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Generation 1~Chapter 22~Reunion

A WARNING FROM RAINWIFE:  This post contains moments of Sim violence, enabled via a mod. Nothing to graphic, but ya know....if your sensitive to Sim on Sim violence, read no further.

Still there?  Good! Now on to business!

*The song for this post is Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult .  A wicked song, with some wicked cowbell!  Enjoy!*

Clarity sat a top the old slide in the backyard, slowly seething with anger.  An old friend of hers from grade school had decided that they were no longer friends.  After all, they had not spoken once since the girls aged up, and Clarity had felt no urge to contact this girl, could barely remember her face if the truth was told.  Still, she was furious.
"Who does that witch think she is? Blowing me off like this?"  Clarity mumbled into the silent night. As far as she was concerned, if you were not with Clarity, you were against her.  As the sun slowly rose over the sleepy valley, Clarity formulated a horrible plan.

As soon as it was late enough to be appropriate to call people, she rang her "friend" up and invited her to meet up at the isolated pond up in the mountains.  Clarity told the girl she wanted to catch up and rekindle their friendship.
Poor trusting soul believed her.  She never saw what was coming.
As they stood by  the babbling waters chatting, Clarity stealthily pulled out the knife she had hidden in her skirt before leaving the house.  She smiled slightly as she felt the cool press of the handle in her palm and stabbed towards her victim without a seconds hesitation.
Her smile widened as she felt the blade slip into her opponents skin, and she almost laughed when she saw the look on the girls face.  A look of pure terror and confusion, her eyes asking Clarity a very simple question.  Why?
It took only seconds for all life to fade from the girl, and she fell to the ground at Clarity's feet.  It was then I figured Clarity would show some remorse for her actions.
I was terribly, terribly wrong.  In fact she did the opposite.
A slight rustle from the water drew Clarity's attention.  For a moment she feared a witness had stumbled across her little murder scene.  Much to her delight, it was only the reaper, come to collect the soul she had taken.
As the girls body dissipated, Clarity felt a strong sense of satisfaction.  She had wanted to see the girls ghost.  She had gotten what she wanted.  She smiled towards the grim, than headed for home, making a silent vow that her family must never know what she had done.
She went home a very happy, very evil young lady.

Crimson meanwhile had her own worries.  Kristopher had been calling her a lot and talking mostly of Hank. He had forgiven his father for abandoning the family a long time ago, and he filled his mother in on how Hank was doing.  He told her how he was old, and alone.  Peanut had left him for another woman, and left him a broken man.  Kristopher feared the end would come soon for his father.  Crimson felt as though a knife was stabbing into her heart with every word.  As she hung up the phone, she made her her mind up.
She hastily found her car keys, and drove as fast as she could to where Kristopher had told her Hank was now living.  She pulled into the driveway and cut the engine, but could not find the courage for several long moments to leave the car. With a final ragged breath she at last slipped out from the drivers seat and began to walk up the front steps of the house, questioning her sanity.
Just as she was preparing to ring the bell, the door swung open.  The sight that greeted her both shocked and saddened her.  It was Hank, looking far older and frailer than Crimson ever could have imagined.  He stopped in his tracks at the sight of her.  He never even dared to dream of a day when he would gaze upon her face.  With much regret Hank told her he was late to work.  Crimson nodded her understanding, her voice temporarily lost as she watched the one great love of her life walking away.
Crimson returned home to silence, the kids all at school.  She went upstairs slowly and sought the full length mirror in the girls room.  She stared at her reflection in the smooth glass.  Stared long and hard.  Crimson knew her own elder birthday was rapidly approaching.  The children were all almost young adults, and she knew when they had all grown up they would leave her.  She didn't want to be alone at the end of her life.
She also knew that she had never, and would never find another love like Hank.  She had tried to forget him.  She had tried to hate him.  She had failed.  At the end of the day, despite what he had done to her and the family, she still loved him.  As soon as she knew his work day was finished, Crimson made a call she never thought she would make.
She invited Hank over, and he accepted quickly.  Crimson waited near the door, and when she heard his car pull into the drive she rushed out to greet him.
They stood in silence at the front step for a long while, staring into each others eyes.  Neither was sure where to start or what to say.  After what felt like an eternity, Crimson leaned close to Hank and spoke softly
"I've missed you, Hank" she said simply.
Hank felt his heart skip a beat.  He had never thought that he would be so lucky.  As Crimson went to pull away he was filled with dread at the thought of losing this wonderful moment..  Acting purely on instinct, he wrapped his arms around Crimson quickly and pulled her even closer.  Before she could object he crushed his lips to hers.
The rest goes without saying...
They decided that frills were not necessary this time, and with time ever marching on they married on the front lawn without further delay.  They had already been apart far to long
And as Crimson and Hank settled into the lawn, I received this happy little pop up.  Looks like Heather and Cuddles have been busy since he moved in with her!


  1. So mysterious, Its interesting to see that Heather and Cuddles are marry, already have their first child to.... :D Can't wait for more.

  2. *lol* I know I was really surprised when that popped up, although they are not married. Because Cuddles was an IF he automatically got the Rayne family name, even though he's not blood. I'm pretty sure I've got some pictures of Locke coming up. He's such a cutie!

  3. I love your story!! Great writing, can't wait to read more!

  4. Thank Britt! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  5. Took me forever to comment, I know... lol Bad Kate, bad!! >_< lol

    Holy COW Clarity!!!! You... you're sure an evil sim... o.o Crimson may be evil, but I dunno if she'd go so far as to kill someone... =3

    And as much as I wanted to slap Hank around, that's so sweet that Crimson and Hank are back together again. Poor old guy... then again, it's what he gets for thinking he can handle Cuddles LOL

    Aw, Heather and Cuddles had a baby! So sweet :) I want to see pictures! XD

    Another great update, and I can't wait to read the next one!

    ♥ and harp strings,

  6. Loved this chapter! It's cool when evil sims get that wish. I had a sim once who wished his mother dead so I trapped her in the pool...
    That's a cool mod, by the way.

    And yay, a baby! It's cute that Crimson and Hank are back together.

  7. Wow, I can't believe Clarity killed someone!! I didn't see that coming, but it was definitely a nice yet disturbing surprise. What is she going to do now that she's had a taste of evil?

    And I think it's sweet that Crimson and Hank got back together. I mean, where else are they going to go? They shared a marriage and children together. So they might as well grow old together.

    Great update!

  8. Thanks ladies :) I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

    I was rather stunned by how evil Clarity truly is. By far the most evil Sim I have ever had the pleasure of playing! And the back story to the murder is exactly as I put in. I think she met the girl like once and they talked for a few hours. Couple of days later I saw the pop up that they were no longer friends. INSTANTLY Clarity rolled the wish. Crimson, for being an evil Sim, rarely shows any signs of being such. Other than the fact that she will randomly scare people on her own free will *lol* I LOVE the Dexter Bear Mod, and I have had it since all the Hank and Crimson drama first started (I was hoping Crim would give me cause to use it *insert evil laugh*). When I saw the wish I knew I had to do it!

    Yay Hank and Crimson love! I was actually kind of touched when she instantly rolled romantic wishes for him the second she saw him, and once they started being granted they came fast and furious. As angry as I was at Hank and as much as I had wanted to kill him I couldn't deny Crimson this. Pure and simple, these two crazy (former) kids are true Sim love, and that's all there is to it! And they continue to be adorable!

    I'm really pleased that Cuddles and Heather had a baby together, and I actually end up seeing them all around town quite the bit!


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