Friday, 30 September 2011

Generation 1~Chapter 10~New Friend, Old Friend

* The song for this post is  Walk the Dinosaur by Was Not Was for many reasons. First off, because it's very appropriate here.  Second, cause we need a little fun up in this joint *lol*! And last because everybody should know how to walk the dinosaur!  *cough* Time to get serious...Enjoy the post!*

Crimson was still awake the next morning when Heather awoke.  After giving her some time in the bathroom, Crimson knocked on the door and after hearing Heather "Come on in mom!" through the door, walked into the small room and broke the news that Heather would soon be a big sister.
Heather was ecstatic at the thought of having a baby sister or brother.  At last!  Somebody else to play with besides Peanut.
Speaking of Peanut, Heather decided this was the time to tell her mom about her friend.  Crimson was less than impressed. "Invisible friend!" she thought "It's a good thing I'm having this baby.  If Heather was an only child much longer, I think I would have to find her a psychiatrist!"
Crimson excused herself to the comfort of her bed, and Heather and Peanut were left to their own devices.  Thankfully Heather decided to invite over one of her little school friends.  He agreed to spend the day hanging out at Casa De Rayne
While she waited for her friend, Heather decided to examine the chemistry table.  Perhaps Peanut would be less troublesome if it was real and had a gender (I choose not to use the give girls name/boys name option.  I like the unpredictability).  Oh well, no time for that now.  The ring of the doorbell pulled Heather away from the table to great her guest.
It was the same cute little guy from the other day, who's name I thankfully now remember (I should so take some notes when I play!).  This little guy is Claudio May-Hart, son of Zelda May and Gus Hart.  These two are super cute together.  I'm not sure if they are just childhood friends or future teen-aged lovers, but they sure are cute.
Right about this time I started to wonder where Peanut was.  Usually it's wherever Heather is, although I'm not sure why, as it doesn't seem to like her much.

Flipping Peanut!!!!
Well with that little bit of mischief accomplished Peanut now decided it wanted Heather's attention.  It was time for Claudio to leave anyways, so Heather walked him to the door and watched him ride off on his bike.
With all of her attention now firmly back on Peanut (Where Peanut though it belonged in the first place) the conversation went the way it always did.  Heather was nice to Peanut, and everybody was happy.
And then Peanut spazzed out and Heather had to go on the defensive *Le Sigh* .  Please, by the maker, let it be less of a hassle once Peanut is a "real" Sim! For the time being I had Heather ask it to leave her alone.  She can apologize later.
Thankfully, it was time for dinner.  Hank and Crimson sat together at the small table, while Heather sat at the chess table.  I really badly needed to get them a new table, I know!
"Hey Crim, you mid if I go out for a bit tomorrow?  Some of the guys from work wanted to meet up at the bar, and I wouldn't mind throwing back some beers" Hank asked as they finished their diner.
"Hmmm, yeah whatever hun.  The baby has been kicking a lot lately, and I'll most likely go to bed early.  Don't have to many though now babes.  I'll need you clear headed enough to get to the hospital if the baby comes." Crimson was distracted by the constantly moving baby.  It felt like there was a tiny little soccer match going on inside her. Laughing she turned to Hank "Come here a sec babes, you got to feel this!"  Hank laughingly obliged.
Heather had gone up to her to play for a bit before bed.  Without Peanut to distract her, she enjoyed the solitude and happily played with her toys.
And then she remembered the costume trunk, and decided to really use her imagination.  Warning, super adorable picture spam ahead

Ehm, now back to our regularly scheduled programing.....

While Heather was finding her inner beast, Hank and Crimson were enjoying some more quality time before the baby arrived and everything got busy again. Crimson watched her husband adoringly as he talked to the child growing inside her.  He was such a good father, and treated her like a princess.  Crimson could still hardly believe how fortunate she truly now was.  All she knew was if she was dreaming, she never wanted to wake up.
Hank gazed up towards his wife and caught her watching him.  He loved her so much, and she was so right for him.  Crimson never failed to get his jokes and his off beat sense of humor.  She was warm, loving and beautiful, and perfection personified.  And he felt terrible.  For he had no intention of going out with the boys the following night.  No, Hank Rayne had other plans.  He pushed away the though of what would come, and focused on the moment at hand.  On Crimson and her luscious lips.  As Heather strode past on her way to bed, she tried to block out the image of her parents passion.  Cause, ya know. Parents kissing is gross and stuff.
The next morning and afternoon passed as normal.  Hank and Crimson were adorable together, Heather played with her toys, and at some point Crimson went for a walk (as seen on the Facebook page . Last mention, I swear) and soon enough it was time for Hank to go out.  Crimson kissed him goodbye at the door, and headed up to bed.  This pregnancy was harder on her than her first, and as the birth came closer, Crimson found herself exhausted.

