Friday, 14 October 2011

Generation 1~Chapter 17~Love Blooms Anew

*The song for this post is Animal by Neon trees .  Enjoy!*

Looks like in all the recent chaos Crimson has forgotten to pay the bills. I feared for the worst, that the repo lady would take something the family could not live without.
A chair and a towel?  I think they'll make it just fine.

Peanut has the insane trait, and apparently today it was in overdrive.  First she attacked Heather, her longtime love, over something so trivial as the dishes.
Than she went after Crimson.  I'm not sure what Peanut has against Crimson, but it sure seems personal
Speaking ill of Crimson's mother was the final straw.  Crimson may think what she wants of Jessyca, but as far as everybody else should be concerned the woman was a saint.
"Now listen here young lady!  You are completely out of line, and I may not have given birth to you but..."her words were cut off by the sharp sting of Peanuts open hand across her face.
"You're right, you're not my mother!  So shut up!" she screamed as she ran towards the house.  Crimson stood there dazed for awhile.
Heather had seen the whole exchange from the window, and pounced on Peanut the second she was in the door.
"What the hell is wrong with  you?  You don't fraking slap my mother!" she screamed at her friend and girlfriend in disgust.
"Stop being such a baby.  She had it coming" Peanut snapped back.  The boys watched on quietly, scared if they spoke the two girls would turn their wrath towards the unlucky party.  Nope, better to stay out of this one.
The two girls continued to scream at each other at the door way, growing more hostile towards each other by the second.
"Yeah, I said her mother looked like a Llama.  As a matter of fact, so does she!  And for that matter, if you loved me you would back me on this!"
"Pea, for Makers sake, she's my MOTHER!  You can't ask me to stand up for you when you attack my own mother!  It's insane to even think that!" Heather bellowed, beginning to shake with rage.  She had thought she loved Peanut very much, but now she wasn't so sure.
Peanuts face contoured with rage "Insane?  You think I'm insane?  I'll show you insane!  WE ARE THROUGH HEATHER.  YOU AND ME EQUAL DONE!" she screamed in Heather's face.  She waited for Heahter to cry, waited for her to beg for forgiveness.  But it never came.
Heather sighed with resignation. "Fine, Pea.  If that's what you want, fine" she said calmly.  She was shaken by Peanuts words, but felt rather calm now that it was all over.  Or at least she thought it was over.

Peanut stared at Heather in disbelief.  Instead of pleading for mercy, Heather was walking away.  Instead of getting peace from Heathers calm, it only enraged her more.  Before Heather could react to protect herself, Peanut threw herself at her.
Yeah, Peanut whooped Heather good.  And Crimson had officially now had enough.  She had no idea, who started it and didn't really care.  Both girls were sent for a time out.

Eventually Sebastian filled his mother in on all she had missed.  Crimson now knew who the culprit was, and was quick to take action against Peanut.
After slapping the taste out of Peanuts mouth, Crimson gave her a stern lecture .  Peanut may not actually be family, but she was close enough.  However if she was going to live under this roof, she was going to have to follow the rules.  Rule #1, NO FIGHTING!!
As Crimson was reading the riot act, the twins began to age up.  I only grabbed a photo of one, but you know...sparkles!

Here's Harmony
And Clarity
Now a mother to five children all old enough to pretty much take care of their own needs, Crimson spent some time taking care of herself, with a little exercise.
The next day outside the school, something strange happened.  First Kristopher flirted with Peanut...
Than shut her down.  K, I don't really like Peanut, and even I feel bad for her.
They must have hugged it out on the bus though.  By the time they were home for the day, Kristopher and Peanut were looking at each other like Heather and Peanut used to.
They stood like that for quite awhile, gazing into each others eyes.  They looked at each other as if truly seeing the other person for what they are for the very first time.   And in that moment, they both felt their relationship change.
Like a caterpillar emerging from it's cocoon, that night Kristopher and Peanuts relationship underwent a metamorphosis.
Neither spared a thought for Heather, or what the others in the family thought.  Peanut didn't give a toss about who she upset, and Kristopher couldn't have formed the thought if he tried.  He was too far under Peanut's spell.
Eventually they slipped outside, to spend some time under the stars.
Heather had been watching from the living room, slowly seething .  She would have been fine with Pea moving on, she told herself.  It was her brother that caused Heather the most concern.  Kris was a tenderhearted boy, and Heather loved her little brother dearly.  She had protected him on his first day of school, and she felt it was her duty to protect him now.  She knew better than to try and talk sense into him, but could not bite her tongue when Peanut tried to breeze past her up the stairs.

"What are you playing at, you freaking nut case!  What, you get back at me by getting cozy with Kris?" she screamed at Peanut.
Peanut stared at Heather, to stunned to reply, and hurt to her very core by Heather's words.  She knew she had been out of line the previous day, and had tried repeatedly to apologize to Heather, but every time she had gone to her, words had failed Peanut.  She tried again now, but Heather would not let her speak
"I don't want to hear whatever you've got to say.  Hurt my baby brother, and I'll make you wish you were invisible again.  You like to call people's mothers Llama's?  How bout this, you hurt Kris, I'll make you look just like one" Heather threatened in a low hiss..  She shoved her way past Peanut and headed upstairs.

