Saturday, 7 January 2012

The End of The Rayne's

It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to put the Rayne Family on permanent hiatus, at least this incarnation of them.

From the start of this blog this family has caused me nothing but heartbreak.  From the loss and complete inability to retrieve Jessyca, to some issues that I fought around during Crimson's generation, and right up to the game breaking problems I have had since Harmony took the reins.  I have had to reinstall my game at least 4 times since pets, lost (in the end) ALL of my CC, and jumped through every hoop known to man to make the game play right.  I started Harmony's file countless times just to see it fail all over again.

While I have now managed to get my game running perfectly again, I have lost the joy of playing with the Rayne's.  At this point all they represent to me is failure on an epic scale.  There is no fun left in playing the Rayne's at this point, to the point it turned me off the game for awhile.  It is not fair to The Rayne's, to you as readers, or to me to continue when my heart is no longer in it.

I'l be playing my game off line for awhile.  No picture taking, no story telling.  I just want to see if I can actually make it through a ten generation legacy at this  point in time.  If I succeed, I may start up a new legacy and blog about it.  Hell, it may even be a descendant of this family (I still have Harmony saved to my library.  I may drop her in town and let her lead her own life.  See what kind of heirs she gives me on her own).  I will be leaving both the blog and the facebook page up and if I decided to start fresh I will announce it in both places.  No promises, no guarantees, but I do hope to one day be back with a story to last for (Sim) generations.

Till that time, thank you for the love and support you have all shown me.  Thank you for the friendship and kind words.  And thank you for reading.

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