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Generation 1~Chapter 19~As One Door Closes, Another Opens

* the song for this post is All You Did Was Save My Life by Our Lady Peace , another awesome Canadian band (as was The Tea Party from last post).  I feel this song fits this post really well, especially the second half of it.  Enjoy!*

When Kristopher arrived at  the house only Heather was home.  His older sister greeted him warmly with a hug and kiss on the cheek.  She knew Kris wasn't there to see her, and led him into the family room to wait for Pea, who was still at work.

Hours later, Kristopher at last heard the rumblings of an car pulling into the driveway.  He rushed outside, and met Peanut just as she was exiting the garage.  They greeted each other softly and Kris took her warm hands into his own.  He looked at the now grown woman stood in front of him, knowing what he had come here to say, but terrified of what she would say.
With much trepidation Kristopher began to slowly speak "Pea, you know I'm crazy about you.  I would give anything to be with you.  If I could, I would marry you today.  But I need to know where we stand.  I need to know if you feel the same." He watched her as his words seemed to sink in, watched her ponder her response, and felt his heart sink to his feet.  He had expected a rush of loving words, perhaps apologies for turning down his proposals. He didn't understand what there was to think about.  He loved her, she loved him.  Seemed simple to him.
They stood in awkward silence for a few minutes, when at last Peanut began to speak "Kris, it's not that I don't love you.  It's just...." she trailed off as she chose her next words carefully "It's just I can't see us being forever.  You put me on this pedestal, you look at me with all these fraking stars in your eyes.  I can never be what you want me to be.  You think you love me, but you don't even know the REAL me.  Just give it some time Kris, wait till your grown and..." she looked into Kristophers eyes and knew her words were not getting through, and yet she never expected what came next.
"Right, I don't know you, I'm too young, blah blah blah!  All I'm hearing is yet another excuse from you.  If you don't want me, just say so!" he screamed.  Peanut backed away from him slowly.  She had never seen Kristopher loose his temper and feared what he would do next.  Kristopher stood before her, shaking with rage, fists clenched into tight balls at his side.  He took a deep breath and unfurled his hands.  He looked into Peanuts terrified eyes and felt his heart shatter.  When he at last spoke again it was with deep resignation in his tone.  He spoke so softly Peanut had to strain to hear him "You know what, Pea.  I'm done.   I can't keep playing this game with you.  We're over" Peanut did not respond and Kristopher knew at that moment that she had been on the verge of ending things herself.  He waved goodbye to Heather, who had watched the whole spectacle unfold from the kitchen window and headed home without speaking another word to Peanut.  There was nothing left to say.
Kristopher arrived home just in time for Sebastian's birthday.  Time to add another teen to the house.  Oh goody.
And here he is as a teen.  Pretty smexy if I do say so myself!
In case you've ever wondered why I seem to ignore Sebastian, it's because he is grumpy and hot headed.  tr to take him out and something rather like this happens every time.  Go to the park to try and meet friends...
Yell and fight with everybody he meets
And wind up sitting alone.  *facepalm*  This kid is not easy to deal with!
While Seb was out "making friends" Kristopher had also managed to make a new friend.  A new girl started at school today, and Kris quickly forgot about Peanut.  Mara was a vision of beauty.  Earthy and natural, she was the exact opposite of his ex.  I think I know why he was so taken with her.  He invited her home from school that day and they talked for hours.  The longer they talked, the more Kris liked her.
They stood for hours, chatting and gossiping.  Soon enough casual conversation turned to flirting.  Mara responded to Kristopher's advances shyly, and with every knowing smile, every brief flirtatious touch Kristopher fell deeper for Mara.  As the night drew to a close, he knew he would do anything for this girl.
He watched intently as she inhaled the deep aroma from the roses he had managed to procure, watched her every movement.  As crazy as it seemed Kristopher knew in those moments that THIS was love.  What he had with Peanut had never felt anything like these few hours with Mara.  Kris had never felt so very alive before.
As Mara pulled the flowers away from her face, Kristopher looked longingly into her eyes.  It was time for his new friend to leave for the night,  and as they were saying there goodbyes Kristopher could no longer restrain himself.  He leaned in shyly and gently brushed his lips across hers just as she turned to go.  Mara stood there for a second, smiling at Kristopher and quickly whispered that she hoped to see him tomorrow.  As Kristopher  watched her retreating figure he felt as if he was floating on air.  After she was gone for view, he headed up to bed and dreamed of her.
The next morning when the kids arrived at school, Kris found Mara waiting for him by his locker.  She greeted him brightly and stretched slightly to give him a soft kiss on the cheek.  And from that moment on Kris and Mara were rarely apart.  They walked to every class together, her small hand in his, and when they shared a class they sat together.  Once classes ended for the day they headed to the dinner for a quick bite to eat...and so I could get a picture of the girl in daylight!
After they ate they walked hand and hand to the nearby park, and did what teen lovers are known to do.
When at last they separated they decided to head to the other end of town, to the butterfly sanctuary.  They watched the butterflies through the glass, hands locked tight together.  After awhile, Mara turned to Kris and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him close to her.  As he held her wordlessly in his arms, he felt as though his heart would explode with happiness.
When they separated, Kris knew he had to ask her to be his.  Although he was terrified of her rejecting him, he had to try before somebody else stole her away.  He felt as though he would weep from relief when she instantly squeeled with joy and told him that yes, of course she would be his steady girl.
Good thing Kristopher had moved on.  So had Peanut.  WTF?!?!?!


  1. LMFAO! Seriously??? Hank, you... you... omg. That just had me snorting in laughter though when I saw that.

    I'm glad Kris has moved on, and Mara is really really cute. Sebastian reminds me of Andre a bit though lol He's like one of those people that you just can't take anywhere. XD

  2. *lol* that is totally the problem with Sebastian. I know there's like no pictures of him in most post, mostly because I just could deal with him. I just kinda left him to his own devices. Stupid moody Sim!!

    I was kinda shocked how quickly Kris moved on, but than again I remember being a teenager. Madly in love with one person one day, and when you broke up "THE WORLD WAS ENDING!". Next day, more often than not I was ready to move on (Yeah, I was kinda like Heather, boy crazy to the extreme!) Mara really is a beauty, even if I fail at getting many pics of her face...although in my defence her and Kris make out so much it's damn near impossible to get her face! And she's not crazy like Peanut....HUGE plus!

    Hank is a dirty, dirty dog. When that popped up I laughed first, than I kinda went EWWW. I mean that's his first born's IF turned real. He is quite literally old enough to be her father! Ah story progression, you never fail to amaze me!

  3. OMG Hank and Peanut?? Wow. And Sebastian is hawt.

  4. I know right! Just when I thought I couldn't hate Peanut anymore... I mean I blame Hank too but EW, that's her (former)best friend and (ex) boyfriends father! Ew Ew EW!

    Seb is a REAL hottie. It sucks that he's so freaking cranky all the time! I'll tell ya though Crimson + Hank = Genetic jackpot! I mean holy crow! 5 kids and not an ugly one in the bunch!. I know that's a personal best in my game!

  5. OMG, Hank and Peanut?? XD It's disturbing yet intruiging. I really want to see where this is going. lol I wonder what Crimson thinks about all this. xP

    It would be funny if they actually fall in love and realize that they're made for each other. I mean...who else can tolerate them?

  6. *lol* I know right? If it wasn't for my intense dislike of both of them I would have switched over to see what was really going on. Sometimes I think story progression just does things to mess with my head XD


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