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Generation 1~Chapter 23~Getting Reacquainted

* The song for this post is Somewhere Only We Know- by Keane .  I felt this song really fit for Hank and Crimson, and I LOVE this song!  Enjoy!*

With the vows said and kisses exchanged, it was time to inform the kids of the return of daddy.  Sebastian and Clarity didn't seem to give a damn at all.  Harmony, on the other hand, was thrilled to find out her father had returned and rushed out side to get to know the dad she had always longed for.
As she wheeled the corner  she recognized the man who stood in the backyard.  She was shocked at the discovery that her father had been in her life all along and was in fact a teacher at her school.  You would think the last name would have gave it away, but apparently not...
Harmony had never realized exactly how empty her life had felt without a father.  But in the instant she drew near to Hank she felt the pain she had unknowingly been hiding from herself.  All these wasted years without her father, all the special moments in her life he had missed.  Most people would feel anger and resentment towards the man who had never even acknowledged them.  Not Harmony.  All she felt was deep sorrow for her father and she only hesitated an instant before she wrapped her arms around her father.  Without a word she clung to him like a small child.

Hank became aware his his youngest daughter was crying silently in his arms when he felt his shoulder become damp.  The realization broke his heart, and he tightened his grip on Harmony, and stroked her hair.
"Shhh baby.  It's okay .  Daddy's here.  Daddy's here and he's not going anywhere.  It's okay sweetie" he cooed softly.
Crimson stood at the side of the house in the shadows.  Hank's words carried gently on the wind and Crimson felt as though her heart would explode.  The girls had done such a good job of pretending that not having a father didn't bother them.  She had no clue of the pain they (or at least Harmony) had felt.  For a moment she felt rage flare upside her, her mothers protective nature in full force. "Damn Hank to hell for doing this to my babies" she thought angrily.

Her furor passed as quickly as it had risen as she watched Hank and Harmony separate.  She watched as Harmony dried her eyes and beamed up at her father, than stood on her tip-toes and kissed him lightly on his cheek.  As Harmony turned to go back into the house Crimson slid further back into the shadows, pressing her back against the wall.  Harmony skipped past and headed inside to finish off her homework before bed and Crimson breathed a sigh of relief.  She didn't want Harmony to know she had witnessed her very private moment with her father.

Hank wandered around in the garden, thinking of all the time he had missed with his children.  Thinking of all the moments he had missed with Crimson.  Words could not express the guilt and shame that Hank felt and had lived with for all those long years.  He had known what a horrible mistake he had made the moment the door slammed behind him.  He had tried to move on and convince himself he was happy.  He had done a good job of convincing others he was fine.  But behind the mask of the confident old bachelor had been an empty shell of a man, all joy and laughter left behind with his family.  Lost in his thoughts, he smelt the sweet tempting aroma of Crimsons perfume tantalizing his senses as it had always done.  It wasn't until he felt her arms wrap around his waist and her shirt pressing gently against his exposed back he realized that the scent was not a memory recalled to torment him like so many times before.  He sighed contentedly and gently stepped away from her, briefly.  He turned and gazed in wonder at his wife.
Crimson still took his breath away.  She was as beautiful today as she had been the day they had met.  Her eyes still twinkled with laughter and the fire within her still shone bright as ever.  And yet, Hank could tell the time alone had been hard on her.  The lines etched into her delicate skin told tales he knew her dignity would never allow her lips to tell.  He pulled her closer and Crimson offered no resistance.  Hank thanked his maker for  the miracle of this woman's love and swore that he would spend every day he had left on this earth making the world better for Crimson.  He owed her that.  That and so much more.
As tends to be the way with these things (and these 2 Sims in particular) what started as an embrace in the backyard ended up in the bedroom.  Crimson led the way and watched in anticipation as Hank drank in the changes she had made to the room after the divorce.
"Room looks nice Crim.  Very bright, yet peaceful."
"That's what I was shooting for.  Some days it's all that got me threw" She said simply.  She didn't intend for the words to sound so malicious but Hank winced as though slapped none the less.  Crimson glanced around the room, desperate to lighten the mood again.  Thankfully Hank spoke first.
"I'm sure I'll find out soon enough with such stunning teen daughters.  Either the tranquil bedroom will work, or the nearest bar will" He chuckled.  He took her hand and led her to the side of the bed gently. "Bet this bed is real comfy too.  Let's find out!" He teased, pushing her tenderly onto the bed.  Crimson laughed softly and settled into  the pillows as Hank slid into  the other side.
Some things never change.
Passions satisfied for the moment, Hank and Crimson settled on top of the blankets.  They each propped a pillow beneath their backs.  "See?  Damn comfy, although the springs are still a little tight.  It's like it hasn't got a proper use in years" Hank joked cheekily. Crimson smiled lightly. "It hasn't" she said, so softly Hank thought he must have misheard. "Hmmm?" he questioned sleppily.
"It hasn't.  Nobody else has been in this bed, or even in this room" She said, suddenly serious.  Hank sat up a little more, surprised by both Crimsons tone and her words.
"This whole time, no other lover?  What, is every man in this town blind, or stupid?  Or both!  That's it, they must be both!  They don't know what a earth rocking they missed out on! Well, lucky me!" he exclaimed.
"Oh a few tried.  I just had no interest.  My heart was always with you Hank, and I secretly hoped one day you would come home.  And if you were coming home, I wanted to make sure there was at least something the same as you left it.  So this room, and my body went off limits.  Plus, how can anybody compare to the man who hung the moon in the sky just for me as far as I am concerned?  Nobody compare to you, Hank.  You're my everything, and have been for as long as I can remember."
Hank was stunned by the revelation that Crimson had been celibate for so very long, and touched by her reasoning.  While he had been using and discarding women like tissue paper Crimson had waited patiently for his return.  And still she looked at him as though he had hung the moon.
As they settled in to go to sleep, Hank counted his blessings yet again.
After a short nap, Crimson did the same.
Hank woke shortly after the kids had gone to school and found Crimson bustling around cleaning up after them. He watched her flit between rooms and waited patiently in the hall for her to finish her task.  When she walked back into the hallway, Hank swept her into his arms and crushed his lips to hers.
Time to start making up for lost time...
And of course that led to...the bedroom. Quelle surprise!

