke my heart too, over and over again *lol* It was tough to play at the time, and when I wrote the post my heart broke all over again. I love that you got mad! That means I'm doing my job right! And I know what you mean about bad temper! First thing I did when I started up a new Sunset Valley (diff Save) was kill Hank off and I took immense pleasure from it! *lol*

    Glad you enjoyed hun! Looking at whats to come, it's going to be fast and furious for the next few updates. With the Heather/Peanut drama, Kristopher becoming a teen, and baby on the way..I'm tired thinking about it! Poor Crimson!

  6. I know Tommie! I was so sad when they split up. Poor Crimson just looked so lost! Worst off, she has the wish to have 5 kids, and I don't think she could ever really find another love.

    I'll admit, I don't really like Peanut, but she's so adorable with Heather. I actually kinda feel bad for her sometimes. She stares at Heather with the cutest look, and Heather sometimes doesn't even notice she is there. I was so happy when Heather rolled the wish to go on a date with her!


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