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Generation 1~ Chapter 18~Time to Grow Up

*The song for this post is Heaven Coming Down by The Tea Party Because it's a gorgeous song.  That's why.  And it seems to suit a post about growing up.  Enjoy!*

Well another day, at it looks like it's another boy for Heather.  This time she had set her sights on somebody much closer to home, Kristopher's IF turned real, Cuddles.
Heather wasn't sure when she had started to really notice Cuddles.  Or why she had noticed him.  But she had.  And once he had caught her eye, he was all she thought about.  Every time their eyes would connect, even for a second, Heather felt her stomach do little flip flops.  Sure, she had kissed a few people, but it had all just been for a laugh.  Heather was young, and she wanted to have fun while she still could.  She had never felt anything like this.  Today Heather could wait no longer.  She had to know if there was something there.  She had to know if Cuddles felt the same.
Looks like the feeling is mutual.  She still wasn't ready to go steady with Cuddles or anybody for that matter, but right now Cuddles was what she wanted.

Across the room, Kristopher had also decided what he wanted.  Peanut.  Now and forever it would be Peanut.  He felt it in his soul, and he was sure she did to.  No other girl could ever feel so good in his arms.
As their lips met, Kris knew this was the night to ask Peanut to be his bride.  She would be aging up soon, and Kristopher did not want to loose her when she went out into the big bad scary world and left him behind, even if it was only for a few weeks till his own life stage day.
He didn't hesitate, not even for a second to pull out the beautiful ring he had bought her a few days before.  Didn't hesitate before dropping to one knee.  Why would he, he knew she would say yes.  This was fate, they were destiny.
Kris didn't understand when Peanut started to back away, gently reaching for the ring box to close it. He watched silently as Peanuts face fell as she softly whispered "No, Kris.  I can't.  No".
He felt his heart shatter into a million little pieces when  Peanut said those words.  He started at the floor as his lower lip started to tremble and before he began to sob he asked Peanut the only questions now in his mind
"Why?  Don't you love me?" he asked sadly.
Peanut reached out for Kristopher gently and was met with little resistance when she pulled him up and into her arms.
"Of course I love you, you silly boy.  But were so young.  We have forever Kris darling.  Slow down, enjoy your youth"  she said with a hint of saddness.  It pained her to know she had brought such hurt to him, but if she had accepted his proposal now it would only bring him more hurt in the long run.
She held him for a long while, and finally retreated for bed.  All Kristopher could do was hold his head in his hands and weep. As the sun was rising over Sunset Valley, Kristopher was at last dragging his broken heart to bed.
The next day was time for Heather and Cuddles to go on there first day.
She must really like him.  Cuddles loves the outdoors, Heather hates it.  But for their special day, Heather agreed to go to the local pool with him.
Back at home, the two youngest members of the Rayne family were playing the morning away with their IF's
Heather and Cuddles  returned home after their dip in the pool and a quick trip to the bistro.  Heather went straight to Kristopher when she got home.  It was her life stage day tomorrow, and she knew she would be leaving the house soon and she needed to speak with him before she left.  She knew Kris loved Peanut, and she knew he would not heed her advice, but she had to try.  Nobody knew Peanut as well as Heather, and she knew Peanut would only end up breaking her brothers heart.   Much as she had thought Kristopher brushed away her warning.
As the girls finished off their final high school activities the following afternoon, Heather and Peanut passed on the stairs, and the look of disdain on both their faces says it all
The two girls, once both best friends and lovers were very close to bitter enemies at this time.  I can only hope that leaving the teens years behind will help to mend the relationship, seeing as they will be moving in together
As the evening wore on, Kristopher knew he was running out of time.   Peanut had been very clear that she wanted to move out as soon as she was old enough, and he feared that when she walked out of the house tonight she would forget him by the morning.  He reached for her and gently caressed her cheek.  He could not bear the thought of losing the love of his young life.
So once again he pulled out the ring and proposed to Peanut.  And once again she said no.
Time for a distraction....SPARKLES!!!
Little baby Heather, all grown up into a beautiful young woman.  She got a job in the medical career.
And more sparkles (even though she doesn't really deserve them!)...
And Peanut is at last grown.  She got a job in the criminal career.  Great, so Crimson will have to see her everyday!
Heather and Peanut promptly moved out of the house, and the next morning Crimson went to check out the new house
Looks like she approves!
Now down to 2 teenagers in the house, things calmed down significantly.  Crimson played a lot of chess...
Harmony worked on homework...
and Clarity worked on...well being Clarity!
As for Kris and Cuddles, well they were just hoping to make it through there first prom.  Both boys had dates.  Kristopher had asked Peanut to accompany him ages ago, and Cuddles had been asked to go with one of his male freinds from school.  Seeing as he and Heather were not official, he figured why not!
The next morning, both the twins decided they had enough of having Imaginary friends.  They both had plenty of real friends.  It was time to say goodbye.
That evening Crimson was invited out to another party, at her old friend/old flame Xander's house.  yet another pool party minus any sign of a pool.  Crimson and Xander locked eyes and for the first time in a long time she felt alive again.
  Deep in her heart she knew she could never date Xander again, but a little flirting never hurt anybody. And yes, in case anybody is  wondering that is the same girl Hank cheated with stood next to Crimson..  Judging by the look on her face her and Xander may be involved.  Pay back is a bitch dear!
Crimson eventually drifted away from Xander and headed into the kitchen.  And who would happen to be there but Peanut.  "Damn it!" Crimson thought "I can't get away from this girl!" Thankfully it was soon time to go to work
With Heather and Peanut gone from the house, a new calm did indeed descended over the house.  With Crimson working all night and sleeping all day a lot of the day to day chores fell on Cuddles and Kristopher and they never hesitated to lend a helping hand.
Although sometimes they bit off more than they can chew.  Cuddles fixing the dishwasher?  Yeah, that didn't go so well!
After the morning chores were done, Kristopher decided to head to his girlfriends house. He had had enough of playing mind games with Peanut.  In the past few days she had become increasingly difficult to get a hold of and Kristopher felt enough was enough.  It was time for Peanut to show him where she stood, or Kristopher would walk away forever.  Fearing for the worst, he walked nervously towards the front door.
And that is where we will leave off.  Small cliffhanger, I know!