Crimson was blissfully unaware of all the drama going on back at home.  She had been invited to a party and one of her coworkers, a Young Adult Mortimer Goth had apperntly found out that Crimson was back on the martket and tried to woo her.
While Crimson did accept his flowers, she didn't return his affections.
"Morty, your a nice guy and all that.  It's just, well I'm just not ready to see anybody right now.  What with Hank and the kids and all..."Crimson trailed off.  She was trying to let the poor guy down gentle, but judging by the wounded puppy dog eyes staring back at her she had only managed to make it worse..  She politely excused herself, thanked her hosts for a wonderful evening, and headed home alone.
The next day was pretty much like every other day, until the kids came home.  Kristopher had decided he didn't want the relationship between Peanut and himself to just be "some fun" and wasted no time in asking her to go steady with him
Peanut gladly said yes, and Kris wanted to take her out on the town to celebrate.
After a quick bite at the bistro it was back home for more star gazing.
Ah, but don't worry about Heather.  Looks like she's rebounded all ready
Oh my!  Look who remembered he had a family!


  1. Oh wow! Your family has such drama! Peanut dating another sibling, then Heather's new boy! Not to mention everything else. And haha, Hank called! Too funny!

    A question: Are the IF's playable after you make them real? Do they have a picture, see their wishes/needs, etc?

  2. *lol* yeah the Rayne family sure seems to love the drama, and I love watching it unfold! Peanut and Kristopher really surprised me. He wanted her and I was shocked when she went along with it! Heather is the ultimate flirt. A cuddle and a little kiss, and than she's done with him. Like the poor boy on the couch.

    That was the very first time Hank called, although after that he called Heather, Kris, Sebastian and even Peanut! But not one phone call to the twins or Crimson :-(

    Yes, IF's once made real are fully playable. They pretty much become a normal Sim, just with the ability to change back into doll form when you click on them and even then they are playable (with a little doll picture too, so cute!). Each IF is a little different, and Peanut and Cuddles are the last two I made real this generation. Peanut damn near drove me nuts sometimes with the insane trait. I would just get her relationship up with somebody and no sooner switch to another person and she would be fighting with her new friend! Actually after the Heather incident, the only person who really bothered with her was Kris.

  3. Cool, thanks for the info! Poor boy on the couch, haha. And that's good Hank called the other kids. I guess he didn't call the twins cause he's never actually met them? Sad :(

  4. Sorry to comment again, but I just noticed Crimson's Sailor Moon top!! Ahh do you remember where you got it?? And I forgot to say before that the song goes really well with the chapter. I think we have similar taste in music - Neon Trees, Evanescence...

  5. Holy cow Rayne family! Holy. Cow. Peanut is fraking nuts lol You gotta give it to her though, she's got guts yelling at the person who feeds/clothes her!

    I can't get over the drama filled house though. It's like ever since Hank left, the house has just imploded in on itself. Peanut being a butt to Heather and moving on to Kris, all the screaming and yelling, Crimson slapping Peanut... geeze luise mable! Does Kristopher's IF do this?? LOL

    And it's about damn time Hank called!!! Fraking jerk... I wonder if he even knows about the twins? He left before she found out she was pregnant, so what if he has no idea? :'(

  6. @Courtney *lol* yep, poor boy indeed. Heather really does is a bit of a man eater *lol* I worry about what will happen when she gets older!

    I was kinda glad Hank did call, although I felt horrible for the twins. I mean come on! Sunset Valleys a pretty small town, and given all the rumours that fly about MY Sims I woulda thought Hank would have heard about them through the grapevine! *lol*

    Np on the second comment! Took me awhile to find those shirts (I really need to organize better!), but I'm pretty sure this is them I love them, it's like a trow back to my younger years when Sailor Moon was EVERYWHERE (and I used to have a shirt just like that *lol*)!

    Thanks, I'm glad you think the song fit. I called it Kristopher's song while writing this. I could just see him breaking out in song all Glee style when him and Peanut were talking outside the school. I'm kinda all over the map musically. This is actually the only Neon trees song I know, thanks to Glee (tracked down the original artist after hearing it on the show, much prefer the Neon Trees version!). I am crazy about Evanescence though...Amy Lee's voice never fails to give me shivers and make me a little sad. Long story short, every single song I use on this blog, I know and love before I use it, and I'm usually singing along at top volume when I post :-)

  7. @Kate IKR?? See, THIS is why I really don't like the girl Worst part? Not even a teen mood swing day. Nope, that's Peanut on a normal day. I've never been so glad to move a Sim out when the time came!

    Everything did all kinda fall apart after Hank left. I'm not sure what caused all the drama, other than 4 teens....which come to think of it, would cause a lot of drama in any house! *lol* Nope, Kristopher's IF is an angel actually. Cuddles never really does anything wrong, he's Peanuts total opposite, THANK THE MAKER!!!

    Oh, I have stronger words than jerk for Hank *lol* He really is a lucky little Sim that myself and my Master controller Mod powers didn't end his life. He's also very lucky that Crimson didn't roll a wish to see his ghost (kinda surprised she didn't actually. She's an evil Sim, they always want to see somebody's ghost!). Cause, ya know, if she had I would have had no choice but to comply ;-)


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