Hank left the house with a heavy heart.  His true plans for the evening  lay before him.  His ex-wife Pauline Wan had called him the other day and invited him to a pool party.  Which was odd seeing as she had no pool.  He could have told Crimson truthfully where he was going, she wouldn't have minded.  She trusted him explicitly.  Even after the "shirt incident" as he had named it in his mind.  It was a trust he did not deserve.  It was a trust he knew he was bound to break.  And that was why he lied to his wife.  He didn't want to be unfaithful, but Pauline had always called back to him like some evil temptress.  While he adored his beautiful wife to no end, the chemistry between him and Pauline was electric.  It was a force to great to be denied.

It started innocently enough, except for the suspicious lack of a pool.  And the only being one other guest, who left shortly after Hank arrived.  The last thing Hank needed was to be alone with this woman, this... succubus.  They chatted a little to catch up.  Not much was said about Heather, or the impending arrive.  Nothing was said of Crimson.
"So tell me Hank.  You ever miss that little trick that I used to do with my mouth?  I've learned some new tricks too .  Wish you would let me show you"  The evil harlot said boldly.  Hank was unable to hid his body reacting to her words in those tight shorts, and she chuckled sexily.  Hank watched for a second as she walked over to the radio, her hips swaying every step of the way.
 Hank felt as if his knees where going to give out and quickly pulled up a set for himself.  There was no longer a question of if he was to betray Crimson this night, but when.  He couldn't deny this temptation, but he did spare a thought for the marital vows he was about to shatter.
Too bad he didn't spare a thought for the woman he was betraying.
A woman who badly needed him.  Crimson felt the first contractions start, and even though she knew what to expect for a moment she felt a shiver of fear.  And this time, Hank was nowhere near by to yell for.  She quickly dialed Hank's cell.  She wasn't surprised when he didn't answer.  He probably couldn't hear it over the din of the bar.  She left a message telling him to get to the hospital ASAP.  The baby was on it's way, and she didn't think it would wait long.  She hustled herself into a cab, and wondered if Hank would make it in time.
Hank was oblivious to what his wife was going through.  He had watched Pauline sway by herself to the music for a few moments.  He knew she was putting on a show for him, running her hands sultrily across her breasts and down her firm stomach as she moved.  When she raised a finger and beckoned for him to join her Hank couldn't get there fast enough.
Soon they were dancing closer, bodies gently rubbing against each other.  The rhythm had slowly worked them into a frenzy, and without even realizing he was doing so, Hank reached for his ex-wife..
At least Pauline had the manners to ask him if he wanted a drink first.  He politely declined, then picked up right where they had left off.

Hank only had one request.  That they make use of the shower.  He hoped that would keep him free of suspicion back home.
After the little romp in the shower, Hank dressed and used Pauline's blow dryer to quickly return to the state he left the house in.  It was only then that he checked his phone.  He ran out of Pauline's house and drove to the hospital in record time.  He prayed he wasn't to late.  He made it, by mere seconds.  Crimson kissed him when he entered his room, and smiled at her husband.  He quickly looked away, and missed the momentary frown that creased Crimson's brow.
It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to Kristopher Rayne.  Heather now has a baby brother.
Crimson held Kristopher in her arms for a few minutes, savoring the birth of her son.  She snuggled her little bundle of joy, feed him and settled him into his crib.  She assumed Hank would be up, waiting to tell her about her night.  Pushing open the door, she was surprised to find Hank already in bed, snoring softly.

The frown returned to Crimson's face.  She didn't know why, but something felt wrong.  Terribly, terribly wrong.  She settled in for an uneasy nights sleep beside her husband.
She hoped things would make more sense in the morning.


  1. NO! Hank!! NO!!!! How could he?! And to that bimbo Pauline.... I... I... I have no words. I can't believe he did that. I mean, I know he has Commitment Issues but, he knew something was going to happen, and knew Crimson was due at any time, so why didn't he just leave??

