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Generation 1~Chapter 13~A Very Busy Few Days

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Lets begin with the last day of Heather's childhood.  Before she scampered off to school, she decided to scare the pants off her mother with what must have been a whopper of a ghost story.
 And here is Crimson's reaction to said story...
 Yep, that's our big, bad, Crimson. *Ehm*

The bus honked it's horn outside Heather and Kris hurried off to school, he for the first time and she for the last as a child.
"Don't worry baby brother, I got your back.  At least for today, tomorrow you're on your own."
"Geez, Thanks Sis..."
"No worries"
 Both kids made it home unscathed.  They settled in and did their homework.  Heather was on her way to get some dinner when sparkle time hit.
 She aged into a beautiful teenager, and at long last was able get that meal into her.  As she was finishing up, she found out that prom was going to be in a few days.  Awesome, a teen for all of ten minutes, and already her Jr Prom was fast approaching..
 After she had washed up her dinner dishes, Heather headed up the stairs to her childhood room to sleep for one last night.  Tomorrow while she was at school her room would undergo a huge renovation, but for tonight she was happy to have it the same.
 Meanwhile, Hank was in his own room, staring at himself in the mirror.  He could hardly believe he was old enough to have a teenage daughter.  As he gazed at his reflection he saw every wrinkle and line etched in his face, every small sign of aging.  He wondered what had happened to the young stud he used to be.  With Crimson now back at work, he wondered why he was going to bed alone almost every night.
 Thankfully the next day was Crimson's night off, and she stayed up longer than normal to see Hank off to his first day at yet another new job.  This time he decided to give being an athlete a try.

She grabbed him as he headed towards the door and pushed her warm body up against his.  Hank uttered a low moan of desire as his wife pressed her lips to his "See you tonight, Handsome" she purred as she released him.  Hank turned towards the door to meet the waiting carpool, and as he did Crimson playfully swatted his tight rear end.  She hardly noticed the low moan escaping her own throat.  Hank did however, and smiled to himself as he walked out the door.
 As Crimson was making her way towards the stairs she heard her two children thundering down them, headed out the door themselves.  She gave both of her kids a hug and sent them off to board the school bus.  Heather was happy as today was prom day.  Once she got home from school, it would be time for her to don her fancy dress and go to her first dance.
 When Hank returned home that afternoon he rushed straight for the bedroom, where Crimson was just rising.  He watched her quietly from the hall for a few minutes.  The door was slightly ajar and Crimson was stood at the side of the bed, back to him.  Completely unaware of her husband she stretched lazily, standing on her tiptoes and raising her arms above her head.  Hank felt himself grow warm with desire as her shirt raised a little, exposing her perfect derriere.  Without making a sound he walked up behind her.

Crimson became very aware of his presence as he entered the room , aware of his eyes undressing her and felt his mental caress.  He stood mere inches behind her, breathing raggedly onto her neck  Crimson spun around and Hank roughly pulled her into his arms.
 "Bed, now!" was all that he said.  It was all that was needed.  The kids would be home shortly, and thier need for each other could be put off no longer.
 When they had both been satisfied, Hank drifted off for a short nap.  Crimson smiled softly and kissed him on the forehead, gently tousling his hair.  She silently stole from bed, and headed to the kitchen, eager to see Heather off for prom and to grab a plate of leftover spaghetti.
 Heather however was hanging around outside, anxious for her limo to arrive.  She had no date for the prom and just hoped that she wouldn't be the only person going stag to this prom.
 Bu the end of the night, Heather wasn't alone anymore.  Heather was voted prom queen, and shortly after she stepped down from receiving her crown one of her classmates asked her to dance.  As they swayed to the music the boy lifted Heather's head and kissed her gently on the lips.  Her head swam with joy and for the rest of the night the smile never left her face.  Even as she crawled into bed that night, she was still smiling.