Romancing over, conversation turned back down the path they had been going last night before exhaustion took them both.  This time it was Hanks turn to share the truth of his time away.
"When I walked out, I thought it was going to be like before I had to met you, all single and loving it.  Instead it was like everyday was there was a rain cloud hanging over me.  And no matter what I did I couldn't shake it"
"Aw, Hank..." Crimson started.  Hank cut her words short.
"No Crim, it's true.  And I deserved it.  It took me leaving to realize exactly what you meant to me, how essential you are to my very soul.  You're like the sun to me. I dated other woman and tried to replace you. But none of them could light me up the way you do. "
"I think I know what you mean.  Although at least the kids made for my days only being partly cloudy."
" I guess what I'm trying to say is that nobody else felt right.  With  you it feels like....too cogs in the same machine, meant to work together but useless apart"
"While  I echo the sentiment behind your metaphor, speak for yourself on the useless bit"  she said teasingly.
They both laughed than settled into the familiar comfortable silence and each others arms.
"Hey Hank?"
"Less talking, more kissing please"
Crimson slid under the covers and contently fell into a deep slumber. For a long while Hank stayed with her, laying on top of the blankets and watching his bride sleep. She smiled as she dreamed, snoring softly.  Hank reached out and ran his hand across the soft skin of her face.  She moaned softly and buried her face into his palm and Hank smiled gently.  He lent down and kissed her brow tenderly, removing his hand carefully from under her head and brushing back a strand of hair.  He let the silken stands of her dark locks slid between his fingers as he pushed the errant piece back into it's proper position at the crown of her head.  He thought of his own head of hair, and how he had stopped caring about it.  Deciding it was time for a change he headed off to the mirror for a quick dye job and styling.
Much better!