    As an aside, did he actually roll wants to do all of this? o.o

  2. I know Kate! You pretty much echoed what I (literary) screamed at my computer during game play!

    Yep, he did roll wishes for all of this. For the second he got the call about the party he started to roll wants for Pauline. First the want to hang out with her one (which is why I sent him to the party in the first place). When he got there it instantly got worse...first flirt, than kiss, and then woohoo. As soon as one was completed he would want to take it to the next level.

    Not going to lie, I know this wasn't my best written post. I really struggled to put in Hanks deception without calling him all the foul names I've called him while playing *lol*. I have a real love/hate relationship with him. When he's around Crimson, he's so sweet and seems to just adore her (non stop wishes about her, doing freewill romantic interactions) but the second he's away from her he wants to stray. I was tempted to kill him on the spot when he got out of the shower, but I knew it would rip poor Crimson apart. He's a very lucky little Sim

  3. Oooooh it's gettin juicy : ) OMG, I can't believe Hank did that!! Bad Hank! But...I kind of like this side of him. That shower woohoo was hot. Yes, I'm demented XD. Now I'm curious about how he's going to pull this off if he continues.

    I find that the more writers stay true to their characters traits, the most interesting the story becomes. But if things are too perfect, it becomes boring. That probably explains why I would stop playing my sims after a while.

    Kristopher is adorable!!

  4. *lol* I know what you mean. As much as I hated watching Hank cheat on Crimson, I knew I had to let him do it. It was what he wanted, it is who he is. I find by letting them make their own choices I have no choice but to stay true to themselves. They make their beds, and they have to lay in them. Good thing Hank seems to be a good liar.

    I'm actually really impressed by how beautiful the children of these two are. Both Heather and Kristopher are some of the most adorable Sim kiddies I've had

  5. Rain, your post was really well written, so don't even worry about it! As much as I was upset with Hank, I loved reading it. And as tommiegirl said, it is getting REALLY juicy! LOL

    I do have a question though, and I'm hoping that maybe you can help to answer it? When your sims roll wishes to do something, do you direct them to fulfill these wishes? Or do you just let them go on freewill and hope that they fulfill everything on their own? Or do you try to do a little bit of both?

    I mean, I want Amber to find her true love, but I have to help her out a lot interaction wise. But she has these wishes she wants to do, and I don't know if I should be directing her towards them and hope that it happens on its own, or if I should just make her do it. Ya know?

    Sorry if what I said made zero sense... I am just trying to find the balance, and it's confuzzling me lol

  6. *lol* Makes total sense to me. If a wish is rolled I usually will make them do it/start them into it, although with all the mods i am currently using (Woohooer/SP/MOAR interactions{from MTS}) I don't really have to act on social interactions. If I leave them to their own devices, they will get to it.

    Perfect example from this chapter: With my help Hank flirted,kissed and danced with Pauline. The wish to woohooo with Pauline was rolled and locked, but Hank/the woohooer took that one into his own hands *lol* As hands off as I try to be, even the best Sim is too stupid to make things happen without a little help

  7. How do you have things set up on Woohooer? I have it, but I've yet to see my sims actually woohoo on their own =/

  8. I have it set so they can do everything autonomously, except try for baby. Both regular and Risky woohoo are set to true, and I've set must be romantic (under the general options I think, first one) to false. That was they don't have to be in a relationship to do the deed *lol* I've also enabled teen woohoo/pregnancy.

    It almost works too well for me. In order to get Hank and Crimson to do anything BUT woohoo, I usually have to keep a close eye on them. And even than if I start paying more attention to the kids, they are right back at it!

  9. What did you set the liking gate for autonomous woohoo to? Mine has been at 40, but I might set it to like... 20? I dunno yet. What do you think? Because, I know in real life people can just go do whoever they want as long as they other person is willing. And the willingness isn't always determined by how well they know each other. But on the other hand, I don't want people to just go get into bed with every sim in town! LOL

  10. Hmmm, not sure about the linking gate.... I don't think I ever tuned that....I like my sims a little on the slutty side *lol*

  11. The liking gate is default at 40 LTR. I set mine to 30 for now. We'll see if I like it there or not. And rain... OMG! So. much. stuff is happening with Amber. SERIOUSLY! You'll be so happy ;)

  12. Can't wait to see what Amber and the boys have been up too!

    Let me know if you have any luck with the gate Thingy mabobby! Might have to tweak that a little in my own game *lol*


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