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Generation 1~Chapter 20~More Teens!

*The Song for this post is Another Brick In The Wall Prt 2 by Pink Floyd .  I love Pink Floyd, and I love this song!  And with the last 2 kids aging to teens, I thought i kinda suited (Hey, Teacher!  Leave them kids alone!)  Enjoy!*

Just because Crimsons' babies were slowly leaving the nest, didn't mean she was done with them.  She was a frequent visitor at the girls house, and today was no exception  When she got off work she stopped by the house to see how her first born child was holding up.
After Heather assured her mother that she was fine, and yes she was eating enough Crimson was satisfied and headed home and to bed.
The boys decided to spend a day off frolicking on the lawn with a girl Cuddles had wanted to invite over.  Not sure why he invited her over when he totally ignored her, but I digress.  Time for some fun and water sports!
As day faded into night, Cuddles headed out to the fire pit recently installed on the far edge of the property.  He pulled out the barbecue lighter and started the roaring fire.  Pulling up a chair he warmed himself briefly, before deciding to roast some food over the flames.
One by one the others drifted over to join in the fun.  One by one they stuck their own branches loaded with food into the flickering flames.
And one by one they drifted off to bed.  Kristopher sat with his little sisters until he was done and sent them off to bed as well.  Alone in the silent night he thought of Mara and smiled.  He doused the fire, and headed off to bed himself.
Looks like I forgot to pay the bills again.  Woops!  This time the repo lady took the stairs and bathroom mirror.  Both were replaced the second she was gone.
And as you can see, Crimson was none to worried about it
While Crimson was reading a book in bed upstairs, her babies were aging up downstairs.  First Harmony.
Than Clarity
And here's teen Clarity.  A chip off the old family block.  She reminds me a lot of Jessyca...right down to the makeup.
And Harmony.  Yes indeed, these twins are PURE opposites!
And yet they are instinctively best friends and by far the closest siblings I have seen this generation.
The girls headed out the door for their first day of high school, and were joined on the bus by their big brothers.  I pity the first boy that breaks either one of the twins hearts!
With the children gone, it gave Crimson the opportunity to do some thinking and deep soul searching.  As she gazed at her appearance in the mirror, she knew her time was almost up.  Now that her daughters were teenagers, soon it would be time to pick an heir.  One of these two girls would be her successor, the one to continue on the family legacy however she saw fit.  But which one?  The two girls were polar opposites and Crimson knew both would lead the household in very different ways.  Thankfully at least she had a few more weeks before she would have to make a final decision.  She gazed one more time wearily into the mirror, and headed to her own bed for a troubled rest.
Looks like Clar decided to add a little metal to her face!
As luck would have it, the girls aged up the day before prom.  Yet again all the kids dressed in their finest (for Clarity apparently that meant everyday wear) and piled into the limo
Teen family portrait!
Any guesses who this old timer is?  Looks like Hank has had his elder birthday.  The kids passed their father on the steps without ever noticing him.
While at the prom, I got two pop ups that are so perfectly Clarity I just had to share them.
Yep, those sum Clarity perfectly.
A Note from Rainwife...A super special shout out to tommiegirl_ca over at The Real World Sunset Valley  for the post dedication and for the gifts, which look super awesome in current Heiress' back yard!  Thank you so much!

Also I know this was a short and pretty crappy chapter, but ya know, work with me here people!  Big twists coming VERY soon, I promise!


  1. The twins are gorgeous! I love it when there are a lot of teens in the house together. And yeah, Crimson and Hank make very pretty babies :)

  2. *lol* yeah, the twins almost take my breath away sometimes. They are both so stunning, and so close to identical, yet far enough that even without different hairstyles/clothes I can tell who is who at a quick glance. These are the first natural twins I have ever had (AKA no mod help, no fertility treatment) and I'm really thrilled how they turned out. Now here's hoping the pretty gene continues to pass down! *lol*

  3. Teens, they're EVERYWHERE! Run for your liiiiiiiiiiiiife!!! XD

    My goodness, I canNOT get over how gorgeous the twins are Krissy! Seriously!! And Clarity looks just like her Grandma :)

    I definitely laughed when I saw Hank walking about with his grey hair and his cane. Now he's old and all alone. Sucks for him! Hah!

    This was such a nice surprise to wake up to btw. Thanks for that! Can't wait for the next update :D

  4. Rainwife, thanks for the shout-out. *blush* You deserve it, I always appreciate your following my story and leaving a comment.

    Wow, so many kids growing up! I agree, Clarity and Harmony turned out beautiful, just like their grandma Jessyca. I can see them rocking motorcyles when they get older. lol

    Where did the time go? Hank is an elder now? But is he still going to hook up with Peanut? XD Talk about robbing the cradle. And that "Clairity and Clairity" pop-up as hilarious. They even spelled her name wrong. XD

  5. @Jemstonelegacy I know, TOO MANY TEENS!!! So many mood swings I actually just started ignoring them after awhile *lol*

    The twins really are my favourite born in game Sims, and I was a sucker for both of them from day one. It was a hell of decision to pick which one would continue the legacy. It's crazy how much Clarity looks like Jessyca, expecially when you consider that her mom is a totally re-built Crimson, so those genes are no longer there! Kinda spooky actually!

    I laughed when I saw Hank, and then for some (still) unknown reason I felt sorry for him. I mean he got what he deserved, but still! I suspect it was the whole dating Peanut thing that aged him. XD

    Glad I could give you a nice surprise hun! With only 2 more days till the expansion comes out, I can't see me playing much. Might as well blog!

  6. @tommiegirl_ca You are most welcome! I literally squealed when I saw that the post was dedicated to me! And now forever more I will be Team Thor (oh who am I kidding, I always was!).

    It's rather bittersweet to see "my" babies growing up and away from the house. This is the most attached I've been to a family, and I've missed every single one of them once they have left....except Peanut.

    I think Hank aged up early, because I was shocked when I saw him. He and Crimson last aged up about a Sim week apart, but at this point she is nowhere near elder. I blame Peanut! When that Pic was taken I think he and Peanut were still together, but it didn't last much longer.

    The Clarity &Clarity thing literally made me lol, followed by "That's SO her!"...although I will admit the misspelling is most likely my fault...if it wasn't for spell check I wouldn't be able to publish a blog for fear of my atrocious spelling *lol* And that defiantly would not be the first time I misspelled somebody's name in my game tee hee!

  7. Whos the heir!! Whos the heir @_@

  8. *lol* I'll share soon enough :P XD


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