Hours later Crimson awoke and headed downstairs to take care of writing thank you cards for all the presents she and Hank had received for their second wedding.  She was joined by her pack of teenagers doing homework.  Apparently Sebastian only cares if anybody gave cash gifts >.<
Once the thank you cards were written and put into the mail for the following days pick up, Crimson headed to the backyard in search of Hank.  She found in the garden again and smiled to herself as she registered his new look.
"Well hello there, handsome stranger.  Don't suppose you've seen my equally  good looking husband have you?" she teased Hank.  He smiled as his hand nervously ran through his hair.
"Do you like it?  I wanted to look as young as you.  Even though that's not possible with you still looking like a teen and all and me being an old man and all but..."he rambled. Crimson grabbed both his hands and cut his words off with a quick kiss.
"Hank my love, I think you look very handsome.  I also thought you looked wonderful this morning when I went to sleep.  I love you no matter what you look like you silly goose.  Plus it won't be long now until I'm grey as well you know.  Elder birthday is sneaking up on me.  And I've still got one hell of a decision to make..."
It was Hank's turn to cut her words off with his kiss.  As she had spoken, Crimsons glorious mouth had turned itself into a deep frown of worry and it broke Hanks heart.
"Ah yes, twins equal two contenders for heiress.  I hadn't thought of that.  It can't be an easy decision to make.  Both girls are very different" he said.  While he knew he could not make the choice for her, Hank hoped he could at least lend an ear for he thoughts.  Perhaps with a sounding board the choice would become clearer to her.  Crimson began to smile again, this time with appreciation.
"Exactly.  I mean Clarity is a stunning girl, and she already has a ton of possible suitors.  But she's evil.  And I mean evil.  Sometimes she scares me Hank.  I sense a very dark energy around her sometimes, and I fear what she would do with some real power" Crimson started in a rush.  It felt good to get the thoughts out, to hear them spoken aloud.
"And Harmony? he asked, encouraging her to continue.
"And Harmony is very sweet, and she's a beautiful girl.  But I worry she's too timid to really make it.  She's never been one to draw the boys, or even the girls.  I worry the weight of having to carry on the family name might crush the poor girl.  But than again after seeing her last night with you..." Crimson trailed off and flushed with embarrassment at the confession of her watching them.
"Ah, so you saw all that huh.  Well good, because now I know you'll understand when I say your not giving the girl enough credit.  She is a very sweet young girl, but I've got the feeling to she'll have a steel will when she needs to.  Just like her mother" he said.  He pulled Crimson close to him and buried his face in her hair. "No matter what, I know you'll make the right decision" he murmured.
Crimson drew back slightly and looked at Hank.  Pulling her mouth within inches of his, she whispered "Thank you" soflty and closed the gap between them.
The weekend rolled around and Clarity decided to invite over one of her boyfriends.  She and August Alto-Ralston had connected at the last prom and she was anxious to see him again.
So anxious she forgot to put on pants apparently *head desk*
Things started off good, despite the lack of pants.
And quickly went downhill.
Maybe he thinks Clarity should put on some damn pants!
Clarity decided to try a new tactic and challenged August to a pillow fight.  He happily accepted and forgot about the missing pants for a moment.
But as is her style Clarity went too far.
Okay, attempt number two!  Try the couch moves!
Looking good...
Harmony meanwhile wanted to spend some time with the only man who really mattered...daddy!  She found him out in the garden...surprise, surprise!  Time for some daddy daughter fishing!

The best part of fishing?  You get to eat what you catch!


  1. Loved this chapter. That was so funny Clarity had no pants on! Crimson and Hank are very cute.

  2. Thanks :) I actually enjoyed writing (most) of this post XD

    I love having Hank and Crimson back together. 99% of the pics I deleted from this post were of those two, generally being adorable with each other on their own accord. :)

  3. Wonderful post Krissy!! Sorry it's taken me so long to comment, but when I first read it I didn't really want to write anything at all =/

    Hank and Harmony together are so sweet, but damn him for not being there for her sooner!! Crim really has a huge decision to make between Harmony and Clarity, but I know she will make the right decision for the legacy.

    I love Clarity hanging out with her guy friend in her undies LOL Silly teen :P

    I can't wait to see your next update!

    ♥ and harp strings,

  4. Thanks Kate :) I'm just glad to know your still with me! And I know what you mean, I went through that a few weeks ago (although for less valid reasons) and don't even worry about it!

    I was kinda surprised when Harmony literally ran for her father, and it really touched me. I actually deleted about 20 other pics I had of their little reunion.

    Crimson does have one heck of a choice. Both girl are beautiful and both will carry on the blood line wonderfully. However they are polar opposite personalities and have very different visions of their future.

    Working on the next chapter right now, and the heiress will be revealed. Can't wait to share my big secret with everybody!!! It will feel good not having to censor myself at all times *lol*


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