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Generation 1~Chapter 21~ Kristopher's Time To Shine

*The Song for this post is You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry It may not be a teenage wedding, but it's close! And I think this song suits the soon to be newlyweds!  Also I apologize for the delay getting this post out, but ya know....PETS!! Enjoy!*

All the kids had a blast at prom, and came home with a ton of prom pics!
And 4 out of 5 in the exact same pose!

Kristopher knew he was due to age up soon, and vowed to spend every possible moment with Mara.  He took her to P.U.R.E for a pre-birthday night of drinks and dancing
After awhile they sought a quiet place to enjoy each others company. When Mara wrapped her arms around him, Kristopher felt a deep sense of contentment, as though all was right in the world.
After several long silent moments of bliss he felt Mara slip from his embrace.  Quickly he reached his hand to caress her beautiful face, desperate to feel her close to him again.  Her eyes light up as Kris reached for her, and he felt as though his heart would melt.
As he slid his arms around her slender waist Kristopher knew what he had.  And that quite simply was everything he had always wanted, right there in his arms.  His thoughts turned briefly to Peanut, and he mentally thanked her for rejecting him, for setting him free.  What he had felt for Peanut was nothing compared to what he felt for Mara.  There was no comparison.

Mara slid her hands into Kristopher's golden hair, and pulled her body close to his again.  As Kris stared deep into her hazel eyes he saw his future flashing in them.  Their future.  He and Mara, married and raising a family.  Watching their family grow.  Growing old together.  He felt as though he would weep from the joy of the thought.  He wondered if she felt it too.
As though she could read his thoughts, Mara drew closer to him, pressing her lips to his ear.
"I love you Kristopher Rayne, and I always will.  I would marry you today I could" she breathed softly.When they at last separated, Kristopher kissed her again and told her he had to leave, to have fun without him.  Without another word he beat a hasty retreat.  He had business to take care of.

Hoping Mara would stay at the club for at least another hour, Kristopher headed directly to her house. He didn't want her to witness what was to come.  As luck would have it, he ran into her mother on his way up to the door.
As he greeted his girlfriend's mother, Kristopher felt a surge of butterflies.  All of a sudden his impulse to do this did not seem like such a great idea.  He hadn't taken the time to prepare what he was going to say at all.  He took a deep breath, and spoke all that was in his heart.
"Mrs. Wolfford, I know we have never met, but my name is Kris and I am crazy about your daughter.  I know we haven't known each other for very long, and I know we're young, and you're probably going to think I'm mental and all.  But I promise, if you'll let me, I'll take good care of her forever.  And I'll never stop trying to make her happy.  Please, Mrs.Wolfford!  Please, I'm begging you to give me your blessing.  I want to marry Mara, and I want to do it tomorrow.  I know it's sudden, but...."
Mara's mother held up one finger, stopping the flow of Kristopher's words.  She stared at the young man before her, shuffling his feet on the pavement apprehensively.  It only took her a moment to make her decision, but it was the longest of his young life.  Much to his delight Mrs. Wolfford warmly welcomed Kristopher to the family.  He headed home, floating on a cloud.
The next day at school Kristopher arranged for Mara to meet him at his house.  He arrived at the house before her, and quickly changed into his tux.  As he heard her pull up in front of the house, he raced to greet her.  Time was short, he could age up at anytime, and yet there was so much he wanted to say to her.  Yet when he reached a hand up to graze her soft skin, words failed him.
So he went for flowers instead.
At last he found his voice, and nervously dug into his pocket.  This was it, it was now or never.
"Mara, I'm sorry I bailed on you last night, but I had a good reason.  I went to see your mom.  I had to do this right." Mara gasped softly as Kristopher displayed the ring, encased in it's soft velvety box.
"Mara Wollford, I adore you, and I will never stop loving you.  I want you now and forever. Your mother gave us her blessing. Will you do me the honour of being my wife?"
She didn't hesitate in saying yes.
Of course in order for there to be a wedding, Mara would need to join Kris in his next life stage.  He took her hand and led her to the waiting birthday cake.
Happy Birthday, Mara!
And as everybody was finishing up their cake, it was Kristopher's time to age up
At last they were both old enough to commit their life's to each other.  Mara and Kristopher headed to the small arch set up in the backyard.
And as simply as that, two lives became one.
As the night drew to a close, Kristopher and Mara moved into their own little home.


  1. Aw! That post was so sweet! Kris and Mara are so cute together, and I'm glad that Peanut was wise enough to let him go so he could find Mara.

    I know they'll be happy together in Sunset Valley, and that Kris will get the future he saw with Mara. The family, the grandbabies, the PETS (not that he saw that, but hey. Pets is out, so maybe he didn't get the memo XD). He and Mara will do just fine. :)

    ♥ and harp strings,

    P.S. Well, they *should* do just fine... so long as he doesn't do a Hank and get a mid-life crisis...

  2. Ah what an incredibly cute chapter! Sorry I forgot, have we got an heir yet?

  3. @ Kate- Thanks hun, and a HUGE thanks for helping me out with the proofreading and such. You rule!!

    @CourtneyHelen-Thanks! I thought we needed something light, given what I know is to come ;-) No Heir yet, but due to my rules it's down to 2 possibles. It's one of the twins, and heiress will be announced before they become YA's :) (Like with in the next 3 posts it should be revealed)

  4. Awwwww, what a sweet update!! It's awesome to see Kris and Mara find happiness, they seem truly in love. And I thought it was noble of him to ask for her mother's blessing. What a gentleman : )

    Can't wait to see what their kids will look like.

  5. Thanks Tommie! Kris and Mara remind me very much of Hank and Crimson at the start, but I don't think Kris would ever break Mara's heart the way Hank did.

    I usually wouldn't go through a wedding just to have them leave, but I wanted to make sure Kris had his happily ever after before I set story progression loose on him *lol* He deserved it after Peanut!


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