Seeing as it was the weekend, the next day Heather begged her mother for help learning how to drive.  Crimson instantly agreed.  Not only was this something Heather needed, Crimson wanted to do it.  It gave her a chance for a little one and one time with her first born.  As they crawled down a side street, Heather told her mother all about the night before.  She told her about the boy, and the kiss.  Last night she had felt like she was floating on a cloud, but in the harsh light of day things did not seem right.  She hardly knew this boy, and hadn't felt any desire to call or see him that day.  The kiss had been nice and all, but it wasn't enough.
"I think I need to tell this guy we're just friends, but I don't want to hurt him mom!  What do I do?" she asked her mother as she pulled back into the driveway.
"Follow your heart, Heather.  Always follow your heart.  It was my heart that led me to your father" Crimson replied smiling to herself.
Heather knew her mother was right.  The boy she had met last night had seemed very nice, but Heather hardly knew him and already had a crush on one of her classmates.  She called a cab and headed to the boys house to break things off.
He didn't take it very well, but that was not Heather's fault.  Turns out he was hotheaded.  Looks like Heather dogged the bullet that time. She got back into the still waiting cab and headed for home.

Kristopher was waiting for her in the living room. "Heath!  Look, I got a new badge yesterday!" He exclaimed as she walked into the room
 "Way to go, little brother"
 The next morning Heather awoke in a terrible mood.  She had tossed and turned all night.  Why had she taken her mothers advice?  What if this was the only boy in the whole wide world who would even love her?  Cranky and sullen she stormed out of the house.  She needed to get out for awhile, and headed to the arcade to blow of some steam.
 Back home Crimson received an unexpected surprise.  The night  afternoon of pleasure she and Hank had shared was going to produce a new member to the family.
 Back at the arcade....
 After awhile arcade games lost their thrill and Heather was still in a miserable mood.  She thought about it for awhile and decided she wanted to go egg some houses around town.  A little harmless teen pranking was exactly what the doctor ordered.
 The ride home in a squad car was not.
 Nor was the lecture from Crimson
 "What do you think you're doing young lady?  Your father and I raised you better than this!" Crimson screamed.  She was so disappointed in Heather, who had always been responsible "What now?  Going  to blame this prank on your 'Invisible Friend' again?" Crimson's words hurt Heather like a slap in the face.
"What do you expect?  I was raised by you and you're nothing more than a common criminal!" She screamed in her mothers voice.  Crimson recoiled slightly and Heather felt horrible.  She knew how deep her words had cut her mother. "Mom, I..." she started, but Crimson just walked away.
 Hours later Crimson had regained her composure and sought Heather out.  All was forgiven as Crimson announced the joyous news that Heather would soon be a big sister again.
 As a matter of fact the very next morning, just after Hank left for work and the kids for school, Crimson felt her water break.  She calmly drove herself to the hospital to bring her new little bundle of joy into the world.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, help me welcome second son Sebastian Rayne to the family.


  1. Hey Kate...I'm a dumbass and hit delete on your comment instead of publish (this is shy we don't do things on our iPhone when it can wait 2 minutes till your at the PC *ehm*) So I'm copying from my email to get it back up said:

    Great update! I'm so glad you were finally able to work through that writer's block.

    Welcome to Sebastian Rayne! I bet he's a cutie :p

    I can't wait to see what the next update has in store for them :)

  2. And *ehm*:

    Thanks Kate! Glad you enjoyed it. It truly was deleting some of the pics I had that kickstarted my brain. The ones I used for this post ended up being about 2 posts merged together. The even better news is that it has also brought us real close to the point that I'm excited about. So much is going to happen in the next few posts, it's going to be madness! Madness I say! *lol*

  3. Ah I love the name Sebastian! Great chapter, Heather's personality is really developing :)

  4. Gah! Deleting my post? I see how it is!!! XD Jerk. :P :P :P j/k!!!!!!! LOL

    Exciting part you say? Now I need to know! TELLS ME! Or... just get the update out. Because, ya know... it will tell me as I read it. :P

    Seriously though, can't wait for the next one! :D

    ♥ and harp strings,

  5. Wow, three kids?? Welcome to the world, baby Sebastian : )

  6. @CourtneyHelen - Thanks, I was stuck for a name and all I could think of was "the Little Mermaid" Sebastian it is *lol*. Heather really is full of personality during her teen years, and she's been the first teen I've had in a long time that's fun to play!

    @Jemstonelegacy - *lol* I know, I suck! I was like "awww no! Not Kate's comment!" True story! And nope, my lips are sealed! You'll have to keep reading to find out ;p

    @tommiegirl Yeah, three kids. Not real happy *lol* The moment they have one child one or both of them will roll a wish to have another. They actually wanted Sebastian right after they had Kristopher, but I had to wait a bit. At least now Heather can help!


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