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Generation 1~Chapter 14~The Dating Game

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While Crimson was on her way home with the new addition, Heather decided to spend some quality time with Peanut.  She had finally discovered the potion to turn her friend real, and tonight was the night she was going to give it to Peanut....if it would accept.
Despite the damage done to the relationship from neglect, a rousing pillow fight fixed everything (doesn't it always?).  the two friends exchanged a tight hug, and then Heather offered Peanut the potion.  All too happily it accepted.  Heather helped pull the stopper out of the bottle, and watched with bated breath as Peanut drank the contents.  A flash of bright purple light came bursting from Peanuts chest, and for a horrible moment, Heather feared something had gone wrong.
After what felt like an eternity, the bright light dissolved, and before Heather stood a girl.  A real girl.  With a shock of bright blue hair, and deep probing eyes.  Heather and Peanut stood like that for awhile, silently staring at each other.  Both were overjoyed by the recent turn of events.
When at last they moved both girl moved in for another hug, a real hug this time.  As Heather slid her arms around Peanuts slim waist, she felt her heart start to beat a little faster.  She blamed the excitement.  They lingered in each others arms, and as they parted Peanut kissed Heather lightly on the cheek "Thank you" She said simply. "Pea, seriously.  No prob!  You've so got to meet my folks!  My mom was starting  to think I was crazy...this will show her!" Heather exclaimed.  She grabbed her friends hand, and dragged her downstairs to meet Hank.
With Heather's father officially won , Peanut fixed her hair and makeup and went to go met Crimson.
Crimson was not won over as easily as her husband.  She looked warily at the new girl in front of her and all she saw was another hungry mouth to feed.  And one with exotic tastes to boot.

The girls settled into Heather's room, and sat up for awhile, gossiping about the boys at school.  Boys Peanut had no interest in.  She only had eyes for Heather.  After along while, Heather felt her eyes getting heavy.  She said goodnight to her friend, and went to sleep.

As might faded into day Crimson went to check on her infant son.  There was one more thing she wanted to do before she went to bed.
*Sigh* And she looks so proud of herself too!

When Heather and Peanut got up at last, they headed for the backyard to hang out .
Their friendship was strong, but Heather had to wonder if perhaps there was something deeper there.
Peanut didn't wonder, she knew.

When Crimson woke in the late afternoon she was greeted by Kristopher, eager to show off his scouts badges.  Crimson tried to focus on her son, but all she could really think about was getting back to work.  She had fallen well behind on where she had hoped to be, and both her and Hank would be becoming Adults shortly.  She had hoped to be near the top, but was only at level 3.
Heather and Peanut settled on the couch to watch some TV.  Yesterday, Heather had thought of her life long friend as a possible love interest, but today was another day.  Today Heather was remote and distant, no matter what Peanut said.
At last the bus was there and it was time for Peanuts first day of school.

That day in school Heather did  develop an interest in some romance.  In fact she rolled 3 separate wishes, to kiss 3 very different people.

The first two candidates?  That's Claudio May-Heart, Heather's old friend in the front.  Behind him is Anthony Bachelor.
The third possible kinda surprised me.  This is Misty Robles.  Apparently her and Heather are so in sync they even wore the excat same outfit to school, right down to the hat.  They met up after class at the arcade.
Heather and Misty chatted casually for awhile as Heather tried to work up the nerve to make her move.  She really liked Misty, and they had a lot in common.  But Heather was still nervous.  What if Misty didn't like girls?  Or maybe she just wouldn't like Heather that way.  As they chatted Heather watched Misty's lush lips form every word, imagining there softness against her own.  She watched enticed as Misty whetted those lips ever so slowly with her tongue.  When heather raised her eyes to meet her companions, she found Misty staring at her intently.  Heather knew it was time to make her move.
Misty did not spurn her advances, and in fact she leaned closer to Heather.  It was almost curfew time and Heather knew it was now or never.  Ever so gently she tilled Misty's head towards hers.  Using their hats as a shield for privacy, heather locked lips with Misty for the first time.
She was disappointed when the kiss left her cold.  Both girls knew their relationship ended there, and Heather hurried home before the cops picked her up.

