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Generation 1~Chapter 12~The Kids are Alright

* The song for this post is The greatest love of all By Whitney Houston .  The opening line of "I believe the children are our future" seemed very appropriate to me for a legacy, and I mean c'mon!  Whitney Houston!  N'uff  said.  Enjoy! *

Sunday was spent not so much as a family.  Each individual seemed to want to do things on their own, and I was helpless but to oblige.  Kristopher wanted to finish a book.  He doesn't have the bookworm trait, but somehow I don't sense this little guy is going to be a barrel of laughs.  But that's neither here nor there.  What's important is that he started off the day with some leftover fish and chips, and then settled in with a good book.
Heather woke feeling rather unlucky, and that was rather appropriate.  She had two pending opportunities, and both would put her outside for a large chunk of her day.  However she needed the boost in grades, and figured she might as well get it all done in one shot.  She also grabbed a quick plate of leftovers before heading out the door.  She walked to the curb squinting in the bright morning sun, and heaved a hearty sigh as she straddled her bike.
She peddled furiously to make it to her first destination in time.
Thankfully she arrived to the stadium just as the crowds were filing in through the gates.  It was free game day, and although Heather had no interest in football she sat through the game.
Right, game done, home team won (go Llama's!).  Now it was time for Heather to tackle the task she had least looked forward to.
Her teacher had asked her to collect a list of butterflies and turn them for extra credit.  There was no real avoiding the outdoors for this one.  After all, they are kinda outdoor insects and all.  Lucky for her, I had placed the butterfly pavilion and loaded it with all spawners, so she only had to go to one place.  Quick, easy, (relatively) pain free.
Crimson meanwhile just wanted to get out of the house.  She hadn't really left the family home much since Kristopher's birth, and she was starting to feel confined within the walls of the house.  She felt as if she couldn't think rationally while trapped inside the house.  Even when he was out, the all encompassing nearness of Hank at all times was driving her to distraction. It was impossible for her to shed her guilt and doubt with him so near at all times.

Crimson dressed in her favorite dress again. and carefully applied her makeup.  She had no desire to go any one place, so I guided her someplace I thought she would like.  The Gotique Library seemed the ideal spot for a Sim like Crimson to relax and forget her worried, at least for a little bit.
She was quickly drawn to the top floor, and the dusty spell book contained within.  Crimson had alway longed to learn the dark arts, and quickly started trying to comprehend the words written in Sim Latin before her.

At last she felt she had got the spell just right, and hurried home to try it.
Fail.  Ah well, Crimson.  Maybe next time.

Hmm, well isn't that interesting.  We find Kristopher back at the table, eating fish and chips again.  Poor little tyke is exhausted and headed off for bed right after finishing his meal.
The next morning found Crimson out in her garden when the rest of the family woke.  She carefully tended to her plants, feeling a calmness of spirit that she hadn't felt in weeks.  As she watched some of her newest plants trying valiantly to sprout and push through the ground she  felt a sense of acceptance wash across her. What was meant to be will be.  Somethings in this life no one Sim was meant to understand.  She didn't know where Hank had been the night she brought Kristopher into this world and she could no longer expend the energy to care.  Her distrust and worry had only pulled them further apart and it was time for it to stop.
Heather had cornered her dad the second she came down the stairs, not that Hank minded.  She was very much a daddy's girl and he wouldn't have it any other way.  He smiled as he looked down at his little girl, this perfect combination of himself and Crimson.  He glanced out the window and watched his wife for a minute, out working on her garden.  As he watched her she set down her watering can, and stretched upwards in the morning sun.  Her back was to the window, and Hank watched as her skirt lifted slightly, revealing the creamy tops of her thighs, the slight swell of her firm buttocks. He looked away as desire started to wash over him. Crimson had hardly spoken to him in days.  There was no point in getting himself all worked up when she had no more interest in him.
He turned his attention back to Heather, who desperately wanted to get in a game of chess with her father before the bus came to pick her up.  As always he was more than happy to give his princess everything she wanted.
 Kristopher on the other hand wanted to play with the chemistry table. a little logic building before his first day of classes couldn't hurt.
I put a stop to it however before the inevitable explosion.  In the meantime the daddy daughter chess match had been called on account of Heather's bladder almost bursting.  And of course while she was trying to relieve natures call, Peanut walked in.  Hence the embarrassed thought bubble as the kids spent some last minute quality time with their respective IF's, while Hank cleaned up the kitchen.
The bus beeped it's horn outside the door just as Crimson walked in from the garden.  She gave each of her children a hug and a kiss and sent them off to school with a smile.  Hank smelt the intoxicating aroma of her perfume waft across the room, tantalizing his senses.  He turned to see her at the bottom of the stairs.  She had already removed one of her high heeled shoes and left it lying in the middle of the floor.  As he watched her, their eyes met.  Crimson held his gaze and bent slightly to remove her other shoe, and let it dangle from her fingertips momentarily before allowing it to drop to the floor.  With a coy smile on her face, she began to ascend the stairs, her eyes never leaving Hanks.