  1. *shakesfist@cliffhanger* XD

    Peanut... you... you... ugh. Really? Poor Kris! But, I do agree with her though. He's much too young to be tied down to her. If worst comes to worst, then it's better that Kris find out while he's still a teen because then he has his whole adulthood to find someone better (and not so... insane :P).

    Heather aged up beautifully btw! I can't believe she's all grown up, where did the time go?! And Crimson let her hair grow out? I do like it (as I use that hairstyle on Amber hehe).

    I bet you're happy about no more IF's running around the house huh? I so know you were clapping to yourself when they told them to buzz off (don't deny it!).

    Well, I'm still trying to decide if I should try to sleep, or just stay up. I'm finally home from my friend's house, but I took one of those energy shots and am unsure what to do. I felt tired on the drive home, but now I feel kinda... blah. My body feels tired, but my mind is in an in-between stage... lol Ahhh decisions decisions... >_<

    Back on topic though, I can't wait to see the next update! As always, fab job ♥

  2. *lol* I know, I hate doing the cliff hanger..but its worth it...TRUST ME!!!

    I know it's hard to imagine Heather all grown up and out on her own. Scarier still, Kris is not far behind! I just noticed the hair now actually *lol* Somewhere along the line (after the divorce) I decided to give her a small makeover..somehow out of the 200 million (*may be an small exaggeration*) hairs I have THAT was looked best on her

    No words to describe how happy I was to get rid og those two pests! After Peanut I'm worn out with the freaking IF's...just GAH! I wish I could kill them with fire sometimes (except Cuddles, cause he's a cutie)

    Get yourself to bed young lady! *lol* I'm willing to bet if you lay down and close your eyes you'll be out cold in like 5 minutes! And you need your sleep. That's right, you judt got scolded from Canada. HA! (maybe I should go to sleep too, think I may be getting a little giddy!)

    Thanks Kate, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Every post brings us closer to the end of Gen 1, and I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss writing for primarily Crimson, but I can't wait to bring heiress truly to life!

  3. I am also up haha :) Great chapter, and I love cliffhangers! Yay! Makes it so exciting. Felt so sorry for Kris though - turned down twice! Tragic :(

    Thank you so much for finding that Sailor Moon top for me! I can't wait till my game's working so I can download it :)

  4. *lol* Np. I flipped out when I first saw it and I knew my Simmies HAD to have it! I have a feeling that may be one of my most used pieces of CC. I actually bookmarked the page again so if I ever loose them I know where to go!

    I know, poor Kris. He really wants to marry Peanut, rolled the wish right after starting to go steady with her. Thankfully he's still a teen, and seems to bounce back from the rejection well (right after the crying fit after the first proposal he wanted to kiss her!). Truth be told it's only a cliffhanger because I had something over 90 pics set aside for this post and there was no real good place to break them up...this seemed to be the only logical place to stop.

    Off to work on the conclusion now and hopefully I'll get it out before the nights over. With Pets so close I have next to no urge to play...might as well blog :)


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