When she got to her bedroom she found Peanut asleep in her sleeping bag..  She crept around her and settled into her bed.  For a fleeting moment before sleep claimed her Heather wondered what peanuts lips would feel like.
At breakfast the next morning both girls sat silent at the table, each thinking of the other.
Upstaris, it was time for a special occasion, Sebastian's Birthday!

And here he is.  Yet another cutie!
And oh looky, another IF.  That's 3 for 3 in case your keeping track.  I think this one is Puzzle, but I may be wrong.

Crimson got right on to teaching Sebastian his skills.  Once he got all three down she planned to quit and then reapply for her job to get back to it sooner.
The weekend brought a family meal.
Which Hank and Peanut both turned up late to.  Heather meanwhile worked frantically to fix the broken sink.
Intense Heather is Intense :-p
After the tap was repaired, Heather went to talk to Peanut.  I thought it was adorable when this popped up (Alexander being one of the two boys Heather still wants to kiss)
Right now though Heather had no interest in Alexander.  Her focus was purely on Peanut.  Heather knew she would not be able to deny this urge much longer.  She could hardly stand the way Peanut looked at her, the mixture of love and fear on her face when they talked.  Something or someone had to give.
It was Peanut who gave first.
The second their lips had separated, Heather was washed with a wave of regret.  It wasn't fair of her to lead Peanut on like this, not when she herself was not sure.  As kindly as she could she told Peanut they were still nothing more than friends.

Peanut hid her heartbreak well and told Heather it was fine.  She pulled out her guitar to practice a little and tried to ignore the tears stinging her eyes.
As Heather watched Peanut, she wondered if she had made a huge mistake.
When at last it was time to go to bed, both girls went up to their new bedroom, both nursing secret heartbreak.
Time for a cute toddler break!
Now Back to our story :)

The next night Heather invited her old friend Claudio out to Tribal for some drink and dancing, maybe even some romancing...
Actually, skip the drinking and dancing.  Heather seems content to head straight to the romancing, and Claudio wasn't saying no.  I suspect this was a childhood crush come to fruition.
They flirted for what seemed like forever, drawing ever nearer.  When Heather looked into Claudio's eyes, she knew she would not regret this kiss like the others.
Nope, no regrets at all.
Back at home, Sebastian had finshed learning to walk and it was time for him to age up again.  That's right, same kid gets two birthdays in one post.  Lucky kid!  Sparkles x2...
And here he is as a child.
Heather returned home from her most recent date on cloud nine, but there was still one boy left on her must kiss list.  The next day after school she invited over Alexander.  I'm becoming pretty sure no Sim can resiste Heather's charms.
See what I mean?
While Heather was fulfilling that wish, the person who wished for nothing more than Heather's heart was out back on the swing set, blissfully unaware.
After Alexander left, Heather headed into the house, and Peanut came in shortly after.  The second Heather saw her, she knew she had to feel Peanut's soft lips one more time.
Hank had been invited to a party, and it appears I lost track of time and it's his birthday.  3 birthdays, one post!
Sparkles x3.  Hank is now an adult, and having a mid-life crisis.  More on that next post!
But first, back to Heather and Peanut.  They had both tried to fight the attraction they felt, but it was too strong.
Too bad Heather is not ready to commit to anyone at the moment.


  1. Oh wow! Heather rolled lots of romantic wishes! Does she have the flirty or hopeless romantic trait? Interested to see what Hank's mid life crisis brings!

  2. Yep, she rolled flirty when she hit teen. It's a never ending stream of wishes for new boys/girls.

    Hanks crisis is.... interesting to say the least. Hope to be able to get out the new post tomorrow night :-)

  3. Heather is a player just like her poppa was!! lol She's such a cutie though. It will be interesting to see if she ends up tying herself down to one person after highschool.

    So THIS is what you were talking about with post 15??? Oh dear... I can imagine Hank's wishes now. New hair-do. Rich car. New house. NEW WIFE. OH GAWD!

  4. IKR?! I've never had a Sim roll 3 romantic wishes for three very different people all at the same time! And then when you throw Peanut into the gets very complicated, very fast.

    Yep, the Mid life crisis is the driving force behind everything that happens in Chapter 15....and it's a TON. About to start working on it now...


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