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Generation 1~Chapter 11~Time Marches On

*The Song For this Post is Cumbersome by 7 Mary Three. I figured this was a good one for the aftermath of Hank's affair.  This is one of those kinda under known bands that I think are pretty freaking awesome.  Enjoy*

The start of a new week at the Rayne House began with an uneasy tension hanging over the house.  The arrival of a new baby should have been a joyous occasion, yet Crimson and Hank seemed to have little to smile about.

The morning after Kristopher's birth, Hank slipped out the door for work silently.  Crimson had not stirred when his alarm went off, and he had not woken her.  He had dressed silently, and had slipped out of the bedroom door like a thief in the night.  He rather was, stealing Crimsons heart as he had.  He checked on his infant son and walked out the door without so much as a look backwards.

Heather woke to the soft click of the door closing and scampered out of bed.  She knew she had to go to school in an hour, but didn't feel like eating.  So she went over to her dollhouse, which she had never really paid attention to before, and played with her dolls until the she heard the bus outside her door.  She quickly changed and ran off to school.

Crimson slept late into the day.  She awoke at last to little Kristopher crying in the next room.  She rushed to change his diaper.  With his immediate need taken care of she walked back towards her own room.  She ran the brush quickly through her hair, and slipped into her favorite dress.  The dark blue denim was well worn, and it embraced her skin like an old friend.  It took her back to an easier time, when she was single and true worry had not overcome her.  Crimson's thoughts turned back towards the night just past.

Crimson had not slept well.  She had horrid dreams that were all to vivid.  Visions of Hank, changing before her very eyes.  Turning from the wonderful loving Sim she knew him to be into some horrible man she could hardly recognize.  The man in her dreams had sounded like Hank, but had spoken horrible, hate filled words at Crimson.  It had ended as that man, that thing, walked out the front door and out of Crimsons life. The slamming of the dream door had awoken her with a sharp gasp and she had sat straight up in the bed they shared.  She had blearily realized she was crying, and then had heard Kristopher doing the same from the next room.  In that moment the dream had seemed all too real.  Even now as Crimson put on the last of her makeup it felt real.  Less of a dream and more of a premonition of things still to come.  She tried to shake the heavy feeling weighing down her heart, and went to pick up Kristopher.

As she stood with her back to the door giving Kristopher his bottle, she heard Hank pass in the hall.  She didn't call to him as he went to go change, and Hank felt a cold chill go down his spine.  On a normal day Crimson met him at the door while a smile and a kiss,  today she and not even bothered to turn her head to look at him.  He didn't think she knew where he had been the night before.  When he arrived at the hospital she had been glad to see him and greeted him with her normal kiss, even in the throws of labour.  He wasn't sure what had changed overnight, but vowed silently that she would know nothing of last night.  He knew the truth would destroy his family.  Crimson had nearly collapsed under the grief of thinking he had strayed (or so Hank thought) and Hank couldn't bear to think what confirmation of his deceit would do to her.  He changed into his sweatpants and walked into  the small nursery just as Crimson was putting the baby back into his crib.

Crimson was aware of Hanks presence, but wasn't prepared for how close he was to her.  As she straightened up over the crib, he ran a gentle hand down the small of her back.  She felt the familiar shiver shoot through her body, and for a fleeting moment she was able to pretend all was normal again.  She turned to face Hank, and her blood warmed at the sight of him.  No matter what nagging doubts she may have had, she could not deny how Hank made her feel.  It didn't matter how many times they made love, or what happened between them, the mere sight of him drove her mad with desire.  He set her on fire with the boyish grin on his face, and she could not resist when he swept her into his arms.  The taste and warmth of his mouth further chased away her terrible nightmare.  When they separated, Crimson could hardly remember what she had been so upset about.

It was time for Kristopher to become a toddler.  Crimson scooped her precious son into her arm and carried him downstairs to the living room, and waited for the miracle of again up to happen.

After sparkles and a quick trip into CAS, here's Kristopher.  I have no clue where the blond hair came from (I didn't change it.  Generally I won't unless it's that really ugly EA brown colour, or its a wish), but let's just pretend it comes from Hank's side of the family shall we.  Anyway you slice it, he's a cute little guy.  And look, he got an IF too.  Um, yay?  Here's hoping Cuddles here is nicer than Peanut.
Heather had signed up for ballet class quite right after she became a child, and on this particular day she rode her bike home from school, which was rather odd.  Seeing as she hates the outdoors and all.  She had a great day at class though, and was excited to show her family the new move she had learned.
"Mommy!" She burst threw the door mere moments after Kristopher had aged. "Look what I can do! Look what I can do!" She pulled on her tutu and tights and showed her mother her very best moves..

"That's really great Heather.  Very good job!  I bet your the star of the class!  And speaking of classes, I hear your math grade has dropped.  Have you been doing your homework?"
"Yes mom" Heather said softly, staring at her feet. "It's just really hard.  I don't understand half of it!"
"Well than you should have asked for help my dear.  C'mon.  Pull out your books and lets see if we can figure it out together.  Let's do it while your brother is occupied with him.  Then you can be mommys big helper and keep him busy while mom makes dinner, how's that sound?" Heather looked up at her mother and her trademark wide smile crossed her face.
"Awesome, mommy!"
Together Heather and Crimson got through the math.  It seemed much harder that it had during Crimsons own school days, but somehow they did it and Heather's confidence seemed to bolster from the extra attention.  As they finished up, Crimson decided to try little Kristopher on the potty before she made dinner.