He stood in the kitchen, transfixed by the site before him.  As Crimson lazily began to go up the stair case she trailed one hand along the railing.  The other hand slid down her neck, slowly trailing along her neckline and at last settled on her belt.   She unbuckled it smoothly and left it dangling off the railing.  She reached the top and disappeared from Hanks view.  As he started towards the stair case to follow his wife he caught site of her dress, failing over the banister.  At the same time he heard Crimson utter a low, almost primal laugh.  He quickened his steps and added his own clothes to the pile along the way.

  He took the stairs two at a time, and as he reached the top he saw her.  She stood just beyond the open bedroom door facing him. She smiled coyly as Hank freed himself from his pants, and licked her lips. She turned and began to crawl onto the bed, arching her back as she did.  As Hank neared the door she looked over her shoulder at him.  "What took you so long?"  She purred.  Hank never answered her question.  By the time she had the last word out,  he was already ravishing her with his mouth.

After they were both spent, they cuddled together in bed, for the first time in a very long time.
As Crimson at last rose from bed, so did Hank.  He came over to her side of the bed and pulled her in to a deep hug.  He wasn't sure what had caused the arctic chill that had been hanging over the house to thaw, and he didn't want to ask.  He was just glad to have his wife back.  She felt her lips moving against his neck, but had to strain to hear her muffled words.
"I missed you" she said softly.  He felt his breath catch in his throat and blinked back the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes.  Even though they had been under the same roof and slept in the same bed the whole time, she had felt a million miles away from him.
"I missed you too baby.  So, so much" Their mouths were mere inches apart as Hank spoke the words and he watched Crimson now struggle back her own tears. Poor dear he thought as he tenderly brought his lips to hers So strong, yet so delicate at the same time.
"Hank, you know that I love you right? More than anything.  Nothing will ever make me stop loving you" she spoke in a rush, almost as though she felt she would never again get the opportunity.  Maybe deep down that was what she feared. 
"Of course I know that Crim.  And I hope you know I would kill for you.  I love you so much it's almost more than I can bare sometimes" he said honestly.  She touched his arm and leaned in to kiss his cheek.
"Let me look into those incredible eyes of yours"  he said, gently brushing her hair out of her eyes.  They stood like that for awhile.  Him gently cradling her head, her arms locked around his waist.  No more words were spoken, just mumbled reassurances of love from both parties, followed by light gentle kisses.
As they separated, Crimson threw herself at Hank joyfully.  He was all to happy and eager to catch her.
He settled her back onto the floor, and found her staring at him in near wonder.  She soundlessly reached up a soft hand and stroked his check.
And in record time she was back in Hank's arms, mouth crushed down on his.  Looks like somebody is thinking about cooking something up.  I suspect it's not grilled cheese.
They  at last left their bedroom, and had just finished restoring order to the living room as the door flew open.  Heather and Kristopher came tumbling through the door.  Kristopher ran to cuddles for an epic pillow fight.
Heather ran to show off her epic ballet skillz to anybody that would stand still long enough to see.  First Peanut.
Who was unimpressed.
Mom's turn.

She's suitable thrilled by her prima ballerina.
On to dear old dad.
Of course he's her biggest fan.

And just because it made me laugh...
Poor Xander.


  1. Caught up! Thanks for following my blog :) I look forward to more of yours!

  2. Wow! That was a lot of reading in one day! I'm really enjoying your blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy mine!

  3. Hah! Xander, have fun with the bimbo. XD

    I'm glad that Crimson and Hank are back to speaking, among other things ;)

  4. *lol* That's excatlly whatI thought, Kate. They are well suited for each other, and hopefully this ill keep Hank away from Pauline!

    I was very happy when they started talking on their own again, and when she rolled the wish to woohoo with him for the first time in Sim days I realized they would be alright. As much as Hank drives me insane, I love writing out the epic love him and Crimson seem to share.


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