Downstairs, Heather pulled out an old friend.  Having a little brother was nice and all, but she missed having somebody to play tag with.  Even if that somebody was a mean freaky doll.
Crimson left Kristopher to play his room and decided to make a special dinner for her husband.  Seeing as fish and Chips was Hank's favorite meal, tonight that was what he would have.  If she had hoped it would reconnect them as before she was sadly mistaken.  They sat at opposite ends of the table, and conversation was awkward.
Very awkward.
Heather was stuck in the middle, and couldn't help but notice the tension between her parents.  Kristopher was thankfully unaware.
After the dishes were cleared away, Crimson went to her own private oasis.  She has a beautiful bathtub installed in the master bathroom, and felt the warm water would share her jangled nerves.  As she watched the tub fill and the bubbles float she pondered the strange diner that had just passed.  With the exception of Hank's odd mention that he would never marry again, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. And yet Crimson felt a sense of dread.  Like Hank was slipping away from her moment by moment.  And Crimson had no idea how to stop it.
After the warm water had done what little it could do to calm Crimson, she dried off and looked into the mirror again.  Her own eyes started back at her, flashing with unspoken pain and confusion.  Her deepest thought tormented her, but she knew she could not retreat to the sanctuary of he bed as before.  Her children needed her.
She left her room and picked up her son again.  Her handsome little man had skills to learn, and nobody better than momma to teach him the basics.
Heather decided to explore her mother bathtub, and go on a little adventure.

It was time for Heather to go to bed after her bath, but first she had one more thing she wanted to do before she slumbered. She set Peanut down beside her bed, and uttered a most heartfelt apology.  She prayed it would be enough.
It was.  The next morning when Heather woke, Peanut sprang to life.  Annoying as always.
Hank woke and went to take his young son out of his crib.  As he pulled Kristopher up into his arms he felt a sharp wave of guilt and regret.  As his wife was fighting to bring this little man into the world, Hank had been in another woman's arms. And worst of all, he couldn't even promise himself it would never happen again.  He wondered how long he would be able to live this lie as he carried his son down the stairs.  He suspected that eventually the weight of his deception would cause him to break.  And then he would lose it all.
Kristopher was again blissfully unaware.

Heather managed to sneak away from Peanut for a minute and joined her little brother on the floor.  It's a real shame there is not more interactions for children to do with toddlers.

But sadly that's all there is.  Play peek a boo and hug.  But at least it's cute!

Seeing as she had done all she could with her little brother, Heather ran off to the costume chest again.  This time?  Astronaut Heather.

"Ground Control to Major Heather.  Please land your spacecraft and join your mother for dinner"
"Coming Mom!"
Hank chose not to join his family, and instead worked out in front of the TV through their meal.  As he did his final streches, he cast a gaze towards his family and found Crimson staring at him, worry written on her brow.  He looked away, then headed for the shower.

After everything was cleared from the table, Crimson decided to work on teaching  Kristopher to walk.  She was very aware of the conversation taking place behind her.
"Dad, how did you know you were in love with mom?" 
Hank was taken aback from the question coming from his daughter.  A question well beyond her years.  He glanced at his wife over his shoulder, than back at his daughter.  Looking into her eyes, so similar to her mothers and answered her, choosing his words carefully.
"The minute I knew your mother was bringing you into this world, I couldn't imagine living without her."  Heather seemed satisfied with his answer.  Nobody noticed the pain on Crimson's face. That was not the answer she was hoping for
It was time for Heather to go to bed, and Hank had promised to read her a story.  As he walked into her room, Hank wondered if he had made a mistake marrying Crimson, or at least moving in with her.  He missed his freedom.
He pushed the thought aside and tucked his daughter into her bed.  It was story time

Downstairs Crimson gave Kris his bottle, then tucked him into bed.

With both children tucked into their beds, Hank and Crimson settled on the couch together.  They sat in silence.  Where once the silence between them was comfortable, now it was deafening  .  It wasn't that they had nothing to say to each other.  The simple fact of the matter was nobody wanted to talk about the elephant in the room.  Neither party wanted to discuss where Hank was when Crimson went into labour with Kris, what had taken him so long to get to her side.
The next few days past without anything exceptional happening.  Heather went to school, Hank went to work, and Crimson stayed home with Kris.  The day Kristopher was due to become a child, Hank rolled a wish to go see the woman who started him on this path to destruction.  No, not Pauline.
The blond woman, who had left the lipstick on his collar.  The woman who had first place doubt into Crimsons mind.

Thankfully it was harmless.  All they did was chat, and right when Hank started rolling wishes to take it further, her husband arrived on the scene.  Time to get to your own  home Mr!
And back home Kristopher had aged up, and turned into a right handsome little man.  Who's favorite colour is pink, in case your wondering about the jammies.
Kristopher left Cuddles on the bathroom floor and grabbed a book, which of course he didn't get to read.

Cuddles seems to be a bit less of a pain in the arse than his counterpart, thank goodness.
Hank Rayne, meet your son.  Maybe you could try to be a better example of a man for him? K? Thanks!


  1. Kristopher is really really cute! And I love that his favorite color is pink :P

    The tension between Hank and Crimson is unbearable.... Honesty is always the best policy in my opinion! If his cheating causes Heather to leave, then so be it. Better to know now then to wait and end up finding out that it's been more than 1 person! Besides, who says Crimson will leave him? She may be upset, but she loves him. Hank, you drive me crazy! UGH! lol

  2. Kristopher is a real cutie, and pink actually really suits him!

    Tell me about it! Hank does drive me nuts more often than not. I was actually kinda hoping the reputation system would kick in and Crimson would just "know" what Hank did. I was actually kinda surprised when I pulled the pics out for this post and I had next to none of Hank and Crimson even in the same room together. Not at all like them, they are usually joined at the hip.

    I like to think that if Crimson knew the truth she would kick him to the curb. After all, I made her to be a strong, independent woman. But truth be told, I think she would forgive Hank for ANYTHING. She just adores him, and at this point I don't think she could go on without him!


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